Why Canadians Aren't Reacting - The Strategy Used Upon Canadians To Facilitate Their Complete Take Over

May 02, 2024

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In Canada we have a very unique situation. Canada is definitely under intense attack. Inside Canada we have exactly what's going on elsewhere in the world but we also have the most intense application of the same attack. What is it about Canadians that leaves them vulnerable to the most intense and aggressive forms of this cultural take over (if not cultural genocide), without their ability to resist said attack or to even recognize it?

Canadians are humans just like everyone else but what has been done to Canadians is very unique, from a psychological standpoint.  Let's start at the beginning in order to frame this properly......because what's going to be documented here can easily explain what's happening in Canada. Once we properly frame up the problem, only then will the solutions become obvious.

Let's start with the documentary called CANADA IS DYING. There's a growing list of documentaries like this, purposely hidden from the Canadian public (by the Canadian government and the government-controlled media in Canada) which spells out the planned demolition of our former Canadian utopia. The Canadian Government has lied to the people about everything COVID. The statistics are crystal clear related to the mass government deception in this regard.

At this added link we have Canadian statistics expert Denis Rancourt (former professor at Ottawa University in Canada) explaining clearly that no pandemic existed in Canada (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), as hospitals were well below historical capacity and deaths plummeted during the fake pandemic......up until the extremely toxic vaccines were rolled out. At this added link, we have Dr. Michael Palmer, a former professor at another prestigious Canadian University, admitting openly after his research that the COVID injections were designed to kill and cripple. Both these men, and many others like them were removed from their positions because all communist government takeovers begin with first silencing any truthful discourse relating to the takeover. If you want to know how far this communist takeover can go, please click here if you dare, to watch the documentary Europa The Last Battle. If you're just waking up now, please skip this documentary, because you won't like where all this is going.

The COVID issue was a complete fraud, front to back, no exceptions..... with not one position taken by the Canadian government being valid or truthful. There was no pandemic, there were no extra deaths until the fake COVID vaccine was rolled out, the testing process for COVID was a complete stage show fraud, COVID as a virus (SARS-COV-2) was never isolated and therefore doesn't exist to this very day, lockdowns were designed to destroy the independent business sector, fear and panic were purposely impregnated into the public using documented mind control tactics in order to regress citizens into childlike IQ states and force their compliance with their own personal and societal self-destruction.

There are over 100 documentaries now (again hidden from the public purposely) that prove every aspect of the COVID fraud. The dangers should be obvious, as all our world governments (including the Canadian government) are euthanizing their own citizens by either a) direct COVID injection euthanasia b) direct senior care home euthanasia c) direct hospital protocol euthanasia d) indirect inflation/financial hardship/starvation euthanasia e) child castration/sterilization/same sex extinction-based long term euthanasia f) medical assistance in dying euthanasia (called MAID in Canada) g) sterilization euthanasia from the fake COVID vaccines and h) free and unlimited access to narcotics euthanasia (called Safe Supply in Canada).

It's enough for Satan to scream out, "whoa, whoa, whoa...pump the breaks....this is even getting too dark and evil for me to endorse," It's a blood bath up in Canada and yet most Canadians simply sit in their boiling pot of red bloodied water, taking selfies, giggling and sipping on their Tim Horton's coffees....as weed shops are built all around them. That's what's happening in Canada..........but why it's happening is more than interesting. Canadians weren't born this defenseless. Research proves Canadians were manufactured to be this defenseless. 

The group behind this takeover is documented in the 10 videos I handpicked in this article. They're an old group, they're masters of deception, they're masters of mind control and they're also masters of using poisons to get their way. Poison plays a major role in this group's long-term success throughout history because poisons cause brain damage and brain damaged people are easier to rule, steal from, lie to, control, govern, euthanize and manipulate.

Unfortunately, this is where the rubber meets the road in Canada. Although Canadians aren't born as the most brain damaged population on the planet, thus leaving themselves open to the most aggressive attacks by this dark and ancient group, Canadians have potentially been brain damaged to the greatest extent worldwide.......to facilitate this full Canadian takeover that we see today. This ancient group also works on a very particular part of the brain, to damage it, which leaves any human unable to protect themselves properly from attack.....especially an attack as extensive as the one we're all currently experiencing. 

Let's first listen to Dr. Russell Blaylock really lay down the problem in only 1 minute. Dr. Blaylock is a board-certified neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) who actually stopped conducting brain surgeries decades ago because he was finding that the brains of the public were like Swiss cheese, once he opened their skulls up for the slated surgery. He understood that the people's lifestyles and food were so toxic and unhealthy, that operating on their damaged brains was completely futile. He then started to warn people about the brain damage that common poisons were causing to the human population. Those poisons have been distributed and normalized purposely, throughout our society by this dark ruling group. No human does better by drinking, eating or injecting poison.......and that's the true agenda. Only a 1-minute clip, to make things crystal clear here. 

