The Louis Cardinal Effect - UPDATED

Dec 21, 2023

Original article was written Dec 21st, 2023 - Article Updated April 12th, 2024.

There's a man by the name of Louis Cardinal in my adopted hometown of Cornwall Ontario Canada. He penned a public letter directed at me, which appeared in a local newspaper in Aug of 2021. My rebuttal is well overdue and many of my 250,000 social media viewers have insisted that it be written. I also agree, it's well overdue. Today's the day. Although Louis Cardinal will be the center point of focus in my article below, it's important to note that Cardinal actually had the courage to say what millions of people in Canada wanted to say in the early stages of the COVID fraud. Millions of people equal in mind to Cardinal, did attack anyone else who wanted to bring logical thought and rational analysis to the table...early in the COVID operation.

This article and the irrefutable evidence it tabulates, is also dedicated to a man by the name of Rick Watson. This man Rick Watson was a member of my health center, which I owned and operated for 28 years in Cornwall Ontario Canada. This man, in fine communist form, called the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (to their snitch line in 2021) to log an official complaint that there were people in my health centers not wearing their oxygen deprivation masks "properly" when exercising. Heaven forbid people breathe clean air when exercising. Need I say more. We don't have to ponder or contemplate the issue too deeply, to fully understand how holocausts have occurred throughout history, because non thinking order followers are always willing to stroke their fragile egos by doing exactly what corrupt authority tells them. The payment given for such cowardly acts of community destruction was nothing more than a slight positive feeling Mr. Watson would have experienced for backing up the school yard bully, because Watson himself was too weak to push back against a very obvious lie.  As soon as corrupt authority told Rick to turn against the people in his own community, he did without hesitation. Weak men wreck the communities of strong men and this is why weak men were eliminated (put 6 feet underground) in ancient tribal societies like Sparta Greece, as weak men are a threat to the entire tribe....and always have been. The organizers of the COVID con thank Rick Watson for his service and also thank him for backing up each lie exposed below. 

And now onto Louis Cardinal. Let's first review what Louis Cardinal had to say in the early stages of the COVID psychological operation, inside his letter to the editor, which appeared in The Seaway News (in August of 2021). It's also important to note that Louis Cardinal directed his comments in that local newspaper toward me and me alone, as every reader was well aware of. I of course was trying to warn the public of what was blatantly obvious, if they could just step out of the state sanctioned propaganda for only a couple minutes........that evil was indeed afoot and that governments don't need propaganda, mind control, brainwashing and behavior modification tactics to push a real viral pandemic.

I have spoken at the European Parliament in Brussel Belgium on the subjects of COVID mind control and propaganda. I was one speaker of 50 explaining the COVID con in Brussels. The combined social media viewing of all 50 of our talks combined was over 4 billion. Yes, billion with a B. I have also spoken in Bucharest Romania, at the Palace of the Parliament on the same subject. And I have also spoken at a breakout room in Washington DC at CPAC plus sat at US Senator's Ron Johnson's Round Table on COVID inside The Kennedy Caucus Room inside the US Senate (titled "What Are They Hiding") in the spring of 2024. Click here to view the entire hearing with US Senator Ron Johnson. My talk starts at the 2 hour and 36 minutes mark. And of course, not a whisper in the local Cornwall media about these events. There's no surprise there as everything from the local radio stations to the local newspapers in Cornwall Ontario (and most of Canada as well) are deeply involved in the blatant attacks on the public documented below. The weak men and weak women are everywhere and that's the real pandemic....weakness of character.

Of course, the Canadian government admitted only later to using mind control-based propaganda to manipulate the public to get these shots, as is admitted to in the picture below. You can also click the picture below to find the article where the Canadian government admits to using mind control and brainwashing tactics against the public during COVID. Why was the government so interested in psychologically manipulating the public to get these shots? The answer to that question will be linked below. The truth of why the government wanted people to inject themselves is shocking, to say the least.

So again, let's have a look at what Louis Cardinal fired at me, through a local newspaper in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. It's also important to note that this local newspaper profited heavily from the propaganda payments coming out of various government institutions, which ended with the general public stampeding to participate in an authorized (yet unapproved) medical experiment.

