The Wine Mom Agenda Explained

May 10, 2023
Men of course are under various blanket forms of mind control, mostly regarding sacrificing themselves in false flag wars and also in regards to making men extremely confused about their gender roles within the tribe. Men aren't what they used to be. Women are also under various forms of mind controlled based attack. One major mind control agenda being to pollute the great female into various degrees of moral, spiritual and physical  dysfunction with alcohol......more specifically WINE.
Thanks to rather simple forms of media based mind control, many females have been turned into illusion loving red wine alcoholics.....who laugh, giggle and self medicate as the world burns around them (which was always the design to begin with). This is how you unseat the Queen of the Universe from her earthly throne, as protector of the innocent across the cosmos.....transforming the protective female goddess into a self serving, pleasure seeking, illusion loving, unconcerned borg-like machine....with the help of media based negative role modelling and various chemicals that sedate or tranquilize the nervous system. Think magazine covers, like the one below, don't have an impact on your behavior? Think again.
At this added link, psychology professor Dr. Jerry Kroth, at Santa Clara University in California explains how easy it is for the media to make humans basically do what ever it desires and in this case, the negative role modelling pushed through our screens is mainstreaming and legitimizing alcoholism for females, via a never ending stream of corrupted media sources By destroying the female, the children are more vulnerable and like all ruling family agendas, unfettered access to the children is always the end goal. Destroy the female, separate her from her cosmic role, destroy the family, separate her from her children and then move in for the kill. The ruling families don't give a shit about the female slaves that they're destroying with their media magic. Our social engineers really only want the drunken mother to become so self involved and so lost, that she steps aside and stops defending her children from government, science and medical attack. Mission accomplished in too many cases to count. The mothers are drunk because that's the agenda, which means the wolf can hunt the children without resistance or push back.


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