The Death of Matthew Perry

Oct 30, 2023

Matthew Perry (of FRIENDS fame) passed away late last week from what appears to be a heart attack, while relaxing in a hot tub. There are also reports that he had just finished a long game of pickle ball before entering the hot tub to relax. I don't like the premature death of anyone. This is why most of my 3000 articles written to date are often various versions of "hey don't do this or that, because you will either die right away or at least pass away prematurely." You could say I'm in the business of making sure there are as few Matthew Perry like deaths as possible.

For people like me it's obviously very frustrating to see anyone snuff out their own life over several decades with toxic medical drugs, booze, coffee, junk food etc., etc. It's really frustrating when I see people snuff out their own life even quicker. It doesn't matter if it's booze, coffee or medical drugs and then dying slowly over several decades due to daily poisoning or taking the genocidal soft kill application called the COVID vaccine and dying right away........we of course live inside a certified death cult. I write about this death cult often.

The cabal, as it's called, (the force organizing our death cult society) really hasn't killed or even crippled anyone up until this point, although millions have voluntarily killed and injured themselves....Perry potentially being one of these people. COVID was a well laid psychological ambush and if you understand the driving force behind it, people like Perry were always high value are most of the other uninformed Hollywood inhabitants. This fake, fabricated and fraudulent COVID operation is about theft and if you're going to steal assets, the rich (like Perry) are always high value targets.

I do also understand that death is a natural part of life. Matthew Perry was 54, one year older than me. People my age don't just suddenly die from natural causes (it's beyond rare)....even if we've had past trouble with drugs, drinking, self-abuse, etc. I've had trouble with drugs, drinking, self-abuse, etc. I'm still alive. Keith Richards is still alive. It's important to know that Perry appeared to have taken the initial double barrel application of fake COVID vaccines, plus potentially a booster or two. It's also important to know that sudden heart attack is a listed side effect of the fake COVID vaccine, either very shortly after injection or even years after initially volunteering for the corrupt medical experiment (the initial COVID shots being no different in chemical compositions than the boosters). Matthew's shirt plainly exhibits where he had hedged his bets.

I wrote a post on social media, with Perry's above picture attached. The post is below and again it's about warning people about what's going on, based on my years of research. No one knows exactly what's happening 100% but when you research these social engineers for 2 decades, who are now organizing one fabricated disaster after the next, it's pretty easy to read the tea leaves regarding what the end game is and how this ancient crime syndicate is trying to get there. 

"RIP Matthew Perry  

As I have said before, watch out for heat. Heat can trigger the payload in "the stuff". Heat is an energy source and so are intense Wi-Fi fields. This is why many athletes and reporters/musicians are going down because of the heat from exercise and close proximity Wi-Fi fields, via wireless mics. RIP Matthew Perry. Passed in a hot tub, Likely cause of death is "stuff" induced heart attack (from the heat) and of course being propagandized to volunteer for his own delayed removal. The best assassins in ancient times used delayed poison on their targets so when their targets passed away, the assassin would be at another castle and would have a rock-hard alibi for not being involved. For info on how to get "the stuff" out of your system before some heat or Wi-Fi sets it off, please email..... [email protected]. Your TV is the modern vampire that many invite over their threshold. Throw out your TV before it attacks you and your loved ones again. Also be aware that testosterone blocks detox of "the stuff" and that's why more males are falling. Being a male, Wi-Fi, heat and taking "the stuff".......those are the 4 major risk factors at this point in time."

For what I said about Wi-Fi fields, the payload in the shot, and heat triggering the genocidal payload in the fake COVID vaccines, I do review these ideas in a podcast which comes with plenty of citations and referenced material. A detox protocol is also included in the same podcast for anyone who may want to clean the insides of their body from the COVID lie. Perry was also known to wear a large wireless audio head set while relaxing in his hot tub, which completes the 4 major risk factors for sudden heart attack, according to my observations. 1) he was male 2) it appears he did take 2 or more applications of the fake COVID vaccine 3) he had a higher-than-average body temperature via the hot tub and the pickle ball game earlier (heat appearing to act as the fuel source to trigger the payload in the shot) and 4) he was exposed to an intense Wi-Fi field via the wireless headphones. (wireless radiation also appearing to be a trigger of the payload in the shot)

