Murdering Yourself - How They Trick You To Do It

Jan 13, 2024

Imagine a mind control operation so well organized that you can get people to kill themselves, kill their own kids and destroy each and everything they need to survive here on planet earth. Now if you think mind control doesn't have the power to accomplish all that and more, let's take a look at a couple of videos below, to start this shorter article. 

The first video below is from Derren Brown, a UK mind control expert. He organizes a scripted mind control scenario, where 70 actors orchestrate a mind control hack for the ages. There are 70 actors and one victim. (or "the mark" as we call them) Only the most basic group pressure mind control tactics are applied, which ends with the one victim (the only non-actor) being faced with a situation where the victim can alleviate the group pressure......but only by murdering one old man LIVE ON CAMERA, by pushing him to his death off a 10-story building.

Don't worry, the old man getting pushed off the side of the building is a stunt man and he's harnessed in for safety.......but the "mark" doesn't know that whatsoever. This experiment was run 4 separate times, with 4 different "marks" and 3 out of the 4 uninformed participants killed the old man (and pushed him to his death off the side of the building) LIVE ON CAMERA. And there's your answer. Mind control can indeed make people kill other people, absolutely. You can watch the trailer below or you can watch the full made for Netflix special by clicking here. This made for TV special is called THE PUSH.

The average person would also say "mind control could never make me kill my own kids". Well, although this statement sounds natural, logical and rational......our current mind control realities give evidence daily to the contrary. Below we see a very heart-breaking video of an Italian family of 5. Two parents and three children. The parents are under various forms of mind control, which they never notice, for the exact same reasons why 3 out of 4 people murdered that old man in THE PUSH linked above.

Mind control isn't about a person walking like a zombie, hands out straight, walking peg legged, moaning and groaning with glazed over eyes. Mind control is about you looking like you, talking like you and acting like you.......but you're doing things that don't make any logical sense whatsoever. For example, within the Italian family below........vaccines killed one of their children. Injecting children with documented poison isn't logical to begin with and the act of vaccination is based completely on standard mind control and brainwashing modalities but that's not even the point to be made here.

If something (anything) kills your child and the government in this case did admit publicly that the vaccine did kill their child, you certainly don't go ahead and vaccinate the other two children.......unless you're under mind control. This mother and father (who know nothing about mind control) vaccinated their two other children, killing 1 and crippling one for life. The answer here is also simple. Mind control can indeed make you kill your own children, absolutely. Unfortunate but the truth nonetheless. It's maybe the most heart-breaking video I've watched in my career. 

Although this is a decades old story, even today people are killing their own children with the COVID shot, as Dr. WIlliam Makis so accurately describes daily on his Substack page. In this book, we can read about mind control being used to make parents kill their own children thousands of years ago. Here's another article I wrote, about the same 4000-year-old child sacrifice death cult still operating in plain sight, to this very day. Again, mind control can easily be used and has been used for a very long time to make parents kill their own children. I wish It wasn't true but it is.

How about people lining up to kill themselves? Can mind control make people wait in line to kil themselves? Obviously, if mind control can trick someone to murder someone else or kill their own kids, it can indeed be used to make people kill and murder themselves. Click here for one of a thousand compilations I could link showing people in real time waiting in line to kill and injure themselves. Even in an article I wrote recently, I recount how I was attacked publicly for telling people not to wait in line to murder themselves and their own children. The man attacking me publicly (in a local newspaper) was cheered as he demanded everyone wait in line to murder themselves or their own children....and not to listen to me, a man who dare claim that injecting poison into yourself and your loved ones wasn't a good idea. The man attacking me was celebrated for his declaration by most people in the town where this occurred. Welcome to PLANET MIND CONTROL.

And it's not just the act of murdering or injuring yourself, which they can mind control you to participate in. Most people will still wait in line to vote for the people tricking them to murder themselves. As for other political party leaders who tell the public "we won't murder or injure you, please don't vote for the parties tricking you to murder and injure your kids"......they are laughed at by the citizens who are actively murdering themselves and their own kids daily. Coffee is poison. Alcohol is poison. Medications are poison, even though some are valuable in acute care emergency situations. Smoking weed destroys the brain. The Canadian government has now even legalized the personal use of cocaine, heroin and fentanyl in British Columbia. Ontario is also pushing to legalize the same.

They call the vaccines that murder....SAFE and EFFECTIVE. They call the drugs, which are killing drug addicts en masse, SAFE SUPPLY. They say there's a need for the injections of poison that are killing the children because it makes the children SAFE. They call the drug dens, where the drug addicts are murdering themselves with now legal narcotics SAFE INJECTION SITES. They call the online censorship legislation, so the public can't discuss the government murdering them and their kids, the ONLINE SAFETY ACT. Do you see the mind control trigger word "SAFE" being abused here? Do you see the mind control yet? Do you see that all this mind control revolves around tricking the public to murder and injure themselves voluntarily and to do the exact same to their own kids? Do you see it yet? If you can't see it, it means you're under the exact forms of mind control I'm talking about unfortunately and you most likely gain employment in one of the many services that benefit from the mind control murder or injury spree. 

So how is this dark, rotting and evil mind control accomplished? How do they mind control the public to murder and injure themselves and then do the exact same to their own kids? How exactly does this mind control work? Well, I explain EXACTLY how it all works in the video below.  

Basically I teach people how to stop murdering and injuring themselves and I also teach adults how to stop doing the same to their own kids. It's pretty important information, as killing yourself or others, because you're under simple forms of mind pretty final in its consequences. 

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