10 Odd Facts About Coffee and Brain Function

Oct 10, 2023


1. Humans copy, mimic and emulate the most repetitive messages, themes, ideas and patterns in their environment. From babies to adults, we all do it.

2. The human mind can't tell the difference between what's on a screen, what's happening in real life and imagined thought. The human brain will find the most repetitive content in all of it....and then adopt those repetitive ideas and behaviors as its own. What we see, is what we will be.

3.  The most repetitive image in all Hollywood film is a takeout coffee cup, a clay coffee mug, a coffee machine on the back counter or a coffee shop. In fact in the movie FIGHT CLUB, there was a Starbuck's takeout coffee cup in every scene of that film.

4. One 8oz cup of coffee is proven to reduce blood flow and oxygen to the brain by 52%. This brain expert eyeballed this IQ lowering effect at 40% but when measured accurately, it's 52%. The truth about coffee is purposely hidden from the public.

5. One small dose of caffeine reduces blood flow to the prefrontal cortex immensely. The prefrontal cortex is the thinking part of the brain complex and is in charge of regulating your behavior in a logical and rational way. When you get less blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, you start making decisions based on emotional impulses and less on rational thought. Such illogical decisions may look like, "I need to inject myself with poison in order to prevent disease, because the government and TV told me to..." Illogical decisions like this are easier if you're caffeinated.

6. Caffeine activates the body's limbic system, AKA the fight or flight system. The limbic system is the reaction/non thinking part of the brain complex. Once this system is active, you make decisions based on emotions and not thinking things through.

7. The fight or flight system is a part of the brain that's notoriously low IQ and it also has very little ability to judge the long-term consequences of your actions. Caffeinated brains can't think logically or rationally about life circumstances because when caffeinated, the body's fight or flight system is activated.

8. Caffeine makes humans do boring tasks longer and blocks the pain people need to feel, in order to make positive changes in their lives. If you can't feel how boring your job is, how overweight/sick you are or that your marriage needs a kick start....you most likely will have constant 5 alarm fires in your life. Caffeine can indeed burn your life down to the ground and make crisis your constant companion.

9. Bill Gates and his Dad arranged to rescue Starbucks in 1987 when it had only 6 stores. Today Starbucks has more than 35,000 stores. Yes, the ruling group's plan includes a caffeinated public because caffeine not only makes the slavery feel groovy, people who ingest caffeine are most often hyper-reactive emotionally to what's on the TV (because they can't think things through), which means they're perfect for scaring into greater forms of voluntary slavery. Bill Gates Sr. was a well-known eugenicist and of course Bill Gates is famous for wanting to kill the "moron classes", so the rich can have more of the earth. Why would people like this want to get into the coffee business? Because it's easier to mind control a caffeinated mind.

10. Caffeine is proven to make miserable people happy, while they live miserable lives. If you're in the position of ruling the masses, the more caffeine you can pump in.....the better


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