Aug 07, 2023

Yes, we're all under attack but there's some good news we're definitely missing. The good news is that you can push back, power up, and WIN IT ALL by doing some very simple things in your own life. The group we're dealing with appears strong, but they have several weaknesses, which they try to hide from the world. It's in their weaknesses that we can find our collective strength once again. Let me educate you a little bit on how we're all going to win in the coming year. Let me help you gain access to the power inside yourself, so you thrive in the years ahead.

Everything I do in a day revolves around exposing the psychological manipulations that our misleaders in government and media organize, in order to keep us running east looking for a sunset and to keep us rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic in our own lives. They're really good at it. That I can admit. I can show you how precise their manipulative psychology is....with two choice videos below. These videos are self-explanatory. Both videos involve people who think they're too smart, intelligent, wise, and sharp to be psychologically manipulated. It is this thinking that just makes someone easier to mind control and that's when the mind control expert takes over their on video. The ancient and dark group we're all dealing with are mind control and psychological manipulation experts. That's what they specialize in. That's their primary strength....but in that strength, we can find their weakness as well. With that weakness, it gives you the opportunity to explode to the surface, to take your power back, and to start carving out success in your own life.

The first video below shows some teenagers being psychologically manipulated with very simple psychological manipulation techniques. The second video shows another person being hacked in a different way but the results are all the same.....the mind control expert wins. If you really want to see what mental manipulation and mind control can do to almost any person (as a third demonstration) you can click here to see a very famous mind control expert make people do the commit murder while being recorded on video. Yes, mind control can indeed be that powerful. The tactics demonstrated in these three examples are indeed impacting your life right now. That's a guarantee. The people who rule you are using these same tactics to control your life in a very negative way every single day, even if you didn't line up for the jab. The people behind the green curtain at OZ have many more tricks beyond their "get really afraid and take the jab" trick. To get your power back, you'll need to learn about all their tricks. That is what I'll do for you in this program. I'll teach you all their magic tricks. 


I think you understand the main point here and if you don't, I'll make it easier to understand. The people ruling you manipulate your media (the ideas, images, and patterns you see and hear) in order to make you fail in life. Wherever you're having a hard time in life, it's's not you.....and they use the exact same tactics displayed in the three video examples above to make you destroy yourself as Olympic sport. It doesn't matter if it's drinking, smoking, vaping, eating junk food, watching your screen, pornography, infidelity, stinkin' thinkin', not liking exercise, not liking vegetables, not liking water, working a job you don't enjoy, buying things you don't need, getting into debt, materialistic addictions, depression, disease, or going to the doctor and tricking you to demand medical's them doing it to you. There's nothing wrong, broken, or defective about you whatsoever. They just know how you're designed and because they know how you're designed.....they can hot wire your mind at any time, simply because they hide this valuable information from you. If you don't know any or all of their tricks, you're sort of a sitting duck. I will teach you all their tricks so you can sidestep their clever attacks. 

I've proven this point in my work, over and over again for close to 20 years. In the video below I discuss some facts regarding media and government mind control, while giving a speech at The EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.   

There's more to mind controlling you and tripping you up than just key words and images fired into your fertile psyche by the people who rule you. There are other factors. All those other factors revolve around weakness. The weaker you are, the more you can't resist their mind control and doing exactly as they desire. If you're physically weak, if you're mentally weak, if you're financially weak, if you're spiritually weak, if you're intellectually weak, if you're're going to be much easier to mind control and manipulate with these exact same tactics. 

And that's where all your solutions and answers can be found. If you're strong and you reignite the power in yourself, their spells don't work as well....and often their spells don't work AT ALL.  The group we're dealing with don't have the power to make you comply by force, so that's why they use psychological manipulations to make you enslave yourself. If you are powerful (instead of weak) their plans will fail. After their plans fail (because you're strong enough to sidestep their black magic forms of mind control) you ride off into the sunset of your best life with your cowboy hat in the air. That's why I invented this new program called THE POWER IN YOU. This program is completely online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. If you can't make it, the recorded class is sent to you the day after. This program starts Sept 30th and I meet with the class once per week for 10 weeks. This program also includes an option for each person to come to Mexico, in order to participate in 6-days of bonding, friendship, and connection. The friendship trip, to see me personally in Mexico, is optional within this program.

THE POWER IN YOU Program will make each person so powerful, they'll no longer be manipulated by the ancient forces who hide atop the corrupt ruling pyramid. If you want to activate the power in yourself, so your life gets better in a hurry, this is it. This brand-new program is inexpensive, it's affordable for everyone, it works, it's unique, and it's easy. Click the video below to discover more details about this one of kind offering. It's time to power up. I would also love to see you in Mexico, if you can make it. Again, it's optional but you're invited.

Are you ready? Myself, my team, and about 150 people are all ready to join you and receive you into this brand-new offering. If you've joined any of my other programs in the past, you can credit your previous investment(s) to the cost of THE POWER IN YOU PROGRAM. If you would like to credit any of your previous purchases to this new offering, please email my assistant Chris at [email protected] so he can send you a custom enrollment link. If you have any questions about the program itself, please email [email protected] and Andrea can help you. 

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