What we witnessed in Cornwall was what we witnessed across the world. The general public didn't stand a chance because of the assassin like triangular crossfire of propaganda.....organized by media, government and medicine. Canadians fell prey to the propaganda almost more than any other country, as places like Romania only had a 20% injection uptake and African nations tallied on average less than these areas are well aware of the historical overtones of tyrannical governance and propaganda backed democide. Most Canadians haven't personally experienced death and murder at the hands of their own governments, other places have.......and it was those countries who knew evil was afoot, and to not participate. And if you think the video just below is bad (regarding what these shots are doing to the general public), wait, there's much more to be seen in my 12-point list at the bottom of this article.

So what was in these shots? Were these shots ever tested as being safe or effective? You don't need propaganda, mind control and brainwashing to sell a real viral pandemic..........what were the stated objectives behind the COVID psychological operation? When you discover these answers (which I knew of in 2020), you'll understand why I tried to warn as many people as possible, which annoyed people like the self-adoring Cardinal. Click here to see what Louis Cardinal wrote in the newspaper about my warnings to the public, in relation to the COVID injection. Louis Cardinal's letter to the editor doesn't age well whatsoever....given what you're going to read and watch below. Was Louis Cardinal a victim of state mind control-based propaganda or was he correct in telling the public not to worry, to just trust the experts, to trust the science and to take the shots on blind faith alone?

I have 12 citations here (PLUS 4 NEW CITATIONS). Please compare what is said below with what Louis Cardinal said in his article. You be the judge. Click the highlighted words in each point, to find the cited source. Cardinal even notes in his letter to the editor that me (a conspiracy theorist) is well above my head declaring that the injection can kill and cripple. Did this COVID injection kill and cripple? Let's take a look......

1. Dr. Michael Palmer explains clearly that the COVID injection, which wasn't a vaccine, was definitely designed to kill and cripple. The COVID injection is a genocide and depopulation medical application, which became voluntary.....due to the most intense mind control and propaganda campaign ever launched at the general public. It's a 100% guarantee and a provable fact. Click here to see Dr. Palmer's video testimony. 

2. A whistle blower from New Zealand (who had access to that government's COVID data base) proves with ease that people who took the COVID injection in New Zealand are dying en masse compared to people who didn't take the same injection. The shot is killing and crippling the public. The link provided goes to one of my articles, where the video in question is provided first in the article. Click here to see this whistle blower's video testimony. 

3. Canadian Denis Rancourt could be the most accurate statistics analysis expert in the world today. Rancourt resembles a computer in human form, when you meet him and talk to him in person. Rancourt proves conclusively, via statistics from all around the world, that each country recorded massive numbers of deaths, directly after the injection. ONLY AFTER THE INJECTION and ONLY IN THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE INJECTON......SO THE DEATHS AREN'T RELATED TO ANY DISEASE. Rancourt estimates that 17 million people have died directly from complying with the media and government's heavy-handed endorsement of the experimental medical product....which again, the totality of evidence firmly points to the injection being for democide and depopulation purposes. Click here to view a short interview with Denis Rancourt. Click here for the longer version.  For Denis Rancourt's presentation at the Romanian Palace of The Parliament in Nov 2023, please click here and find DAY 1....then scroll to the right to find Rancourt's speech. 

4. Pharmaceutical insider turned whistleblower (Karen Kingston) unpacks the latest pieces of the puzzle, during her discussion in relation to the State of Texas now suing Pfizer on a multitude of criminal charges. Karen is a very important figure in regards to the COVID story, as she warned of exactly what has now happened very early on in the COVID psychological operation. She centers her legal analysis on Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla who repeatedly told the public that the COVID injections were safe and effective, when he knew via his own company's data that the injections were a) not safe b) not effective and c) fatal on many different fronts.....including mass negative impacts to fertility, cancer growth and spread, plus a whole host of other causes of systematic disease in the human body.  Click here to see Karen Kingston's testimony.  Kingston appears twice on this list, as does Naomi Wolf. Their testimonies will electroshock any sleepwalker back into reality. 

5. Former White House Advisor inside the Clinton Administration, Naomi Wolf, not only explains the complete fraud and farce of the COVID vaccine trials (please remember that this injection never qualified as a vaccine at any time) but she also describes the absolute devastation this injection was designed to inflict on human health, human lifespan and human fertility. A well-orchestrated depopulation agenda, full stop, no exceptions. As to why the ruling 1% want to depopulate the slave class, I have an article at the bottom of this list, which will make sure everyone understands the financial benefits reaped by our human farmers when our families are murdered in this fashion. Click here to view and listen to Naomi Wolf's testimony. 

