The Real Reason Why Your Movies Exist

Nov 24, 2023

There's something about your brain (as a human being) that your social engineers are hiding from you. If you want to know what they're hiding from you (about your own brain and how your behaviors, ideas and beliefs are really formed), you can get a crash course right now by watching the two videos below.

Each video will clearly demonstrate that there's a secret part of your brain (that you know nothing about) which is recording the repetitive content of your environment. Once the repetitive content of your environment is recorded by this secret part of your brain, you act out that repetitive content within your behavioral pathways without you knowing it. This entire process occurs outside your conscious awareness. The recording of the repetitive content of your environment is unconscious (so you have no idea that it's happening) and so is the process by which you act out this repetitive content. It's all invisible to you but it completely controls what you do, say and think.

That means the repetitive content of your environment controls your behavior, without you knowing that any of this is going on. At the same time, you falsely believe that you're making up your own mind, behavior and life direction....ALL ON YOUR OWN. Let's watch these two videos that prove that this is the case and then I'll explain why your movies and TV shows really exist. 

Now I'm not sure if you are aware that the word government actually means mind control. This isn't a conspiracy. Govern is French for "to control" and "ment" or "mentis" is Latin for the mind. Government means "to control the mind" or "mind control". Also, in ancient times magicians would use magic wands made from the wood of the Holly tree. This is where we get the word Hollywood from today. The Holly tree was known to transmit a very powerful charge of electricity, which was believed to obscure brain function and aid in making people more suggestable or easier to command. I can tell you, without any shadow of a doubt, that these same ancient magicians are behind TV and movie production today and always have been since Hollywood was created. Our world is upside down because of what's discussed in this article. Mind control is the root cause of every problem plaguing our world right now and this is why I've dedicated my life to the study of mind control. Unless we fully understand human behavior and how it can be hacked, we will be unable to solve any of the issues facing humanity today.

The basics of human psychology are very simple. What we see is what we'll be. What we hear is what we'll make clear. Monkey see, monkey do. We want to blend into our environment, so like a chameleon we mimic our environment. To control the humans, our social engineers need do nothing more than control what we see hear and see. The movie and TV screen are the 1-2 punch that disempowers us daily, in order that we behave in illogical, irrational and extremely dangerous ways. The more repetitive the theme, pattern, picture or idea purposely placed into our field of view (on our screens).......the harder we copy, mimic and emulate the bait.

When it's all said and done...humans will copy, mirror, mimic and emulate the most repetitive content on their screens........while believing that they're the ones in full control of their behaviors. This is how the people ruling us control our behavior, without our knowledge. It's that easy and that simple. Bingo, bango, bongo......we're controlled invisibly. That means we're unable to defend ourselves because we don't see what we're supposed to be defending ourselves from. Most people think their TV shows and movies are there to help them relax, help them smile and to entertain them. The truth is that these film productions are there to entrain, program and control us in ways where success, happiness and health will never come into our lives.......ever. Our screens are pieces of tech that keep one small group in power, by keeping the masses running east looking for a sunset.

Below are 4 items. Three screen shots from a Netflix production called EMILY IN PARIS plus the show trailer. Here's why this article was written. Focus in here on what I say next. The shows don't matter. The shows or movies have never mattered. The people in control don't produce the shows and movies to sell you entertainment. The ancient societies controlling Hollywood produce these shows so you adopt certain behaviors that are COMPLETELY DETRIMENTAL to your health, your personal power, your happiness and your overall independence. Do you see anything repetitive in the screen shots and the show trailer below? Take the test......what's repetitive?

Do you notice the coffee and the alcohol in the 3 screen shots above. Try to count how many bottles and glasses of alcohol are in the full trailer below. Try to count how many coffee cups are in the full trailer below. In the first two videos at the very top of this article please take note of how few pictures it took to mind control Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent and the teenagers? Do you understand what's going on? Are you sure? Do you understand now why these movies exist. The stories in the movies and TV shows aren't important. The movie narratives aren't important. The TV show plots aren't important. It is the mind control that's the most important aspect of every single movie you've ever watched. The reason movies and TV shows exist are the repetitive objects that our social engineers litter throughout the film set, as those repetitive objects are proven to control the slave class.

But wait, like a bad informercial........there's more. Are you aware that all mind control is based on weakness? Do you know that coffee is a poison that weakens the body? Do you know that alcohol is a poison that weakens the body? Do you understand that the Hollywood magicians are using mind control tactics to make the audience drink coffee and alcohol, which in turn makes people easier to mind control in the future.......because weak people comply more with all forms of mind control? This is what I call THE MIND CONTROL SQUARED AGENDA.  The Mind Control Squared Agenda is the use of mind control to make people consume poisons, proven to place them under deeper forms of mind control. 

Also, in this short trailer above we see materialism as a major repetitive them (the clothing and lifestyles) PLUS we also see the dependency of working for someone else.......the employment slavery trap. We also see the female anti-family programming, used to destroy the nuclear family. The employment mind control trap is simple. You need to be an employee to afford the endless material desires that they program into you and of course you can never own your own business because at that point, you start to increase your personal power. Getting the public to live a cheque-to-cheque dependent lifestyle is the goal of the ruling 1% and also has been. Keep them poisoned, keep them sick, keep them brain damaged, keep them poor, keep them in the dark, keep them weak..........keep them slaves. 

Again, all forms of mind control are based on weakening the victim and disempowering the victim. Financial weakness is definitely a form of weakness that makes many people comply today with immoral and unethical dictates from on high. Trying to lead a happy, healthy and satisfying life while chasing materialism, working a meaningless job (so you can buy things you don't need, as you keep up with the mind controlled Joneses), while drinking poisonous coffee and/or drinking toxic like trying to staple water to a tree, it's impossible. Living a life like this is all wretch and no vomit, it never gets there. The people ruling you don't want you to get there.......ever. You slave, they master. That's why your movies and TV shows exist. You'll always mimic the disempowering patterns on the screen and disempowered people will always be non-threats to this system of control. Overweight, addicted, brain damaged, dependent, infantilized and weak people will never challenge the mind controllers for power on this planet....unless we understand the grave danger that mind control places us in. Education is key. Education first, action second. That's how you fight back and bring down this invisible system of control.

If you want to learn more about mind control and brainwashing PLUS work with me personally, please hit my picture below. I only work with the public 4 times per year and one of those times is coming up January 14th 2024. Thank you for reading this article. Knowledge is power. Power up. I can help you get there. 


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