Before I list some other very interesting citations, regarding what's causing this mass brain damage in Canada, let's just watch another short 1-minute video together. This short video below will give people a good idea of what poisoning the mind and body can do to rats, which of course translates over to humans in most scientific literature. As the lead scientist states at the end of this 1-minute video......the poisoned food turned the normal rats into demented animals. Unfortunately, brain damaged and poisoned animals are demented animals.......who can't defend themselves. Humans included. This is what's going on in Canada. 

Now here's where it gets extremely interesting........there's a very particular form of brain damage that causes animals to lose their ability to defend themselves from attack. This form of brain damage is exactly what this dark and ancient group has already weaponized against the public. Each day Canadians are experiencing a full covert attack on this exact part of the brain. That part of the brain is called the hippocampus. Once this part of the brain is damaged, your slavery absent of resistance or question, is guaranteed. 

I won't over explain this attack on the hippocampus because I've already written two articles regarding this attack plus the two primary poisons that destroy the hippocampus..........which are............wait for it...........wait for it............coffee and smoking weed. Click here for the coffee article and pay very close attention to points 11 and 12, in that twelve-point list. Click here for the weed article. 

I hope I don't need to go much further here with this explanation, in regards to what's happening purposely in Canada. Canada has been poisoned by design and turned into a culture of perpetual poisoning. In particular, Canada has been purposely turned into a culture of weed and mass caffeine consumption because this ruling group governs through poison and the resulting brain damage that these poisons facilitate. Canada's coffee consumption is one of the highest in the world (per capita) and of course the government (ancient ruling families masquerading as the Canadian government more specifically) have purposely legalized weed long before they launched their most blistering attack on the brain damaged Canadian public, starting in 2020. Alcohol also causes brain damage, but so does everything else listed below as well. Canadians are up to their eyeballs in every single item on this list. A brain damaged public cannot and will not defend itself from attack. 

Fluoride – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/1wpdc2q

Wheat – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/2A1tXcB

Aluminum in Vaccines – proven to cause brain damage – click here

Mercury in Vaccines – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/1NtU5O5

Cell Phones Held to The Head – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/2hIpu4m

MSG in Processed Foods – proven to cause brain damage – https://bit.ly/3qEoFk8

Chemotherapy – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/2A1l6Yk

Anti Depressants – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/2A0zujz

Alcohol – proven to cause brain damage – http://wapo.st/2tZSlVJ

Tylenol and All Other Painkillers – proven to cause brain damage - click here

Pesticides on Non Organic Food – proven to cause brain damage –https://chem-tox.com/pesticides/

Sugar – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/2A53SYg

Circumcision – proven to cause brain damage – http://bit.ly/2sXUeVD

The fake COVID vaccines - proven to cause brain damage - click here 

So just like in the rat experiment above, the brain damaged rat looks EXACTLY the same as the non-brain damaged rat..........until you challenge it to defend itself, which it can't. The brain damaged rat can't find safety because of the brain damage. The brain damaged rat can't assess its environment properly and protect itself. The brain damaged rat wasn't born brain damaged.............it was made brain damaged purposely by unhealthy environmental inputs. The people controlling our society don't organize research on rats because they care about brain damaged rats. The people controlling our society organize research on rats because it's this sort of research that allows this ancient group of mental defectives to better manage, rule, govern and manipulate..........us........their human cattle down on their ancient human farm.

I look the same as the average person when I walk down the street but I know how to defend myself from attack, while most others cued up in line to inject themselves and their kids with poison. The difference between a brain damaged human and non-brain damaged human (in this regard) can only be observed in how they react to danger and how they react to the challenge of protecting themselves. On the outside, each human is going to look the same......just like those rats looked the same. When a human is challenged to protect themselves from danger, that's the only time you'll notice this particular form of hippocampal brain damage. Brain damaged humans don't react effectively to danger. This is what's happening in Canada. The same thing is happening worldwide but the danger level appears highest in Canada, with very little logical or rational reactions (from the public) to the evil hunting all Canadians and their children. 

What's also odd is that I only drank coffee for 3 summers from ages 42-45. The only drug I didn't do in my youth was weed. I poisoned myself on every other front until my early thirties........but no coffee other than those 3 summers and no weed. The end result of my behavior seems in line with the research. 

If you're looking to protect yourself from attack, there's a little bit more information that I'll need to give you. I run a program once per year that will cover all the bases, so you can walk out the other side of this attack with all your brain damage repaired and all your natural human power returned to you.....so you can finally fight these battles and win. There's one program for adults and another one for youth, ages 13-22. I hope to see you on opening day. We can turn this all around. Let me show you how. 


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