6. In this video Alexandra Latypova discusses the paper trail that provides concrete evidence that the entire COVID operation was run by the United States Department of Defense and that the design of the entire operation (from front to back) was to harm and kill anyone who eventually succumbed to the very intense barrage of psychological manipulations coming out of all government and mainstream media channels. Click here to listen and hear Alexandra's Latypova's testimony. 

7. Pharmaceutical industry insider Karen Kingston is here on the list again, reviewing the tens of thousands of documents released by Pfizer, regarding their fake COVID vaccine and their fraudulent injection trials. Pfizer's own documents clearly state that the shot was never safe and effective and was never designed or tested to be safe and effective. The same documents clearly prove that the injection was also a bioweapon, under the government's very own definition for what qualifies as a bioweapon. Anyone who has taken the shot needs to apply the detox at the bottom of this article immediately. Click here to listen and hear Karen Kingston's additional testimony. 

8. Acclaimed legal researcher Katherine Watt comes across documents that present clear evidence that the COVID operation was again run by the US Department of Defense, with the objective being to injure and remove vast numbers of the population (some immediately and more overtime as the injection ingredients fatally erode human tissue slowly as time passes). Again, who benefits from such a depopulation and injury plan and what are the concrete benefits to the ruling 1% for such a eugenic operation? I answer that question below in the last link, which will take you to my article explaining why this is happening. Click here to view and listen to Katherine Watt's testimony. 

 9. Naomi Wolf makes this top 12 list again, with another explanation of what was found inside Pfizer's fraudulent fake vaccine trial data. The reason Naomi Wolf has to speak many times on the same data, is because Pfizer tried to legally obfuscate their role in the COVID eugenic operation, by releasing the data over 1 full year, with many tens of thousands of pages being released every month. Such a slow release of the trial data, after the shot was already killing and crippling en masse, simply helped keep the injection abattoir humming along. The primary factor driving people toward their premature deaths and failing health from 2020 onward wasn't was the science of psychological manipulation. Click here to listen to and view another choice explanation from Naomi Wolf.

10. Dr. James Thorp explains that the spontaneous abortion rate, associated with a woman taking the fake COVID vaccine, in the first trimester............actually exceeds the effectiveness of the most lethal abortion pill currently on the market. Click here to listen and view Dr. Thorp's testimony.

11. Dr. William Makis explains to a Canadian audience, the massive corruption and die off from the COVID injection in Canada. The Canadian government is one of the most evil governments on the planet at this point, hiding the excess mortality data and injection death/injury numbers purposely from the Canadian public....which are directly related to the COVID injection. The Canadian government is also punishing doctors as quickly as possible, if those moral doctors try to warn their patients of the politest and most well-organized genocide in recorded history. The Canadian government has been told to bury Canadians with this shot and to also bury anyone coming forward, who tries to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You won't believe this talk by Dr, William Makis. Click here to listen and watch his testimony. 

12. And to end this 12-point list I provide a link to over 100 documentaries proving that every aspect of COVID was a fraud. Here's another link proving everything you've ever been told by medicine, science, media and government about vaccines in a complete and utter fraud as well, all designed to keep you a more easily ruled slave in your broken/poisoned state. Vaccines are nothing more than injections of poison that help better control, manage, govern and manipulate the slave class who end up being diseased, dysfunctional, depressed, disoriented and financially their poisoned state. When you're poisoned, weak, dependent and brain're a non-threat to the people who farm you on this planet. It wasn't just the COVID injection, it's many more injections than you could ever imagine. If you investigate the wide array of medical injections you're going to find high crime poisons in most of them, if not all of them. From the vitamin K shot to even allergy injections (toxic aluminum in most of those options).......keep investigating, most carry extremely dangerous poisons to human health. This  "poison the slaves into submission operation" has been in play down here on planet mental asylum for a very long time. 

