The Most Dangerous Person in the World Is..........

Nov 04, 2023

The most dangerous person in the world isn't who you think it is. The most dangerous person in the world isn't even an individual. The most dangerous person is someone who gains employment in a very particular way. The most dangerous person on earth is a government employee or anyone receiving a direct pay cheque from the government in any way, shape or form. It's not who they are personally that makes them the most dangerous person on the planet, it's the psychological attachment to evil, which comes about due to government employment. Let me explain further this wide sweeping generalization regarding a large group of people on our planet.

I do follow the truth wherever it goes, regardless of any other factor. Saying that, there are solutions. To begin, I would like to state for the record that government staffers are also victims of a system designed to install complete disempowerment into them, which will also be explained and discussed at length below. Many friends and family members of mine do work for the government but of course our entire society (and all our lives) are currently at stake, so the truth does need to be documented now more than any other time in recorded history. We all need to break the spell government has over our lives and such essays are designed to do just that. Let's begin.

If we are going to get out of this ongoing genocidal up ramping situation (which will eventually swallow everyone whole, even evil's most loyal government foot soldiers), we need to identify the root cause of the problem. As for what the real root cause is, it's government, plain and simple. Government, in the way we're currently experiencing it, is literally an ancient crime syndicate that uses mind control and poison against the public order that the public willingly channel their energy, money, currency, value, work force, power and electricity into the wallets of this crime syndicate. In the same way that an ancient black magician gathers electricity into a ball between their hands and then fires that concentrated energy like lightening toward his enemies, the government crime syndicate concentrates the power, money and electricity of the public into their hands......and then fires that concentrated energy back at us, in order to make the next theft of our power easier.

This stealing of our own energy by government and then focusing that energy into agendas that destroy the public is literally one form of ancient black magic used against us daily. That's a topic I've addressed many times before on this website, in many different articles. What we call money gather's our personal electricity, which is turned into electrical current (that's why money is also called currency). That electrical current is then channeled toward the black magicians at the top of the corrupt ruling pyramid, who masquerade as our governments. Those ancient black magicians then weaponize that concentrated electrical energy against their historical enemies........which are God, God's children (us), morality, nature, strong nuclear families, ethics, fairness, justice, sunlight, children, love, connection, mothers, fathers, private property, life, liberty, freedom, self-employment, independence, individuality, reproduction, kindness, logical thought, rational analysis, fair debate, cooperation, peace, happiness, laughing, smiling and the right to defend yourself from their theft and all their other forms of evil by force of arms.

What we call government is in fact a very small ancient death cult of old (from the Middle East) that was run out of every single country they set up shop in, simply because they were always discovered to be pure unbridled evil in every sense of the word. This small ancient death cult has conspired over thousands of years to rise again from the ashes and bring their unique brand of death, misery, depression, fear, terror, panic, human sacrifice, murder, war, theft and pedophilia back onto the world stage. Unfortunately, this is what we call government currently, in our modern time. We don't have a government. We have an ancient death cult religion, orchestrating various ancient religious death cult sacrifice rituals worldwide. Everything the government does today brings about death, even of its own citizens. To ignore this any longer is to invite the most dangerous vampire in recorded history, over the threshold of your own home.

It doesn't matter if it's the fake COVID vaccine killing and crippling the public, in order to weaken them on all levels, or the government approved disease causing pesticides to be sprayed on the slave foods we're sold, it's all what I call THE GREAT WEAKENING. It could be mammograms proven to cause breast cancer, fluoride toothpastes proven to cause brain damage, Tylenol proven to be the #1 cause of fatal liver failure, the government giving out toxic depopulation eugenic birth control pills free to teens (under the guise of health freedom), Teflon pans proven to cause many types of cancer, mercury teeth fillings proven to cause brain/nervous system damage or even the conventional medical system proven to be the #1 cause of premature death in the US and the EU (premature death is just a fancy word for murder).......this ancient crime syndicate death cult is behind all of it, purposely weakening the population with every poison under the sun, tricking the public to increase uptake of these poisons via nonstop mind control campaigns and then proceeding to steal the wealth, energy, power and money of the public.......who walk the earth in their poisoned, zombified and defenseless state. 

