The Poverty Programming Mind Control In TV And At The Movies

Nov 05, 2022
In the sitcom "Friends" we have a very similar situation to the sitcom "Seinfeld", which is called poverty programming in the mind control business. We have ALL the adult characters acting, talking and thinking like children.... especially in regard to work and finances. One character in Friends did make it big financially one time, which was Joey. He became a TV soap opera star. He then quickly lost all his riches, only to end up back in the small apartment playing video games with Chandler, where he felt much more comfortable having no abundance in his life. When Joey was rich, the writers of the show also framed him as arrogant and lonely but when he went back to being poor, he was reframed as the good old fun-loving Joey everyone enjoyed (a non-threat), surrounded by the friends he loved as well. The message was, "if you want friends, you need to be poor, average, mediocre, struggling, childlike and an all-around "nonthreat", then you get your friends back, so you can feel safe again. There's safety in the average. There's no safety in rising up. Staying where you are is safe. Change is bad and dangerous."
This is the exact same clever poverty programming inserted into most media today, especially when scenes or situations regarding money are portrayed. From Denzel Washington in "The Equalizer" to Liam Nesson in "The Marksman".... the financial theme is also repetitive and solid. Wealth is bad, money brings problems, people with money are bad people and people who work hum drum jobs and lead average/non-threatening existences are the true soulful foundations of our society, always walking the higher moral ground. There's safety in the average and the average people save the day. These themes are repetitive throughout all media because 85% of all mind control is repetition and the people running our society know that ruling a dis-empowered, childlike underclass is much easier than ruling a group of healthy, wealthy, strong, independent and informed adults. The motivations behind brainwashing and mind controlling the population in this way are extremely simple and basic. You can't farm lions, only lambs. When you want to control the behavior of the viewers, repetition is the most effective way to get it done.
In self sabotage psychology, there's actually a category called "the anti-wealth saboteur" and this form of self-sabotage (like all forms of self-sabotage) are the end results of media hacking the subconscious mind pathway of its viewers without their knowledge. If you would like to know more about self-sabotage and what it takes to overcome it, you can always contact me personally for more information. If I told you everything I know about mind control, the media and government right here.... I would be removed from social media altogether. If you don't know this information, the masters of media and screen psychological manipulation will drown you in a tsunami of negative programming, from which you will rarely (if ever) escape from.


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