Is Smoking Weed Safe? Yes or No?

Jan 08, 2024

Is weed safe? Asking that question is like asking if vaccines are safe and effective? Vaccines are indeed safe and effective if you're using them to cover up historical crimes, by euthanizing potential witnesses to those crimes. Vaccines are indeed safe and effective for the criminals who are using them against the public because when you trick people to murder themselves with injections of poison, it also means you (as a criminal) don't get harassed legally after you mind controlled those people to euthanize themselves. I will discuss vaccines first for the first 3 paragraphs before I address weed. This analysis is very important for my opening remarks on marijuana.

No one goes to jail when you murder yourself and your own children, especially when you committed medical suicide because you were exposed to weaponized propaganda. If you kill, injure or sterilize yourself, the people who tricked you to do that...cannot be charged under our current legal system. The people organizing this voluntary soft kill/hard kill genocide made sure of that before they launched the largest mind control operation on the public in recorded history. In that way, vaccines are extremely safe and effective for the criminals, who are now trying to kill everything that moves with many different death dealer modalities, fake vaccines included.

Vaccines of course aren't safe or effective whatsoever if you were brainwashed into injecting these poisons. See, it all depends what side of the fence you're judging the question from. There's no safer or effective way to murder vast tracts of the population, in order that you can continue your historical crime spree unabated, as a very long running inter-generational crime syndicate on this planet. What they call vaccines are very safe and effective for the ruling 1% yet they're not so safe and effective for the slave class. Two different sides of the fence, two completely different answers to the same question. Fake vaccines are indeed the best way to dispose of the slave class, when they become surplus to requirement because they believe the entire operation is altruistic, truth worthy and all about safety and health. Frankly there's no better way to bait the trap for the TV watchers and the people who repeated everything they were told inside the government slave training camps we call schools

So again the original question was...... is weed safe? To answer this question honestly, you need to approach it in the exact same way. To answer that question honestly it really depends on what side of the fence you're sitting on. Are you smoking weed as a member of the public (and comfortably swimming in a fabricated propaganda-based illusion about this psycho-active substance) or are you sitting inside the inner circles of the ruling group......who are set once again to benefit from yet another legalized substance that's famous for its mind control properties and its brain damaging effects. What group are you in because each group will get a very different answer to that same weed safe? In short, all substances and protocols that cause brain damage are very safe for the ruling group and not so safe for the people experiencing the brain damage. 

A brain damaged populace are easier to rule, dominate, control, govern, lie to, manipulate and steal from. You don't need any degree in pollical science to figure this out. The weaker and more screwed up your population, the easier they are to boss or bully in any direction you wish. Historical records prove conclusively that drugs have always been used to subdue the slave class, in order to make them easier to enslave. Everything from the modern opioid crisis to the fabricated invasion of Afghanistan (to control the opium producing poppy fields) all the way from the opium wars with China in the late 1700's to the current weed legalization tsunami simply reflects one large chapter in the human farming manual, used by the same intergenerational crime syndicate, to more easily dominate the human cattle down here on the human farm. Even at Woodstock, all the drugs were provided by the CIA (the ruling group's enforcement wing inside the corrupt US government) because the easiest way to take down any awakening movement in the slave class is to SEND IN THE DRUGS. This marijuana legalization craze is just the most modern extension of this agenda.

Although I could dance around this issue to not offend the average lover of marijuana, I can't. I don't have the ability to sugar coat things, especially at my age and especially with the world going to shit at light speed already....because so many people need their mental safe zones, where only childhood fantasies rule the roost. Our governments are not giving the public access to marijuana because the public strong armed them into submission. Getting high because you think you want to isn't's free-dumb, which is how the government gives us all the fake freedoms that are dumb, in the areas that don't count, in order that we believe we're we destroy ourselves as Olympic Sport down here on the poison laced human farm. Welcome the free-dumb plan. Weed legalization is part of the free-dumb plan. You're free to be an absolute human mess, everything else is off limits or at least heavily discouraged and disincentivized. 

The group currently in charge doesn't stay in charge by making the public healthy, empowered or disease free. It's the exact opposite. If someone can't understand that, please stop reading right now because that level of reality avoidance means that sort of person is too far gone at this point. No offense, just stop reading. Anything below this sentence is for empowered adults only, who want to process reality as reality, in order to navigate life more successfully. If you really think that the same government forces, who just killed 20 million people with fake COVID vaccines, are recently dishing out marijuana because it's healthy for the public.......please just stop reading, please. I insist. 

I could also make this long and drawn out but I'm not even going to do that. You're either going to get it from the two videos below, with some minor commentary from myself, or you'll just crawl back into the comfort coma you call home and keep playing your part in this ongoing poison the public psy-op, which is thousands of years my humble (yet very well researched) opinion. Click here and here to learn about the social engineering going on within our society. Drugging the people into various levels of disease and disempowerment is all part and parcel of how the ruling group maintains their power. 

