The Worst Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

Dec 19, 2023

If you don't think we live inside a real-life death cult, just look at some of the Christmas gifts people give to each other. If you observe what some people give to their own kids, it's enough to make Satan himself blush and spin away giggling with envy. When I see what people are buying for each other and their kids these days, I often say to myself......"if you're giving that to someone you love, what exactly would you give to someone you hate?"

The secret that walks in plain sight is that we often gift each other presents that are guaranteed to make everyone's life worse. All death cult members love it when another death cult member delivers them a gift that will make them sick, miserable, overweight and die prematurely. Nothing brings a bigger smile in our society than either straight poison, the popular toxin of the day or something else that will destroy the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Trying to convince people who are overweight, diseased and disempowered that they don't need any additional poison is often the equivalent of trying to staple water to a tree. It just can't be done.

There are people who know. There's people who don't know. There's people who don't want to know........and then there's your average death cult member who makes it their full-time job to glorify their poison-based slide into an early grave. 

It doesn't really matter what problem you have in your life today; it can usually be traced back to our society's death centric energy and how the collective is mind controlled to embrace death, suffering and anything that snuffs out life, human potential, happiness and joy. This is why I call this place we all live on either planet mental asylum or planet mind control. 

This is as good a time as any to drop in a 1-minute video clip from the animated film TROLLS, in order to sum up how our death cult society operates in real time. This short clip is funny because it's true. Most people destroy themselves as Olympic Sport in our culture (ure-cult or your cult) and then they also wonder why they're overweight, broke, unmotivated and disempowered. And yet most people can't see beyond their death cult programming, in order to save themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, although most people can't see it, we all live (to some extent) inside the TROLL CITY called BERGEN TOWN........even though the option to live our best lives is always available to us. Living in a death cult, as a loyal death cult member....IS A CHOICE! You can leave the death cult at any time. The prison door is never locked. 

I of course used to be a full-fledged and card-carrying member of our modern-day death cult. I had lots of potential..........young, handsome, intelligent, hardworking etc. Unfortunately, inside our inverted culture those attributes are just trigger words for ATTACK! You can't let anything flourish, prosper or rise up to its full potential inside the death I got hard to work destroying the life, light and happiness inside of myself, like any good death cult member is obligated to do.

I got into the cocaine, the alcohol, the steroids and the junk food. I made sure to go to bed late, get up late, waste my money and hang around other people who hated their own innate human potential as much as I hated mine. We were all programmed that the best of ourselves had to die, in order for us to live "the good life" inside the death cult. Many people simply can't recognize this programming that drives most people toward destroying themselves as their full time job.

in 2020, the pinnacle of death cult living came with the mandated poisons worldwide, which brought our society's love of death to a brand-new level. Seniors were murdered. Children were murdered. People lined up and waited patiently to injure and murder themselves and their children. Even though over 100 documentaries have been produced that prove conclusively (and without any doubt) that everything about COVID was a complete and utter fraud.......not one film has addressed the foundational motivation behind people lining up to kill themselves, which is a mind control program installed into the collective that makes the average person embrace death, despair, disease, depression and disempowerment. 

There is some good news in all of this. If you can put forth the effort and magically develop the ability to see this death cult programming, you'll instantly recognize that all of it is....... a) anti life b) anti God c) anti morality d) anti ethics e) anti love f) anti family g) anti children h) anti connection i) anti happiness j) anti progression and k) pure evil in every sense of the word. Once you see this and once you are brave enough to admit what's really going on, you'll quickly gain the proper motivation to embrace the opposite of this death cult programming, as the only way to drive this ancient evil back into the darkness from which it came. The word EVIL is actually the word LIVE spelled backwards, so evil is a very appropriate word because it describes any product, process or belief system that destroys life or moves against life in any way, shape or form. You're living in this society and it's time we all started to see our society for what it really is or more accurately..... what it's actually been tricked into becoming, by some very dark forces on this planet. It's time for morality, ethics, goodness, justice, health and human potential to rise once again.....and it's time everyone did their part. This isn't an option. This is your personal responsibility and if people don't embrace this personal responsibility, this planet will be consumed by death until it looks like the moon or Mars.