UPDATED (4 Additional Citations)

13. Denis Rancourt makes the list again by explaining the hard truth of  the COVID psy-op. There was no pandemic in 2020, it was all faked and fabricated using the mind control tactics I talk openly about in this presentation to The International Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics. Death rates actually dropped when the fake pandemic psy-op was launched at the public initially in 2020. There was no virus killing anyone, as death rates dropped below well-established averages worldwide. What sort of mass viral emergency kills less people than years prior.....while requiring the destruction of everything of value in most countries across the world? A fake a fraudulent pandemic of course. Rancourt isn't afraid of the truth, unlike Cardinal, as Rancourt explains clearly that the death rates only started to skyrocket across the world, once the fake and eugenic vaccine was rolled out. That's the same fake vaccine people like Cardinal encouraged others to get because he wasn't intelligent enough to see the psy-op for what it was. Cardinal openly attacked anyone who took the time to try and educate the public, as to why it wasn't wise to give all their freedoms away, poison themselves, poison their own kids and destroy their local economies because well-known government/media and medical liars were telling extremely obvious lies. Click here.

14. Not only was the government lying to the public about absolutely everything COVID, in order that people like Cardinal commit voluntary MAID (medical assistance in dying) or disable themselves by their own hand with needles full of order to lay the foundations for the next sinister stage in this plot........the government was removing any reports of injection based deaths or injuries from their data bases and purposely paying the media to lie openly to the public, so that more and more Canadians would keep killing and injuring themselves with these injections of poison. But like a bad infomercial......wait.......there's more. Dr. William Makes not only discovered this criminal activity within the Canadian government and much more, Dr. Makis also ran upon the fact that the Canadian government officials killing and crippling their own citizens for international bribes were also protecting known government pedophiles who were raping children......all at the same time. This is the system Cardinal was arguing for, a system that I've been writing about for 20 years. Cardinal was a pied piper of doom for anyone believing his cowardly position of just following the other sheep into the abattoir. Weak men should never lead, ever. This interview is beyond explosive. Click here.

15. We now have the mainstream media channels reporting the mass deaths and injuries from the fake COVID vaccine. It's so obvious at this point, that the mainstream news has even had to start reporting the massive injuries and deaths caused by these shots, which again never provided any protection against any threat.........because the threat was fake, the virus was never isolated, none of it was real, it was all stage production and it was all designed (from top to bottom) to cull the herd of mindless TV watchers. Mission accomplished and people like Cardinal played their role as mind-controlled cheerleaders of the worldwide con. Click here for a long list of mainstream media reports, which now admit the mass deaths and injuries caused by these injections of poison. Click here to review and understand that it's the vaccinated that died in droves after their shots. The vaccinated are still dying in droves, compared to the people who knew better and who avoided the injection. People who took the shot are still dropping dead, well above historical background averages. Each one of these people thought........I'm OK, I'm still alive....until they weren't. If you've taken the shot, get to the detox at the bottom of the page immediately. 

16. General education channels like the 3 million subscriber strong AFTER SKOOL on YouTube, have stepped up with videos that explain the actions of people like Cardinal. If you click here, you can watch one of their latest videos where they try to explain why smart people believe stupid things..........which is actually the title of the presentation. It's because being smart doesn't mean you're not scared like an infant, refusing to stand up against very obvious evil. Yes, people trying to inject poison into you and your kids is evil and you're going to have to be very strong to stand up to such a force. Smart people complied because they're not strong. Cardinal needs to take note. Most people used their intelligence to mentally manipulate themselves to believe obvious lies. Intelligence without strength, morality and ethics is useless. Cardinal isn't the only one. Many people I know were also victims of this intelligence without strength scenario, which primed them to walk willingly into the iron grip of the tyrant. Click here. Again, weak and childish men should never be allowed to speak in the middle of the tribal circle, in order to influence the tribe with their weak and childish vibration, ideas and beliefs. 

And if you want to know why this ancient group of pirates are killing us with injections of poison and why the same group also sprinkles poison on everything else we need to live on this planet, click here

So you be the judge. Please also note that I offered Cardinal a full public debate on the issue, which he declined. Did Cardinal help the community, or did he do what many people did and made love to the biggest medical lie in recorded history? The truth always comes out. When weak men are given center stage and strong men of character are marginalized, the entire tribe suffers. I do believe that people will be ready for the next government psy-op and I do believe that the weaker men have now shown their true colors. Weak men won't be relied on again to lead the tribe, right off the proverbial cliff. If you have taken this shot, grab some detox material and get the poison out. Click here for a detox guide. Next time you're confused, call a conspiracy theorist. Doing so could save your life. 


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