Alcohol kills 3 million people world wide every year and is the most dangerous drug in the entire world. This professor and doctor was actually fired by the UK government because his studies showed that world governments should do everything they can to reduce alcohol consumption in the population. 40% of critical care beds in Scotland are occupied at any one time, by people with alcohol related injuries or disease. This professor estimates that each citizen pays at least $1000 per year in additional taxes to deal with the policing and administration of alcohol based chaos in our society. (that’s about $4000 per house hold PER YEAR!) Many police officers have personally told me that if alcohol was removed from our society, crime would go down at least 90%.

And we’re to believe that a) the government cares about the people b) all the changes in the world over the past 2 weeks, which hurt the public and their finances, are reflective of this “caring” government force and c) a viral infection that “maybe” caused the deaths of 4000 world wide is a good reason to shut the world down when alcohol kills 3 million per year, cigarettes 7 million per year and abortions 56 million per year. Is the government in “the helping” “caring” or “preserving life” business…..or are they in the “control” “dis empowerment” and “depopulation business”? If you’re still suffering from a chronic infection of “gov love”, you’re going to be quite confused about what happens over the next 3 months here on the planet.

1. Alcohol is proven to cause cancer.

2. Alcohol is proven to cause brain damage, even in moderation.

3. Alcohol is proven to shorten life span in any amount.

4. Alcohol is proven to cause depression, schizophrenia and wide range of mental health disorders.

5. Study confirms the deaths of women by alcohol is sky rocketing, which was always the design.

6. Alcohol now proven to reduce life span and increase disease in any amount, just like cigarettes.

7. Alcohol is proven to increase the incidence and severity of viral infection.

8. Alcohol kills 3 million people every year.

9. Top government staffer in the UK fired for explaining to the UK government that alcohol is the most dangerous drug on our planet.

10. New documentary regarding alcohol provides more insight – click here to watch for FREE and the documentary starts at the 34 minutes and 20 second mark of this live on FB. It’s called Alcohol – The Magic Potion

11. A new video regarding the spiritual consequences of drinking alcohol. (The Alarming Effects of Alcohol at a Spiritual Level from Spiritual Science Research Foundation) It’s important people understand that the people who rule us know all this and more. This is why they drown the slave camp in alcohol. Click here to watch.

Still think the government is trying to keep you “healthy and safe”? Anyone who lives out lies as truth will always be overweight, sick and broke.

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