Our Christmas traditions follow the exact same death cult patterns and playbook. Poisoned, sick, disempowered and overweight people waddle into the feed lot to consume more poison, toxins and unnatural machinations that only someone who hates themselves would ever want to consume or partake in. Welcome to the real-life BERGEN TOWN. And then there's the gifts for Christmas that we give to our loved ones. The tags on some presents might as well read "To Little Johnny From Santa........enjoy your cancer and early death. Merry Christmas". The absolute #1 death cult Christmas present, to be given to another death cult member, is any tech device that's wireless. These wireless devices cause cancer and a whole host of other diseases, which of course is right in line with the foundational philosophy of the death cult.......which is.............die early in the pursuit of shallow pleasures. Entertain me to death. 

Have fun (fun is anything toxic that destroys your God given potential down here on planet mental asylum), accomplish nothing, destroy yourself, destroy your own kids, die early and act confused when your life goes in the shitter. Oh yes, I almost forgot how it usually ends for the loyal death cult member. Eat poisons as medicine and also inject poisons as medicine,....and then act doubly confused as to why the poison ended your life. I didn't want to leave out the glorified death of most death cult members, at the hands of the medical system (the ME-DIE-CULL system), which has already been proven by its own statistics to be a religion of death, operated by the new funerary priests in white lab coats or green scrubs.

As you would expect down on PLANET MIND CONTROL, the priests in the white lab coats who bring the final death blow, are the stars of the show and the heroes of the people. Please also remember that everyone participating in these dark rituals believe that they're normal, rational, logical and upstanding citizens. The people prescribing the death believe they're the backbones and saviors of the society. The people consuming the death, think that eating the death and injecting the death will pave their way to the best life possible. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, look at it and don't look away. We've passed the towns of sanity, logic and rational thought long ago. Back to the worst Christmas gifts for normal people AKA the best Christmas gifts if you want to score hierarchy points inside the death cult..........wireless devices!

The wireless devices that do the most cellular damage (and kill the quickest) are the wireless devices that are closest to the the wireless ear buds or headphones and the wireless watches. If you want to give the gift of death, dysfunction and disease this year.....make these your top picks. The death cult thanks you in advance for your dedication to the dark arts. May the force be with you and when I say that I mean the dark force, the one the dark emperor uses in Star Wars. Well done, death is the gift that keeps on giving down in Bergen Town, everyone knows that.

A new cell phone for your kids, a new iPad, a SMART TV, (SMART standing for Surveillance, Monitoring, Assessment, Recording and Tracking) and any wireless device....these are the gifts that bring cancer and disease into the home. These are the gifts that equate to you inviting the death cult vampire over the threshold in your own life. Our society loves death. It embraces death but we also get confused when death finds us early.......even after someone dedicates large investments of their time and money into destroying the life force that resides inside of themselves

Just how bad is wireless radiation for the body? Let's start with this brilliant researcher below on the HERE FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST and then I'll list 3 more important videos below it. I could literally add 100 videos below it but these 4 videos should do the trick, for anyone who still holds the potential to awaken the Christ consciousness within themselves. Save yourself. Stop killing yourself and your own kids by your own hand. It's that simple. 

Ex CEO of Microsoft explains that wireless devices have never been proven safe and that wireless devices are most likely extremely unhealthy for you and your children - click here 

The truth about mobile phones and wireless radiation - click here

A good documentary about how wireless radiation is hurting you and your children - click here 

In this article I'm only mentioning the wireless devices people proudly give to their loved ones inside the death cult. I'm not even mentioning the alcohol poison, the caffeine/chocolate poison, the personal care poisons and all the other death cult services or products that the people in Bergen Town embrace as dark religion.

This is Jason Christoff reporting LIVE from PLANET MIND CONTROL. Have a Merry Christmas. Maybe this year is the year more of the population turn in their death cult membership cards and embrace their innate God given potential instead. Light or dark? You get to decide. You're in control. Make a move.

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