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The Power In You program will make each person so powerful, they'll no longer be manipulated by the ancient forces who hide atop the corrupt ruling pyramid.

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Every Program Ever Done All-Inclusive

With This Package, You Get Every Program I've Ever Recorded. 

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It's Time To Consider Unschooling

Allow Jason and Tasha to bring you up to speed very quickly on what's happening inside our government school system, in relation to children being absolutely destroyed mentally, emotionally and physically by the powers who masquerade as our altruistic governments around the world.

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How To Start Your Plan B in Mexico

It is time you understand WHAT is really going on, WHY you may want to consider relocating outside your current country and HOW to make it happen.

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Overcoming All Forms of Self-sabotage 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022 Coaching class

In this coaching class, Jason reviews the INTERNAL mechanisms that drive most humans to self sabotage. Herd based behavior, compliance to the norm and playing the safe cards in life are all explained in great detail within this live audio/video presentation.

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Health & Weight Loss

Find Out Why People Loss The Weight But Struggle To Keep It Off 

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Attack on Men 

The Attack on Men, how men can their way again, and find out how to protect yourself in this new presentation.

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Media, Brainwashing & Mind Control

Are you ready? Learn all about brainwashing, mind control and propaganda

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Prevention and Reversal of Cancer & Disease-based Self-sabotage

Watch and learn from both Jason Christoff and Paul Leedertse, author of "The Root Cause of Cancer." Jason presents the first half of this one of a kind presentation regarding the self sabotaging behaviors that literally manufacture disease in the body.

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4 Brand New Programs

  • Healthy Children From Pre Pregnancy To Adulthood
  • Wealth Based Self Sabotage
  • Self Sabotage 2022
  • Mind Control, Brainwashing And Propaganda
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