The Formation of a Death Cult Society

Oct 26, 2023

What is a death cult society? Could you even recognize that you live within a death cult, if that happened to be the case? If death cult traditions and rituals were normalized in your culture, could that normalization inhibit you from analyzing those death cult traditions in a rational or logical manner? Let's discuss the answers to these questions in a fair and balanced way, even though the idea of us living in a death cult society appears (on its face) to be very farfetched.

What would even be the motivations for developing a society that's focused on death? To start this article, I've posted a short video below this paragraph. This video documents the biggest ancient tomb ever discovered in Egypt. What's interesting is that the reporter provides a very big secret unknowingly, regarding the benefits of operating a death cult. Within ancient Egypt, death had become an industry. There were a small handful of families who amassed large fortunes within that death industry. Some families carved the tombs, some families performed the mumification processes, some families conducted the funerary rites, some families smelted the gold, some families hand crafted the gold jewelry, some families organized the religious documents that explained the reasons why such processes were necessary for safe travel into the afterlife etc., etc. Economically these families understood that they were indeed in the business of death and that natural death was rather consistent (as a percentage of the population), as is so in any society. Only so many people die naturally every year. Therefore the only way business could ever increase for these families, in order that greater profits be realized, was an increase in the overall death rate.....above natural background levels. This is called inverted death centric financial incentive, where some industries actually experience economic incentive and reward to kill their own clientele or to at least hurry the death process along by making the population more ill. This Is the exact incentive that gives way to a death cult-based society. There's more than enough evidence that this death cult philosophy is operating in plain society within our modern world today. There's also more than enough evidence that the death cult, now hiding inside most once-trusted cultural institutions, is the exact same death cult that formed inside ancient Egypt. Truth is often stranger than fiction. In this case I would say that truth is much more interesting than fiction. (video below - This Ancient Egyptians Mega-Tomb Is the Largest of its Kind - Tomb Hunters 101 - Smithsonian Channel)

Has this death cult philosophy, by which death is economically incentivized, come to the surface (to walk above ground) anytime in our recent past? Yes, it has. I have placed another video below and the title of that video is...Action T4 - A Doctor Under Nazism - WWII Documentary HD. I have clipped the video to the exact spot in the documentary (although I encourage you watch it all) regarding the tabulation of expenses saved by murdering men, women and children who were deemed by the medical establishment to be a financial drain on society. Some rough calculations will prove that the German government was involved in death cult economics, bending to an inverted death cult financial incentive system... that helped program death cult employees to start killing their own clientele.

Judging by the calculations in the documentary, the savings associated with murdering less than 100,000 German citizens would be in the tens of billions of dollars, in today's currency. The most dangerous part of death cult economics should be obvious. If I personally have 3 million dollars and I do contribute to society (I already work hard), you could still murder me and my heirs....and still take my 3 million dollars in this exact way......if other minor legal adjudgments were made along the way. The point is, murdering people to gain economic benefit is a very slippery slope, which can obviously lead to a complete breakdown of the societal standards of morality, ethics and justice. If you're going to murder for money, based on immoral reasons, how far away are you from just murdering anyone you wish, for no reason whatsoever? History tells us that murdering one person for any reason, always leads to the murder of many other people in a frenzy of uncontrolled greed, evil and what can only be deemed demonic possession

What about our present day? Is there any evidence that this same death cult philosophy is up above ground in our modern time? Unfortunately the answer is a very firm and loud yes. Death cult economics are very much in play today, where the state (being operated by this small group of ruling families who benefit from ongoing death and disease) is certainly at play in thousands of examples across the world......especially inside what's now known as The COVID Operation. Below we have a documentary from Ickonic Studios called "A Good Death", where government authorities in the United Kingdom have been proven in the affirmative to have murdered seniors en masse in care homes, in order to satisfy inverted economic incentives. You can click the picture below to watch this documentary, which is only one piece of evidence proving that death cult economics and potentially a death cult of old is still very much lurking inside all of our once trusted cultural institutions. 

If we look back into the T4 Nazism video above, we see that starvation was also used heavily because it was a cheap and effective way to murder citizens who could not fend for themselves. In Canada, we also see that seniors were starved to death, as well as being given a COVID injection never proven safe or effective and only proven to kill and cripple. I did an entire podcast on the cost savings that the Canadian death cult would reap within their current drive to murder great tracts of the elderly population, based on a completely fraudulent COVID pandemic.

I could go on and make this article much longer, citing how the ventilators (called for early in the fake pandemic) were designed to murder citizens, how remdesivir was designed to murder citizens, how the fake COVID vaccine was designed to murder citizens, how the hospitals and doctors were incentivized to murder their own patients and even how the average person was incentivized to murder order to avoid wearing a mask, in order to keep their job or in order to receive a free donut, free French fries, a scholarship to a higher level brainwashing camp or even to receive a free lap dance down at the local strip joint. Unfortunately it's easy to understand that tricking humans to murder themselves, in this day and age, takes a lot less resources than you would ever imagine. This ancient death cult of old has certainly jumped the shark tank of classic death cult-based societal control, by subbing in mind control campaigns that easily end with people voluntarily killing and injuring themselves, as opposed to tricking the public to kill was standard practice in most other ancient death cults. It's all enough to make Satan himself blush with envy. Death Cult 2.0 is operating right here, right now, in my opinion.

The same death cult economic model is also underway with our children in government schools, where ancient ruling families masquerading as our government, are seeking to turn children into lifelong customers of the medical system through castration, mutilation and psychological torture.......sold to us as LGBT inclusion, human rights, freedom and safety. If you want to produce an army of psychologically and physically broken citizens (who will definitely die earlier than the average) you simply organize a mind control campaign that ends with a child taking opposite sex hormones, believing there are more than 2 genders and cutting their own sexual organs off or out. Can you see maybe just a glimmer of the death cult walking above ground, in our modern society? Our society is now fixated on death and there are very ancient reasons for this. It's normalized wall to wall death. Asking people to see this death cult is like asking a fish to see the water it swims in. When it's everywhere, it's very easy to not even see it. 

Death of the family, death of self, death of self-love, death of meaning, death of deep connection, death of God (as now Canada's death cult actors won't allow prayer at certain events), death of innocence, death of morality, death of ethics, death of care, death of compassion, death of reproduction, death of freedom, death of independence, death of self-direction, death of debate, death of health, death of peace, death of intelligence, death of the mothering role, death of the fathering role, death of sanity, death of nature, death of joy, death of happiness, death of's all part and parcel of gaining economic profit through death. This is where we sit today, and it will be up to every single person in the world to recognize this pattern before the death cult machine comes for them and their loved ones. This is Jason Christoff reporting LIVE from Planet Mind Control, Thank you for listening. 

And as for the Egypt connection to the death cult hiding in all of our once trusted cultural institutors today, simply go to the search function at the top of this page (to the right) and punch in Egypt. Browse some of my articles that explore the Egyptian connection to what governments we are facing today, This isn't about Schwab, Fauci, Trudeau or Zelensky etc., etc. These people are actors, staffers and employees of an ancient cult, an ancient death cult, a group that has set up economic structures by which they can only profit if they murder their own clientele. We are that clientele, so start paying attention.

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