Sep 04, 2023

 When you go to the bar in this day and age, compared to even when I frequented the bar scene years ago, the age distribution is very different. You see more older people doing everything teenagers used to do. This is what I call The Proteen, the professional life long teenager, an illogical yet frantic clinging to anything that’s youthful, the adults who have never grown up, the teenagers living in adult bodies, the adults who are stuck mentally…..25 years in the past. The teenager who is actually 45-55 years old.

This is the same at the tattoo parlors, on the local sport’s fields, in the teen clothing stores and is even reflected in the dreams of the supposed adults who live in our society. No one wants to grow up and there are firm mind controlled based reasons for that, but that’s another post altogether. First we must introduce the concept and the new word “the proteen….the professional life long teenager.”

I remember a friend coming toward me at my place of business, walking up to the front desk. Flat brim ball cap, big chain hanging outside his shirt, high as a kite on weed, telling me to come see his new sports car (but he can’t afford organic), telling me about his drunken party with “the honeys” the night before, showing me his new tattoo etc. etc. He’s 47. I’m just studying the situation and hoping the aliens abduct me sooner or later from down here (on planet mental asylum) but there’s always good writing material in my every day encounters. Does anyone have a personality that’s not directly downloaded from a teen movie or youth based music video? How can I be the only one seeing this? This is all about a first class, 5 star, joy ride into the abyss and it’s hard to believe that this many people are falling for this dis-empowering hypno horse shit.

This is also not gender specific, as no one really wants to embrace the societal responsibility of being a real adult and leading by example for the youth to follow. Back to the bar where teenagers are acting, thinking and behaving like teenagers……….but then you have a table of 50 year olds, right next to them , doing the same on every level. How do you think all this is going to work out? It won’t accomplish anything but flush our entire society into the shitter. This is just another well planned psy-op based on celebrating and promoting the youthful lifestyle, as the only safe lifestyle to be living and where all the fun is to be found.

Real adults are responsible and moral, so they’re generally hard to govern. Children, not so much. So the final solution for our human farmers is to make every person in our society child like and watch the ease of tyrannical governance rocket skyward. This is why every Friday night social media page is drowning in alcohol selfies and every other form of teenage based narcissism……..but the people taking these snap shots of themselves acting like teenagers, are literally nearing their retirement years. Like moths to a flame or like lemmings right off a cliff. Reminds me of the book “Amusing Ourselves to Death“.

I’m personally going to retire one day after a long career of making people's lives better. That’s going to be “fun” because that’s an adult goal, inside an adult life. Getting shit faced down at the bar and then getting a snake tattoo down your leg when you’re 48 is, for the lack of a better phrase…child like and the decoration of an empty life. There’s your new word of the week folks. The pro-teen, the professional life long teenager, someone who makes it their full-time job (in their adult life) to never grow up. Being a proteen is always advertised as funny and about living the good life…….but it’s inverted and all about embracing a type of modern-day slavery that only children would enjoy. Are you embracing the teenage lifestyle in your golden years? Have you been tricked into being a proteen? Take a look. You may be surprised. Interesting videos below……..regarding how adult infants are taking over our culture and how these lifelong professional teenagers have been the downfall of many societies throughout history. If you want to save our society form the invasion of the millennial weed smoking, video game playing, infantilized, tattooed, couch surfing, addicted, comic book reading commie takers of all they don't's pretty easy. All you need to do is grow up, show up, adult up and lion up in your own life. Lead by example and hopefully some other people adult up and follow you. 


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