No Women by 2050..........The Agenda To Rid The Earth of Women

Apr 26, 2023
After gathering lots of evidence to date, It's my opinion (as a professional truth teller) that the end goal of this agenda below is very simple. I believe the end goal is to remove all females from the planet by 2050. This group we're dealing with are into depopulation and population control, in a very big way. This group's obsession with farming humans and then "culling them" isn't a new cycle on this planet.  They do it all the time. If the goal is population control, why would they allow the humans to get this numerous in the first place? The answer to that question lies in black energy magic and how electrical energy is liberated into the etheric field as life becomes death. That's a post for another day.
Back to the agenda of getting rid of all women by 2050. In Shakespearian plays, male characters were played by men and female characters were played by men in drag. This is why I call this drive to actually remove all women from the planet (except the best females to breed with the WEF and WHO nerdlings)....."The Shakespearian Agenda".
I also see women have been purposely socially engineered to be single, absent of male protection, which is the first step needed to leave the women out in the open, completely vulnerable to just such an attack. There is much more evidence to this effect. In the Women's Museum in the Netherlands this week, the name was changed to, "The Gender Museum" and a stone statue of a man (with breasts) breast feeding a baby was erected. They will teach the next generations that men used to bare the children, something happened and now the state had to take control of the reproduction. Women, I believe, are going to be written right of the history books. I think this is where the trans-train is going.
So here we are, single women (living out their Bad Mom's Mind Control Programming) without male protection, as aggressive males are circling them, (dressed as women) knowing that the females can't resist the attack......if they were turned on by the cross-dressing men and the inverted/satanic gov-love forces. Women who were brainwashed to believe "I don't need no man" might be in for an ambush of cosmic proportions.
If you were a "depop" expert/psychopath at the WEF and you still wanted slaves to work the plantation and you had to get rid of one gender altogether, what gender would you get rid of? Of course, you would keep the men (and the men in drag) because they could still do the heavy lifting on the slave farm. I'm seeing this come together very quickly at this point. The point where women are attacked because they are real women (and not men dressed in drag) is just around the corner. Real men need to be at the ready to drop kick these t-clowns back into the darkness when they attempt this final move, on the planet mental asylum chess board.


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