Top 10 Female Mind Control Agendas

Jan 11, 2024

There are mind control objectives directed entirely at the female. There are also mind control objectives directed entirely at the male. For example (in regards to the male), if we look at TV shows like Seinfeld, Family Guy, The Simpsons, King of Queens, Three's Company, Friends etc., etc.......we see the repetitive behavior patterning that males are intended to mimic, emulate, mirror, follow and copy.

From Kramer on Seinfeld to Peter Griffin in The Family Guy and from Jack Tripper in Three's Company to Homer Simpson in The Simpsons.....the male is provided repetitive behavior role modelling that is weak, listless, unmotivating, clownish and unfocused. This sort of beta male programming for the men is designed to work hand in hand with the engineering behavior modification programs for the female, all ending at the same end goals for the ruling 1%. Let's take a look at the top 10 female mind control agendas, which will give us a bird's eye view as to where our social engineers are trying to steer our entire society. 

1. Females are the new strength figures in most movies, easily dealing with stronger male adversaries, with superpower strength. From Super Girl in Avengers Infinity War to the never-ending supply of female assassin movies, this mind control agenda is aimed at changing the conventional role of the female out of femineity and motherhood and into more traditional male dominated roles within our crumbling society. Inching the female closer to this line in the sand can also help push the female over more easily into trans gendering themselves into a male on all levels. The end goal of most of these 10 female mind control agendas is behavior modifying the female into the stoppage of producing any offspring (or at least to slow it down substantially). This is only one facet of a multi factorial depopulation agenda. Leaving the female single and alone is also another major part of the equation, as to more easily dispose of the female altogether, as I have discussed in this article that I wrote a couple months ago. 

2. Females are encouraged to work outside the home and to exchange their dreams of motherhood and family in for the fun laced pursuits of material items and never-ending good times in the big city. From the TV sitcom Laverne and Shirley (in the big city of Milwaukee) to Elaine on the TV show Seinfeld (in the big city of New York) the patterning is simple.......the female is imprinted with repetitive content that sees them family-less and as the perpetual single female, chasing their material dreams and good times in the big city centers. Let's not forget that in these shows as well, the females are surrounded by weak beta male types who are the perpetual class clowns, which is also designed to reduce the mating drive in the female. Females, if they decide to mate, want physically and mentally strong partners, which aren't around in too much frequency today because of the anti-male social engineering that's also occurring.

3. Females are imprinted with repetitive content designed to mind control them to consume large amounts of wine or alcohol. This is called The Wine Mom Agenda and it's designed to inflict the changes in brain function that alcohol is famous for and to aid the female in dulling their pain to their lonely lives, either real or perceived. All humans need to feel their pain to mature and what's called INDIVIDUATE. Basically, all humans need to feel their pain to grow up and to also think on their own, outside the pressure of society, parents, peers, groups etc. Alcohol blocks pain and therefore blocks maturation on all fronts, as all pain killers do. Keeping the female in a child IQ state is very important for the overall agenda that has been planned for a very long time. Alcohol is also a depressant, it causes cancer, it reduces lifespan in any amount, it causes brain damage and it makes the body less fertile and more prone to produce low IQ and/or traumatized offspring. In short, you can't rule healthy and intelligent people, regardless of gender. Alcohol consumption makes all other mind control agendas easier to initiate because mind control is based on weakening the mind control victim into compliance. Alcohol weakens the body/mind complex on all fronts. Keep them weak, keep them sick, keep them slaves. 

4. Females are generally encouraged to attack their own breasts, a center of reproduction and healthy offspring. Again, this is facilitated by simply adjusting the repetitive content on the screen. I describe the general inner workings of all mind control agendas in the presentation at this added link. I also speak around the world on the topics of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and propaganda. Tricking the female to attack her own breasts with either cosmetic surgery or even cancer-causing mammograms, is the first step on the path to pushing a transgender female to cutting off their own breasts altogether and taking castration chemicals that make reproduction impossible. Inch by inch, social engineering can push the female wherever it desires. Women have also been tricked in this on-going anti breast psy-op to remove their own healthy breasts due to an entirely fictitious and fraudulent BRAC gene con job. The depths of tricking the female to attack their own breasts and heart chakra area (as the breasts are believed to be an extension of the female heart or heart energy) is where we get into the ancient spiritual realms of this depopulation and anti-female energy agenda. There's more than meets the eye going on here. 

5. Females are conditioned, mind controlled and socially engineered to be overly sexual, with the death of marriage as the end goal. I have written an entire article on this issue, which can be found here. Shocking evidence of how long this mind control agenda has been in play is included in that article.

