Laverne and Shirley Mind Control In the 70's & 80's

Dec 31, 2023

Only the older folks will remember the show "Laverne and Shirley". I do promise that young people can learn a thing or two about mind control with what's documented below.. Laverne and Shirley was a TV sitcom that ran from 1976 and to 1983. The plot was a simple one. Two ladies (Laverne and Shirley) moved to the big city of Milwaukee to become bottle cappers on a fictious beer line, at Sholtz Brewery. So, where's the mind control? Where's the social engineering going on in this TV program? Was this show really that bad in regards to mind control or am I blowing things completely out of proportion? This show just seemed like a good old fashion coming of age story, where two young women left their homes in rural areas and tried to make something of themselves in the big city, right? Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane and play the intro to the Laverne and Shirley show, to begin this article.   

Analyzing Laverne and Shirley for mind control content isn't complex. This TV production was about a well-documented depopulation agenda. This depopulation agenda was all laid out decades in advance, long before this show did its part of destroying the traditional family unit. This well documented depopulation agenda aimed to take women out of the family home, get them working and to reduce birth rates well below replacement females were mind controlled to prioritize working meaningless jobs above family....and also to allow a female's pursuit of "fun", "good times" and "hedonism" to dominate the majority of their thought processes. Obviously, there's no one show, one song or even one government school policy that can destroy the traditional family unit all on its own but slowly overtime, social engineers can achieve whatever is desired using what's called the Fabianistic approach.

The word Fabianistic is derived from the Roman Emperor Fabian who understood how to win any war, regardless if that war was with a foreign combatant or if that war was with the public inside his own country. The key to achieving radical change in any society (and to win any war) was to implement the changes you desired in little steps, so that the average person or "enemy of the state" didn't notice what was happening. This is what the depopulation agenda is based upon, little changes overtime, which end with birth rates well below levels needed to sustain the population. Campaigns that reduce birth rates are often combined with democide campaigns, to accelerate the depopulation end goals throughout history.

This should be very obvious today with the trans agenda inside the government school system (which focuses on the destruction of the student's reproductive organs) plus the genocidal COVID shots....both of which are eroding the population from opposite ends of the spectrum, at a very rapid pace. Laverne and Shirley was part of this agenda, one small part 40 years ago, but a part none the less. To use the Fabianistic approach for boiling the humans to death, slowly can't have any sudden changes alert your victims as to what's really taking place. Such slow drip depopulation campaigns must facilitate a gradual erosion of what sustains the society and helps it flourish. This is why very few people can put their finger on anything specific that has caused our massive social decay today, because it is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, just applied so slowly that Joe and Jane Coffee Shop never notice that they and their children are being depopulated.

This Fabianistic system, this step by step (death by a 1000 cuts) approach to destroying a target population overtime via hedonistic social engineering....has always been extremely effective at changing the beliefs, ideas and behaviors of a targeted population slowly, to the point where the public don't even recognize the pot of boiling water they're already sitting in. I can also tell you another big secret of effective social engineering, or what's often called human farming. If you can make the people in any society tranquilized and sedated using a wide array of psychoactive substances (that inhibit proper brain function.... like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, weed, wheat flour, toxic medical drugs, etc.) these Fabianistic changes in the target society can be applied much quicker and in much more radical ways...without the public resisting or noticing whatsoever.

Fast forward to today where the evidence of this approach should be very obvious, for anyone who still isn't drugged by our social engineers....... where much of the population believe that poison is medicine, actors killing each other on a screen is entertainment, poison is food, slavery is freedom and propaganda is science. How do I see all this and write such articles? Simple, I am not drugged and I don't watch entertainment screen productions, designed to mind control me into a miserable alternate reality. Such blatant inversions of natural law can only occur using the Fabianistic approach to social change, in conjunction with unwavering campaigns to drug the public back into the stone age. Don't forget that this is why Canada has legalized marijuana use across the country and this is also why the Japanese government is now publicly encouraging their young citizens to drink more alcohol. This is why the province of British Columbia just legalized cocaine, heroine and Fentanyl for all citizens. When people are drugged, they notice very little, so the speed of the Fabianistic steps can be greatly accelerated by our ancient human farmers, down here on Planet Mind Control. 

This initiative to depopulate the former white Anglo stronghold nations was documented long ago with things such as The Jaffe Memo and also with the secret whistle blower testimony of many people, including medical doctor Dr. Richard Day. I would highly suggest you click Dr. Richard Day's link in the previous sentence because you won't believe what that medical doctor had to say, regarding the depopulation agenda and his insider information on how the depopulation agenda would be rolled out....especially regarding women and shows like Laverne and Shirley. I have linked one of Dr. Day's audio testimonials below. That's only one audio recording. There are 3 more additional audios as well. It's important to note that Dr. Richard Day came forward in 1969 to explain that the agenda to depopulate did include encouraging women to work outside the home and to incentivize that inversion (societal suicide) with every financial and emotional reward under the sun.

