Emergency Survival Podcast Sept 5th 2023 - Podcast and Show Notes

Sep 05, 2023

Click here to listen to the new emergency survival podcast - show notes are below (profanity warning - some profanity is used within the podcast - apologies to my Christian friends and to my mother, sorry Mom)

Click here to explore working with me come Sept 30th - watch the video in this article about what we will do together as a group

Past Emergency Podcasts Below Plus All Show Notes......

1. Emergency Survival Podcast - March 31 2023

2. How to Thrive in 2023 January 2023 PART 1 and PART 2

3. Emergency Survival Podcast March 2022

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6. Emergency Survival Podcast Sept 2020

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9. Poverty Programming That Makes People Attack Abundant People and Makes People Believe Being Poor Is The Most Moral Position To Take 

10. My Article About Pro-Teens - The Life Long Professional Teenager 

11. My Presentation on Mind Control to The Doctors For COVID Ethics 

12. Caffeine Is So Bad For You, You Won't Believe It 

13. The Real Truth of Alcohol Hidden From The Public 

14. Autism Truth (some links dead) But It's Easy To Understand 

15. Mammograms Cause Cancer

16. Teflon Is Designed To Kill and Cripple.....like most other things inside the control grid 

17. Dr, Richard Day Warns A Private Group In 1969 Regarding The Plan To Take Over The World And Kill Most People 

18. Fluoride Is Proven To Cause Brain Damage At 1 PPM 

19. Fluoride Documentary - One of History's Biggest Lie Brainwashed Into Dentists and The General Public 

20. Killing Nurses of The Third Reich

21. The Cabal Targeting The Gay Community For Removal - My Podcast and A Podcast Where I Was Interviewed

22. Energy Weapons Are Real

23. 7000 -10000 Year Old Nuclear Blast Site in India


25. Pyramid of Abydos - Plane, Helicopter and a Sand Speeder- experts have an "excuse" - of course they do

26. Documentary TRANCE - The Cathy O'Brien Story

27. David Icke's Book - The Biggest Secret 

28. Documentary Cult of The Medics - explaining who these evil people really are 

29. Derren Brown's THE PUSH - where 3 out of 4 people murder someone live on camera 


31. My Healthy Living Guide

32. The Devil's Interval or Octave - Sounds That Make Us Sick

33. Blue and Red Mind Control Colors

34. Guilt and Shame - Lowest Vibrations Ever Measured To Come Out of The Human Body 

35. The LIES of The COVID Vaccine Being Safe and Effective 

36. The TRUTH About The Testing And True Intent of The COVID INJECTIONS

37. Over 80 Documentaries That Prove COVID FRAUD

38. My Podcast Titled........IT WAS ALL FAKE

39. Canada is Dying Article - Canada Set To Be The China of The West

40. The END OF COVID - Is where people can find the pension issue data in the first couple of interviews (this is a paid program but it's very well worth it if you want to understand the full scam of COVID

41. Paul Chek's Book - How To Eat, Move And Be Healthy 

42. DETOX FOR THE JAB - listen to the podcast first and then the detox protocols are further down the page 

43. Learn to get out of Canada, Australia and The Rest of The Countries Under Attack with the help of this guy and this guy.

44. If you want to get to Mexico and want to know everything you need to get there, visit this lady's website and also my program as well.

45. Learn why you need to get your kids out of school with this lady

46. Climate Change Is Fake and Based on Mind Control 

47. Critical Race Theory Is Fake And Based on Mind Control 

48. Gender Issues Are Fake And Based On Mind Control  - All Three Agendas Designed to Weaken and Enslave 

49. Medical Kidnapping - Keep Your Kids Out of The Hospital

50. Eustace Mullions - Zionist Jews Hunting Orthodox Jews During The Holocaust

51. Censorship In Canada - Canadian News Won't Be Shared Outside Canada on Social Media - This means Canada could become a Nazi concentration camp and very few people outside Canada could be alerted to the new Canadian holocaust 

52. My Death Cult Articles - This one and this one

53. My Interview with David Icke

54. Come Work With Me Directly Sept 30th In My New Program


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