The Great Memory Wipe - The Dream To Destroy Your Memory

May 16, 2024

The great memory wipe is upon us. This shouldn't take too long to explain. As we can see in this first video below, Dr. Michael Nehls (author of the book "The Indoctrinated Brain") explains to Tucker Carlson that an ingredient in the fake COVID vaccine (which has killed tens of millions across the world and destroyed the health of hundreds of millions) has been handpicked and designed purposely to destroy the memories of people who unfortunately fell for the COVID mind control operation. The group we're dealing with know the political advantages of many things, up to and including destroying the public's ability to remember the past.

Obviously, this is pretty disturbing, given 2 billion people took at least 1 injection (or more) of this COVID chemical concoction. The mind control and brainwashing used to make the public hurt and destroy themselves en masse (with the fake COVID vaccine), is explained by myself at this added link, as I presented for The Medical Doctors For COVID Ethics International. I also explain many other facets of government and media mind control, used against the public, inside the 4 highlighted talks on the front page of my website........where I present LIVE at the US Senate, The Romanian Palace of the Parliament, The EU Parliament and inside a breakout room at the 2024 CPAC convection in Washington DC. 

Dr. Michael Nehls provides a very precise description of how the mystery toxic ingredient in the fake COVID vaccine was picked purposely to destroy a human's ability to remember the past. But a bad informercial......there's more! Caffeine (coffee) and smoking marijuana both have similar effects described by Dr. Nehls. This means that a human's ability to remember the past has been under assault for much longer than the COVID nodemic psy-op. 

As we can observe in the video below from the movie Men in Black MIB (with Will Smith) we see the application of what's called "The Neuralyzer", which wipes a human's memory instantly, so that clandestine and overt/illegal operations can be carried out in plain sight. Oddly enough, even though the fake COVID vaccine has a list of 29 documented side effects (that are associated with causing death indirectly or directly) if you happened to survive the injection......there may be chemical processes occurring in your brain, which can destroy your ability to recall past memories. The COVID shot, coffee and smoking marijuana appear to have the same effect as the MIB neuralyzer.  There are many more toxins in this same category as well, which I'm not mentioning at this time in my research. They want you too brain damaged to react. Let's leave it there. 

This idea (of removing the memories of an entire society) was called "the memory hole" inside George Orwell's book 1984. The misleaders in power (in the book 1984) completely rewrote history to fit state propaganda, which is what our real misleaders are doing today.......via the destruction of a portion of the human brain complex charged with recalling memories, known as the hippocampus. 

If humans can't remember their past, what happens in this here.....where the Woman's Musuem in Denmark was renamed the Gender Muesum, which decided to immediately display a statue of a man breastfeeding a child. Where do you think this is all going? Yes, it's very dark and this is why we need to come together and take action as a team. 

Another way this great memory wipe is being executed is through the genocide and euthanasia of the population, with seniors being the highest value targets in this eugenic operation. Our seniors are crucial puzzle pieces in any society trying to remember its past. To murder the seniors is to push even more of our past into the memory hole. We also have censorship laws (like a new one in Canada) which threatens to remove from the internet any information that brings attention to the government's reign of terror, genocide, piracy, child rape and illegal collusion worldwide. These laws, now erupting across the planet, are discussed in this very telling video. We are all in clear and present danger...but there are solutions. 

We also have history now being purposely hidden from us, to memory hole our society even farther, which can be seen in this example from Canada.......where statues of past historical figures are being destroyed or covered up in plain sight, as the police watch without interference or question. Police actions are no longer tied to morality, the rule of law or ethics unfortunately. Pay cheque mind control is about dependent adults doing what they're told because they can't take care of themselves financially. The system is set up to create this dependency, which acts as the fertilizer for society wide evil. 

It may seem hopeless at times but there are some secrets to healing, which the dark group in power don't want the public to know about. I run 3 workshops every year and one is coming up June 4th for youth, ages 13-22. The other starts June 6th, just for adults. This is my popular POWER IN YOU PROGRAM and you can investigate more by clicking here for the adult program.......or here for the youth program. If you have any questions, please email me and my team at [email protected]. The key to success is always doing the right thing at the right time. Don't do the right thing at the wrong time, which will bring much suffering as a guarantee. The strength, intelligence and integrity of the coach matters. These programs have limited enrolment and although we are 3 weeks out, seats are being bought up quickly. I'll see you all on opening day. Always a pleasure. 


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