6. Females are being conditioned in the exact same way mice were conditioned in what's called The Universe 25 experiment. In the Universe 25 experiment, mice were given a city of never-ending fun, self-gratification and hedonism. Food, sex and entertainment were unlimited. The "come to the big city where all the fun is" human psy-op revolves around this exact mice experiment. What happened to these mice was somewhat predictable and we don't need to get into a big elaborate description beyond this experiment's chilling results. Half the mice ate themselves to death via obesity and lost their ability or interest to reproduce. Mothers would drop their offspring (while transporting them). After dropping her kids on the ground, the mothers would just leave their offspring to perish, as the female pursued a never-ending carnival ride of fun in the big city. The remaining mice (deemed "the beautiful ones") actually starved to death because they were too busy grooming themselves to look beautiful. Due to their obsession with self, they stopped eating, as grooming became the only priority. If you don't understand the point here, just look out the window, it's all right there in real time. 

7. The Bad Mom's mind control agenda is another psy-op and female behavior modification operation that inverts everything a female needs to be happy, healthy and to love her life. The trailer for the movie Bad Mom's is below and of course there was a Bad Mom's 2 (Christmas edition) that really drove home the hedonism, alcohol and perpetual fun in the big city themes. Again, most characters are single females and the answer to all their female problems (isn't getting healthy and opening their own business together) but it's of course partying, endless self-gratification and sex. This sort of mind control agenda reinforces changing for the worst, instead of changing for the better as a way to deal with life's hardships. This repetitive mind control content really drives home the inverted switch-blade behavioral reaction in relation to experiencing a hard and stressful day....which is drowning yourself in poison and pain killers to deal with a challenge. Hard days require more dedication to what makes the next day better and easier, which isn't anything our social engineers want the female coming into contact with.

 8. Women are conditioned to never be happy with their natural weight, their natural hair color, their natural eye color, their natural bodies, their natural hair thickness or length, their natural lip size or their status level in life etc. Not only does that end with the female poisoning and butchering themselves into a frenzied state of bankruptcy and toxicity (in most cases).....this agenda is designed to make females so unsatisfied with their real selves, that an offer of sorts will be made by our social engineers in the next 100 years, which many females will order to end their socially engineered depression, misery and low self-esteem. The offer that will be made to the female, although appearing very farfetched this early in the psy-op, is being uploaded into a virtual world, where the depressed female can have everything she desires, forever, with no effort required. Our social engineers, who are much more evil than you could ever imagine, want you loaded into Neo's Red Pod of Goo....just like in the movie The Matrix. I explain this red pod of goo offer in an article you can read by clicking here

9. Females are conditioned constantly to have very low self-esteem by drowning the female in screen images of other females, who have much better lives than themselves. Those better lives are fake, fraudulent and fabricated to drive the screen watching female into certain behavioral changes. This leaves the female with the impression that they're only one purchase, one acquisition or one surgery away from finally finding happiness, which keeps the female focused on materialism, glamour, good times and long hours working outside the fill that low self-esteem black hole with whatever the screen tells them will finally make them happy. There's many profit advantages for the ruling 1% inside this mind control agenda but of course the primary drive is to keep the female as busy as possible, away from any thought of family, children or embracing her true cosmic role inside the tribe. Keeping the female looking outside herself for her answers makes sure she never looks inside, to the spiritual wisdom she already carries. The easiest place to hide something of value is always in plain sight. You then tell the person looking for that thing of value that it's at the top of a mountain, guarded by a ferocious dragon. The female is born with everything she needs to be happy, healthy and in love with life....unless she chooses to look into the black magic screens that surround her. We're in a historical battle with evil, all of us. 

10. I'll use point 10 to sum up here. We're seeing the dangerous high notes of these agendas today, with single females now being attacked by men dressed as women....within female sports, in female washrooms and even at female speaking events etc. The single female, believing she doesn't need a man (due to nonstop media propaganda), is now facing down mentally defective males in her personal spaces. These mentally defective males are simply jealous of all the spotlight the females have been purposely provided (from a social engineering standpoint) over the last 40 years. As the single females are now being attacked like this, the weakened and absent men, can't protect her. Our birth rates are plummeting, our children are being destroyed as the female cosmic force is tricked to run away from her natural electrical charge, women are butchering themselves to death with cosmetic surgeries, poisoning themselves to death with toxic personal care products, drinking themselves to death at very early ages, bankrupting their entire families chasing beauty and leisure, the migrant invasions are outbreeding the Anglo nation strongholds and attacking our single city dwelling females. Our culture is set to collapse, as it was always engineered to do. There are solutions but you need to educate.

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