Apr 18, 2024

This brand-new program is for youth ages 13-22. Parents need to get involved in their children's deprogramming and of course parents are welcome to attend this program, along side their children. The earlier a child is taught the secrets of this world, the better. Saying that our children are in trouble, could be the understatement of the last 500 years. Yes, my messages are direct, sharp and often hard to handle for people under the deepest programming. But that's also why these messages will be softened for our youth, in this brand-new offering. Saying that, the goal of all my work remains the same. It's all about helping all our members of society find and regain their power. This video below can explain the entire program.

After 25 years of research and after giving talks on mind control and brainwashing at the US Senate, the EU Parliament, at CPAC in Washington DC (breakout roomand in The Romanian Palace of the Parliament.......I can tell you 1 thing with absolute certainty. Children are being targeted with manipulative psychology by every institution they're engaging with, in order that the children lead completely disempowered, dependent, dysfunctional and diseased existences. Picture a major motion picture where a stranger comes to another person in immense crisis and puts out their hands........saying "come with me if you want to find safety again." This is the scenario that all children are facing right now and this is the offer I'm making to our youth and their parents. Parents who care for their children really need to focus hard on this offering. Let me explain why....

If you click here, you will see a video of 3 teens getting placed under mind control, in only 4 minutes. After they're placed under this very rapid mind control spell, they do everything that their controller wants them to. The mind control expert in the video predicts everything the 3 teens will do before they even enter the building, That's how much power a good controller has over their victims. All of this happens outside the conscious awareness of the 3 teens, and it happens automatically because of key pathways in the human mind, which the children (and their parents) often know nothing about.

This is the type of mind control technology being applied to our youth in school and in media today, which are the two primary influences in our children's lives. This is also the same mind control psychology being used against parents, who consume any mainstream media on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this means that the 3 biggest influences in the lives of our youth are either directly targeting them with mind control or are the subjects of the same disempowering mind control campaigns themselves. This is why our children are disempowered, lost, depressed, often overweight and why they have various growing addictions to very unhealthy activities or trains of thought.

The chances of happiness occurring in our children's future is being purposely reduced or removed altogether, in order that they're easier to rule in their unhappy, unstable and addicted states of existence.  Saying that, there's a way out and it all revolves around everyone finding their POWER again. Our youth need their power back but so do their parents. This is what THE YOUTH POWER IN YOU PROGRAM is all about. 

This program is once per week for 10 weeks with me LIVE. It's 1 hour per class with an optional one-hour Q and A at the end with me directly, but you don't need to stay if you're short of time. If you miss a class, that's also perfectly OK, because you can log in later and watch the recording when you're available. You have access to the recordings for life. Inside the YOUTH EDUCATION ONLINE PORTAL, you'll find all your recordings and all the material needed for the program, all in one place. The program will teach all participants the benefits of keeping their own power, in order to build their own lives of happiness, satisfaction and perpetual prosperity in their future. This program is extremely interesting, it will motivate our youth to regain their power and it's also inexpensive. The 10 weeks of my personal mentoring will proceed as follows.....

Chapter #1 Government Schooling (Who Invented it and Why)

Chapter #2 Subconscious Programming (The Brain You Never Knew You Had)

Chapter # 3 Rich or Poor (You Get To Decide)

Chapter # 4 Eating For Strength and Success (Fuel For Greatness

Chapter #5 Social Media Success (Use It To Improve Your Life)

Chapter #6 Your Own Business and Super Stardom (How To Begin)

Chapter #7 Exercise To The Top (Minimum Effort/Maximum Benefit - Exercise Secrets)

Chapter #8 History or His-Story? (Truth is Power)

Chapter #9 True Wealth (Tricks of The Rich - How To Turn Money)

Chapter #10 True Happiness (How To Produce True Happiness Now - Enjoy Your Entire Life) 

This offering has limited enrollment. It starts Tuesday June 4th at 6 PM EST. If you have any questions, please email me and my team personally at [email protected]. It's time to POWER UP and EMPOWER THE YOUTH for lives that will keep them waking up happy and motivated.... each and every day. To secure your spot in this inexpensive offering please click here to pay monthly or click here to pay in full. I look forward to seeing you on opening day.  


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