The Jaffe Memo also came out in 1969 and basically documented the agenda to destroy fertility, marriage, family, love, connection, childbirth, heterosexuality, male/female union, masculinity, etc. Everything a society needs to sustain itself would be destroyed. Just look out your window for proof of how far this agenda has come along. Anal sex and oral sex is all that's being promoted currently, from the porn sites to the school classrooms, because you can't reproduce that way. Oral and anal sex aren't sex, they're masturbation and that's exactly the agenda. Being sexually confused is as much engineered in our modern time as the Canadian government legalizing the use of cocaine for its own citizens in British Columbia. It's all about depopulation and hitting the accelerator on the depopulation agenda, using documented psychological mind control tactics against the public. And if you don't understand social engineering and mind control or how easy it is to change the behavior of the average human in only minutes, click here to watch my best presentation on that exact subject. 

We can also see the coffee and alcohol firmly planted inside the opening trailer for the Laverne and Shirley show, which of course are primary psychoactive substances that are proven to upregulate mind control, as I explain in the same presentation that I just linked above. Weak men were littered throughout the Laverne and Shirley production, which was another side avenue of the depopulation agenda. Lenny and Squiggy were popularized beta males in the program, to the alpha characters of the show....Laverne and Shirley, two females. We see the same trend today in the movie "Avengers Infinity War" (for example) where Thor has a mental breakdown, starts drinking alcohol, develops a beer belly, rides the couch, plays video games and acts like a beta......while Super Girl is the one who gets the better of Thanos physically in the final fight scene. It's all about getting women to dream of anything but having a family and to turn the men into betas. A full inversion, which leads to a full collapse of the entire society, including massive depopulation. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's the same mind control agendas, just disguised in different shows, movies, products, services or political movements throughout the ages. 

No primary character was married inside the Laverne and Shirley show and when one of the two main actresses become pregnant in real life, the studio quickly fabricated a constructive dismissal employment situation. Constructive dismissal is when you organize the work environment in a way where the person has to quit, as to remove your legal penalties for firing them. Constructive dismissal is illegal. When that failed, the TV studio just didn't renew the Laverne and Shirley show......because you can't broadcast pregnancy images to the slave class, if your aim is to promote the single life of chasing mindless fun and depopulation, instead of starting a family and strengthening your community, culture and society.

Everything from Friends to Seinfeld and from Sex in The City to Laverne and Shirley were about getting the masses dreaming about their single life in the city as mindless consumers.......when cities are simply large human bee farming operations, designed to more easily control the human tax/honey producers. The cities have always been designed as the most efficient way to imprison and extract energy from the humans. This is also why Hollywood frames living in the country (where humans can't be easily controlled) as square, boring and backwards. This new 15-minute city BS is a very old human control structure. Cities are prisons. Everyone will realize the truth of cities very soon if they don't wake up and take action. It takes decades of mind control prior, to get people into these preplanned traps.

As the main theme song in Laverne and Shirley states hypnotically many times (80% of mind control is repetition)......"we're going to do it our way and our way, making our dreams come true.....for me and you!". Laverne gives up having a family for Shirley and Shirley gives up having a family for Laverne, just like any true friends to the end would do for each other. This act of Fabianistic social engineering was all about getting women to trade in their dreams of becoming mothers....for dreams of working and becoming mindless consumers, who offer no opportunity to sustain the tribal population. Enter the migration invasion stage left (in our modern time). These migrants will out-populate the mind-controlled screen loving super slaves who already live here in North America (and inside the EU).....and therefore the cabal's depopulation campaign of all former white Anglo strongholds is almost complete. If you don't think this is still going on today just click here to watch three recruitment videos for the armed forces. One is from Russia, one is from China and one is American. Do you see anything I just wrote about, in the American ad, compared to the other two ads? It's all right there, all in plain sight. 

I know the group organizing all this destruction of the female, as I have been researching this group for 25 years. The first thing a female needs to do (in order to protect herself) is to learn about the end goals and the modalities of attack, used by this ancient and evil group.....who usually poses as our own altruistic governments and our own modern mainstream media channels. After that, the female must learn how to sidestep those attacks......for the health and success of themselves, their children, their partners and their families. Once this step is taken....the female's power, strength and true cosmic essence (or charge) will return in order to steady the ship, regardless of what storm is being faced. The time to act is now. I offer one training for youth, ages 13-22 and one training for adults. If you have any questions, simply email me personally at [email protected].


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