Jennifer Aniston of course said she would cut ties with anyone not vaccinated, which are words that didn't age well......given the COVID shot was proven as a) never tested for safety or efficacy and b) was an operation organized by The Department of Defense, with the stated intention of population reduction. (a fancy word for murder and then stealing the wealth of the murder victims). In honor of Perry's death, I suggest Aniston come forward publicly to discuss the information hidden about the dangers of these injections. An official inquiry is now underway into Perry's cause of death. I can only assume we will get told it was a heart attack or stroke, with no mention that the fake COVID vaccine is indeed killing millions across the world via heart attack and stroke in this exact way. Concluding that Perry died of a heart attack or stroke, without mentioning that the genocidal COVD jab lists heart attack or stroke as documented side effects, is like saying that some shot with a rifle died of blood loss. It's intellectually dishonest. Yes it was a heart attack and stroke.....but what caused it? This is how medical genocide hides behind words, phrases and processes that only they control. Our modern priests in the white labs coats are once again culling the uninformed public, after several decades of purposely placing the public into a perpetual comfort coma, which makes the public too intellectually stunted to see the abattoir they're willingly walking into.

Everything you really need to know about the Nazi inspired eugenic genocide operation known as COVID can be found in these 90 documentaries on the subject. Hollywood's role of course was to drive as many uninformed TV watchers into the medical abattoir as possible. It's too bad Perry drank the COVID Kool-Aid, believing the Hollywood mind control, which obviously was manufactured to ensnare the average commoner more than any other group. Some elites have come forward saying that they "got the call" not to take the shot. Regardless, only a small group of insiders knew about the COVID plot. Perry appeared to never feel worthy of the life he worked hard to manufacture, given how he perpetually self-sabotaged his career and his opportunities. The joker in the room is often the most emotionally wounded in the room and Perry's comedic time was fine-tuned and applied with precision, which made him extremely likeable. It's hard not to feel for Perry. Many hoped that one day he would find his way out, including myself. I was hoping one day that he would find peace, happiness and rise out of his old self-destructive programming. It appeared that he was finally getting there. I wish that for everyone on the planet. RIP Matthew Perry. 

It doesn't matter if you have tens of millions of dollars like Matthew Perry or if you work down at the local coffee shop, you are being hunted by some very ancient crime families, who need you dead in order that they take all your assets without resistance or question. If they can get to that point in their scheme, they then aim to enslave the next generation, rewrite the history books and normalize their reign of pedophilia and poisoned based psychopathy. We're dealing with a very old inversion-based death cult.

It's time to start paying much closer attention and come together, in order to fight the one common enemy pulling most of the strings in government, media, banking, the military, science, medicine and education. At best, the people organizing this very obvious cull could fit into one small office tower, so it's important we round them all up, ship them off to a small Island, give them a big bag of hammers and watch them psychopathically gender, tax and war each other off the they just can't help themselves. I'm not even joking. This is the only solution at this point.  

A sample of the psychopathic Hollywood bottom feeders propagandizing the public to line up and volunteer for their own injury and below. What's even more psychopathic, is that you can't even find this very obvious propaganda piece on James Corden's YouTube channel, which is par for the course. Once the crimes against humanity have caused the greatest medical genocide in recorded history, all the players just fade into the background (like Corden), with their big pay cheques for driving the commoners into the graveyard. Corden's performance was obviously highly rated by his dark overlords. It's a good time to stop watching your screens. Your life may depend on it. 

As I sent this article out I had a fact check from USA Today, the enforcement wing of the US Communist government. Of course, the cabal is losing this war of information on a massive scale, as very few people pay attention to mainstream media sources anymore, for what should be obvious reasons. Regardless of what you answer to the fake checkers, they are aware that the legal system is completely corrupted, like in all fallen regimes, so I will keep you up to date on the fake fact checkers....who are employed to prop up the fake feel-good illusion that helps the failing control grid limp along for a couple more years. The ruling families have overplayed their hand and it won't be too long before the end of this cycle is seen in the not-so-distant future. It's important to remember all the tyrannical players inside all our corrupt systems, from the fake leaders at the top of the ruling pyramid all the way down to the empty vessels like the fact checker below. Never have so many worked so hard, to destroy the very fabric of freedom, morality and ethics inside their own they battle with other empty souls for scraps off the King's table. They know their days are numbered. A nice jail cell awaits each one of them. We can certainly expect a coordinated attack on myself and anyone else connecting the dots, similar to what was found in the magazine Rolling Stone recently. The Rolling Stone article ignores the truckloads of evidence (reviewed by Dr. William Makis every single day on his substack) that proves the fake COVID vaccine has been implicated already in a massive tsunami of sudden deaths, heart attacks, strokes etc etc.


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