Taking Your Power Back - Option or Obligation?

May 15, 2024

How can I better myself in today's dark world? I've personally pondered that question long and hard many times. After some deep thought I simply invented a program to prepare people successfully, in regards to what we're all facing. The most important question is......what will people learn in these programs?

Well, both of these programs were designed as a way to protect each student from what's being organized for them, behind closed doors on our planet. The facts are simple. The group in control wield a Godly amount of power and that power comes directly from us. That power is ours, not theirs. Without us providing these dark forces our power, through various forms of trickery, they would have less power to fire back at us.....in order to make many of us dance to their dark music. It's no longer an option in my opinion. Making yourself better on every level possible is now an obligation of every single person on the planet. Given most people are actually afraid of real freedom, afraid of their own power and afraid of their own innate human potential............where do we start? 

Well, we start with the 5 pillars of strength, which is a system I've developed...that makes transitioning into an ultra-powerful human being fairly easy. I start with the foundational pillar of strength, which is your physical strength pillar. Without physical strength and vibrant health, the other 4 pillars will have no strong foundation to sit upon. Change will require lots of extra energy, which only optimal health can provide. 

Once your physical pillar of strength is fortified and cemented into place, we work next on the intellectual pillar and then the financial pillar after that. Due to poverty programming/brainwashing and various form of scarcity based mind control, financial freedom intimidates people the most. This fear is easy to transition out of and after that, financial success is what always follows. Following these key intellectual and financial fortifications, we move on next to the emotional pillar of strength (learning to stay calm and focused inside the storm) and then onto our spiritual pillar of strength. The spiritual pillar revolves around the simple concepts of knowing why you're here on the planet.......which never includes working a meaningless occupation for life, in order to sedate yourself to the pain, with various pleasure based chemical toxins. The foundation of addiction is sedating oneself to a life that you're not enjoying. Once life is brought back in alignment with why you're really here, addictions simply fade into the background rather quickly.

There's a lot more to the programs than what I've just described. It's all very easy to learn. If you're interested, please click here to explore the adult option or click here to explore the youth option. We're now on our 3-week countdown and the spaces are being reserved quickly. Only 100 per program is permitted, in order to give all participants time with me, the instructor. (during the live calls). I hope to see you on opening day. If you have any questions email myself and my team at [email protected]


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