EVIL-nomics and The Rise of A Death Centric Society

Aug 25, 2023

Look out the window. Do you see anything evil? The word "evil" is actually the word "live" spelled backwards. While we're at it, the word "devil" is the word "lived" spelled backwards. For anyone not understanding why the words EVIL and DEVIL exist in our language, they're there as a very firm warning to all citizens that anything evil and devilish will always be easy to identify........because what's being described would destroy life, would be anti-life or would be anti-anything that leads to a carbon-based life form living, prospering or even smiling like they were happy to be here. EVIL-nomics is what happens when a society of pleasure seekers are too high, too sedated, too tranquilized and too obsessed with personal self-gratification to notice that they're living inside a modern-day death cult that only funds, supports, celebrates and embraces all things DEATH. 

In a true free market, we get to choose between competing services and products. This free competition is meant to bring products and services to the market that people want. Inversely, using the same free market principles.....services and products that no one values, are supposed to be banished from the marketplace. Let's look at government school today as one of a thousand examples relatng to EVIL-nomics.

The EVIL-nomics system starts off with theft, which has ZERO to do with a free market, freedom or free choice. Right out of the gate, we see the very foundation of EVIL-nomics.......the theft of the public's money to fund the EVIL-nomic anti-free market system. No one trapped in the EVIL-nomic system are "paying" their taxes. Let's cut the lie-ahria based fantasy programming. Taxes are theft, stolen under the threat of violence, additional theft or the loss of all freedoms (locking you in a cage) for not allowing a crime syndicate full access to your wallet at any time and in any amount they desire.

Where is the government school not trying to sexually confuse your child? Where's the school not trying to teach your child lies about climate change? Where's the school not trying to teach your white skinned child that they need to hang their heads in shame and also teach all other non-white skinned children to blame the white skinned children when they can't achieve in life.......because the government school system taught no one anything of value? Where is that school in a free market economy? EVIL-nomics exists first when your money is stolen from you and then your hard-earned money is weaponized against you to destroy life in every way imaginable. 

Critical race theory taught in government school casts a spell of death (the death of human potential) through guilt and shame (the lowest vibrations measured to come out of the human body) plus victimization spell casting on the nonwhite children.....which also destroys human potential. There's is no choice in EVIL-nomics. There's no competition or free flow of energy, to sort out winners and losers in the market place. When EVIL-omics is in play, you're getting death, despair and depression whether you want it or not. Inside EVIL-nomics you get the losing option rammed down your throat each and every day by an EVIL-nonics structure, which is based on theft and then a funneling of your stolen money toward everything and anything that destroys life planet wide. There is no financial support in EVIL-nomics for anything living, anything that wants to thrive, anything that want natural progress, happiness or anything vaguely human.

Back to EVIL-nomics and the destruction of life inside the government run public school system. Anal and oral sex (which has now replaced the three R's in government schooling) isn't sex of course because no matter how many times people try, you can't reproduce and procreate in this way.....so teaching children this ideology as sexual preference is death centric. Openly teaching children this, using documented group pressure mind control tactics, equates to death on many levels. The death of reproduction, the death of family, the death of what a society needs to maintain itself etc. And anyone who dares speak up against the EVIL-nomics system is attacked like they were the ones trying to inflict the death. In the EVIL-nomics system everything is inverted and if you dare speak about life, living or the reduction of pain......all you get is fire, rage and a never-ending barrage of attack. Death, rage and hate. Death, rage and hate made into official policy so that death, rage and hate spreads society wide. Welcome to EVIL-nomics. Join the death cult or perish because you won't get any of the stolen money. What's taught in our government anti education system could be called anal masturbation or oral masturbation but it's not sex, never was and never will be. The promotion of such modalities will eventually end in death of the species (if everyone took this route) and yet all we see is the government school system rushing each child toward this philosophy as quickly as the mind control can be rolled out into the death centric collective. The man who spearheaded the government's push to sexualize the children in government schools was a pedophile himself but this should come as no surprise inside the EVIL-nomics system where only EVIL people and EVIL agendas get provided the funding from your stolen money.

Inside EVIL-nomics, there is zero upside....just misery, death, depression and stagnation. That's all EVIL-nomics produces. Are we really to believe that drag queen story hour for children has an upside for the mental development of the children or that any of our stolen money needs to be taken from our wallets in order to rent a venue where this occurs and that any of our stolen money should go toward the hiring a drag queen storyteller who believes children need to be exposed to them in order to have a glorious fulfilling life. If I dressed up as a woman (or in any sexually explicit costume) and petitioned a government institution that I wanted to get near your kids, you would think I was insane.....and you'd be right. Only pedophiles, mental defectives and psychopaths want to dress up in costumes like children and insist they get near children. Inside the EVIL-nomics system there's no application of logic, rational though, free market economics, freedom of choice or anything remotely resembling what humans need to thrive, grow or prosper. In EVIL-nomics all you get is a snuffing out of all human potential. If people were allowed to choose freely, and if there was a school around the corner that didn't teach children this inverted death centric ideology, it would be full with a waiting list. Inversely the school destroying the children would be empty. That's what a free market is supposed to look like. The free market speaks the language of the people. We've lost our way because of our dedication to EVIL-nomics. In EVIL-nomics all we get is a loud declaration in unison that the failing system of death, despair, destruction, dysfunction and depression is the best we can do. No bigger lie has ever been perpetuated upon humanity. This is by design and evil is consuming us whole, after drowning us inside a tsunami of evil propaganda and toxic chemicals that destroy brain function. We've been dumbed down and exposed to excessive amounts of death centric mind control.