The truth about weed is simple. Smoking marijuana destroys the hippocampus. And if you don't know how bad that is, I have placed a second video below as well, with some minor commentary. Let's first see that smoking weed shrinks the hippocampus in the first video below and then I'll explain why tricking humans to do this to themselves is essential for grinding those humans into hamburger patties......which includes installing the new world order, tricking billions of humans to inject poison into themselves and their kids plus basically getting most people to participate fully in what's obviously an extremely dark and evil agenda on this planet. You can't get anything like this accomplished without inflicting major brain damage in the population, especially damaging the hippocampus. 

Have you ever asked yourself questions like this? Why can't people see that doctors aren't health experts? Why can't people understand that circumcision is bad for their male newborns? How can a person gain weight slowly to the point where they become obese, without ever arresting their slide into complete misery? Why would a lady get off her couch to attend a pro-abortion rally (as one of her most cherished God given human rights) but then happily inject COVID fake vaccine poison into herself and her own kids, without any protest whatsoever? The answer to these questions and many more like them, often revolve around the war on our brains, by the people trying to install the new world order......and the protocols they use to cause brain damage in the public, especially damage in the hippocampus. The first order of business today is below and that is smoking weed leads to dysfunction and shrinkage of the hippocampus plus overall forms of brain damage.

As you can see with the research above, smoking weed shrinks the hippocampus and causes overall brain damage. That's not to mention the documented cancer-causing effects of both THC and CBD. That brain damage being more permanent the earlier you start smoking weed and the more weed you smoke. Even though the video above explains quite clearly the overall brain damaging effects of smoking marijuana, it's the shrinking of the hippocampus that the ruling group cashes in on and why the ruling group has legalized marijuana in many states/countries across the world.

People with a dysfunctional hippocampus don't have what's called full access to their autobiographical memory, which means their brains can never work as designed, in regards to protecting themselves from danger or using their past experiences to formulate logical and rational decisions for navigating life successfully. In short, a dysfunctional hippocampus won't allow someone to logically navigate life, especially dangerous situations. To logically navigate life, you need to remember what's dangerous and what's safe, based on your past experiences. The hippocampus is where these key memories are stored and if your hippocampus is atrophied (shrunken and damaged from smoking weed) your past memories can't be processed properly (or at all) in order for you to make life easier, in relation to what worked and what didn't work in the past. In short, smoking weed can wipe the memory clean, like what happens when a child is born......and of course the ruling group loves this, in order that they can reprogram that clean slate with whatever inverted new world order machinations they desire. 

In short, if you're sitting inside the ruling circle, you want the slave class with as much brain damage and shrunken hippocampus's as possible, in order that they lose their ability to logically react to the extreme dangers you're about to place them you try to install your new world order. The first step of installing the new world order is depopulating the slave class via poisonous medical applications, planned food shortages, mass sterilization campaigns and/or making birthing illegal, fabricated restrictions based on a fake climate change narrative, forcing the slaves who remain to eat health destroying bugs, meal worms and crickets, the installation of a full top down censorship/data collection grid that judges constantly if you're killing yourself according to the rules plus the elimination of private property, pensions or personal assets of any kind. So yes, some really dangerous stuff and end goals for the obviously the part of the brain that can react to danger (the hippocampus) is going to become a primary target. Look around today, don't you notice that very few people are reacting to the extreme danger they're in, like looking a lion in the eye and then sticking their heads right into the lion's mouth. Yes, this agenda isn't just's in a full gallop and it's not just weed that causes brain damage. There's a whole list of things that we're tricked into over our lifetimes down here on planet mental asylum, which cause massive brain damage.

Here's a doctor below, the second video promised, who explains why it's important to have a healthy hippocampus. He's written two entire books that revolve around the dangers of not having a healthy hippocampus. Marijuana smokers take note, if they still have the ability to react to danger, many of which don't unfortunately. He doesn't talk about marijuana directly but focuses in on the hippocampus. Weed smokers need to know the dangers of shrinking their hippocampus. This doctor is a must listen.

I know lots of weed smokers, past and present. Weed smokers are some of the most addicted drug users I know. Most of my friends who smoked weed as teens still smoke today, which speaks to the strength of the addiction, inside a world where the word on the street is that weed isn't addictive at all. That's another childhood fantasy of course. And in my personal experience, coming from a group of drug users, people who smoke weed indeed have compromised brain function. This fact is beyond obvious. They can't process danger or the current pot of boiling water they're already sitting in. Everyone I know who smokes weed, without exception, is living near the death and crisis zone every day and yes they look at you with that look on their faces......."what, everything's great, all good here, you need to smoke, it's really healthy for you"...and of course their lives are actually on fire, to one degree or another. Zero ability to process reality. ZERO. I also know that those are just my personal observations, but those observations are consistent over my 54 years on this planet now. I haven't seen one healthy weed smoker, brain function wise or otherwise, in my entire life.

To end this, I will simply ask a couple of simple questions. Do you think that the people who poison your air, water, food and medicine...........really care about your health? When is the last time the government took an interest in making the public better, healthier or stronger? Have you seen your town get better or worse, as the weed stores have rolled in? Where I live around Ottawa and Cornwall Ontario Canada, the downtown cores have become zombie lands of drugged people sleeping, defecating and urinating out in the open, in most public spaces........especially in and around the areas that house the weed shops. 

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