In the system of EVIL-nomics, there's either instant death as the funded goal.......like in the case of the fake and fabricated COVID vaccines or you get a snuffing out of life over the long term. A soft kill suicide program, which just takes years to destroy life as opposed to ending life instantly via the injection of poison. Instant death or a soft kill longer term extinguishing of life? Door #1 or door #2? Death or death? What would you like? What's your fancy? Welcome to EVIL-nomics. Welcome to the death cult where you get to wear labels such as inclusive, equitable, social justice warrior and freedom fighter for endorsing genocidal jabs, abortion, poison as medicine, radiation for cancer, butchering surgeries, 15-minute concentration camps designed to accelerate the genocide and toxic chemicals.....to be injected, slathered on or ingested every minute of the day. You'll notice that people inside the EVIL-nomics system are all head over heels in love with their own evilness. 

The fake COVID vaccines have already been proven (fully documented) as being a genocidal military operation organized by the Department of Defense. Inside a death centric EVIL-nomics system people just can't seem to understand that death is the goal of the system. Some people are actually really proud to offer themselves as sacrificial tribute inside the EVIL-nomic operation (because it's actually a religion), bragging about how they injected the poison into themselves or their loved ones.......only to find themselves or their children dead shortly after, which oddly enough is hugely celebrated and given the limelight by the death cult onlookers who scream in unison that we all need to inject the poison to save lives. The fact that injecting the poison causes death (and always has) appears to do nothing but titillate the death cult members who profit from the EVIL-nomic system through never ending employment opportunities. Inside the EVIL-nomics system there's no end in sight to the job opportunities. You can inject the poison, manufacture the poison, steal the money to produce and distribute the poison, bury the dead bodies, help media promote the poison, teach the children that poison is the best we can do, attack anyone warning of the EVIL-nomic system, open care centers for the crippled folks who were just poisoned, become a solider and invade other countries that don't want the poisonous EVIL-nomics system.....the jobs are endless. Well, at least until everyone is dead but until then, the pay cheques keep rolling in and the Satanic love-in never ends. 

WAR is EVIL-nomics. The entire medical system is EVIL-nomics, save a small percentage of acute care emergencies. Our school system is EVIL-nomics. Doctors who openly state that they won't kill their patients for a pay cheque are being fired. Police officers who try and save children from getting murdered are being fired. Medical doctors who reported that their patients died and were crippled after the fake COVID vaccine have been fired, just for following the stated policy of reporting death or injury after the vaccine. Politicians that warn of the EVIL-nomic murder sprees are being deplatformed, censored and defunded. The hospitals were paid extra sums of money to kill their patients. Nurses witnessed other nurses and doctors killing their patients because the managers paid them to do so. Justin Trudeau (a paid actor inside the theft system) stole $850 million dollars (and billions more in additional theft) and gave it to his friends at the WHO (The World Health Organization) so more death centric injections could kill as many people as that EVIL-nonic's investment would produce. In the UK, the government organized the murder of seniors in short term genocide centers. The ventilators were designed to kill. Remdesivir was designed to kill. Inflation is designed to kill. The Maui fires were designed to kill. 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, Jonestown, mammograms, statin drugs, Teflon, anti depressants, all vaccines, COVID vaccines....click the links and find out that it's all about death, evil, misery, destruction and dysfunction  You were never born to be sick, depressed and broke. You were engineered to be sick, depressed and broke because that's the only way EVIL-nomics works. Not to mention the EVIL-nomics death cult members who killed themselves and their own children as tribute to the death centric EVIL-nomic system. Canada's MAID system (Medical Assistance in Dying......not MEDICSAL ASSISTANCE IN LIVING of course) is offered now to patients, like they're getting offered a glass of water on a hot day, after entering the office. So sorry, we can only afford to kill you. We only fund death. Welcome to EVIL-nomics.

At this point, it doesn't matter if you're biblical or literal. Your government isn't who they say they are, they're stealing your money purposely in order to bring death to you, your family, your community and the entire planet plus they'll only give your stolen money back to people or projects that conduct their highest crimes of evil on this planet. Truth be told, must people are sucking as hard as they can on the government tit and are directly involved in the EVIL-omics system, while simultaneously lying to themselves 24 hours a day regarding who they really are and what they're really doing for employment down here on the planet. Spread the word and if you're looking to save your soul or break out of the EVIL-nomics mind control system of soul destruction, plus overcome all your self sabotage before you poison yourself and your family members right off the planet......my new program would be a good place to start. Just click the picture below and that's get started doing what needs to be done here, to preserve the life inside and outside of ourselves on this planet.


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