Government uses mind control, brainwashing and indoctrination to trick Joe and Jane Coffee Shop into consuming nothing but poison and into working meaningless, directionless and soulless jobs. After Joe and Jane Coffee Shop produce some wealth inside their death cult designed bee hives (the crime syndicate calls these bee hives cities) the cabal sweeps in to steal the wealth (the honey) that the honeybee slaves accumulated. As the crime syndicate pirates the bounty of your hard work....the average citizen would be too dumb, fat, sick and disempowered to stop the very obvious theft. That's the entire cycle. That's the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem is the government cycle of mind control, poisoning and resulting theft of your wealth, energy and power. That's the root cause of the vast majority of problems we see on the earth today. It's that simple. You can only develop a solution if you know what the problem is. That's the problem and it's as plain as day.

So back to the most dangerous person in the world, the government staffer. It's not only that the government staffer directly channels their own energy into this evil government power grid (which is designed to destroy all life on this planet, including themselves and their own loved ones), it's that the government school system made the government staffer so dependent on others for their livelihood that they have no choice but to mentally rubber stamp everything that the government does. The black magicians know this as fact and that's why this ancient death cult developed this dependency pipeline, starting in government school and leading to government employment.

From the Israeli government fighter pilot bombing innocent men, women and children in Gaza (and a couple Hamas terrorists) to the government school teacher instructing children in their care that there's more than 2 genders.......these Death Star staffers can't help themselves but to carry out their assigned genocide-based tasks because they've been castrated and made impotent of the simple skills required to support themselves independently, out in God's realm. Government is an evil faux simulation, which operates with an inverted set of rules, compared to the rules of God and the rules of nature. Government schooling leads to the perfect worker for government employment, which in turn leads to lifelong childlike relationships with this ancient death cult parent/authority figure.

This is such an iron glad mental prison for most government staffers, that they actually volunteered to poison themselves in 2020-2021 with a genocidal medical injection, because again they have to go along with everything asked of them. They have to go along with everything asked of them because they've had the skills to support themselves independently removed by the government school system, which was hand crafted by the death cult to do exactly that. The government also purposely makes the government pensions, vacations and various perks so attractive, that the mere thought of supporting oneself is incinerated before it even gets out of the mental gate in the government staffer's psyche. This is all by design.

If your pay cheque comes about from the proceeds of crime, you'll have to back the crime syndicate because if you do what's right (instead of going along to get along) you don't get paid any more. The government staffer is often highly sedated and addicted to their artificial comfort coma designed for them by the death cult, so when it comes down to a decision between doing what's right instead of doing what's easy......the human need to stay safe often arises. But this safety is fake, short lived and an there is no safety working for a death cult, where death is eventually the only choice on the menu for everyone. It's the ultimate mouse trap and that's why anyone receiving regular payments from the government in anyway, is the most dangerous person on the planet. For these people to get paid, the crimes of genocide must continue, which means it all turns into a game of running away from a charging bear and only hoping that you get eaten last. It's illogical, irrational and of course it's evil. That's how the death cult has always designed it to be. This ancient crime syndicate wants as many card-carrying death cult members as possible, while the death cult uses propaganda in order that the death cult members also believe they're the salt of the earth and the backbone of the entire society. It's enough to make Satan himself blush with envy. 

Again, the sheer amount of government workers who poisoned themselves into permanent disability or death in the last 3 years is massive...and plenty of those dead or injured staffers can be found here on Dr. William Makis's Substack. Most government staffers couldn't participate in their own euthanasia fast enough, which again has always been the desired ambush baked in this sort of death cult cake. The act of killing oneself or injuring oneself, because of infantilized dependency on a government parent figure, predicts some extremely dangerous trends for our collective is the design of this government employment system. If you're going to take your own life or permanently injury yourself because you're so dependent and because the government simply ordered you to do it..... there's really no way that same person is going to reject government orders to take someone's else life or permanently injure anyone else as well. To believe someone would inject poison into themselves but wouldn't do the same to another is an exercise in intellectual dishonesty. The government is actually engaged in the neurological reprogramming to upregulate psychopathic tendencies in the human nervous system and this reprogramming is being focused on the government workforce first. If you're a government staffer the choices are simple. You can take the shot and die right away from immediate complications, die later from delayed complications or you can die without employment. Death, death or death? What's your choice? Welcome to the death cult game show. That's how a death cult operates..........but never forget, life is always an option. If you're brave enough to understand the root problem and remove the death cult from power, you can not only save can save everyone else and many generations coming down the pipeline. Never forget that there is always a second option, which has to do with living, life, new beginnings, hope and adult based evolution. 

Unfortunately, this is why the government staffer is the most dangerous person on the planet. Their castration of independence leads into every other path of evil imaginable........and not because these staffers have one evil cell in their body (although a very small percentage do) but because they'll do exactly what they're told due to the dependency programmed into them by this same death cult, via the death cult training centers of reflexive obedience we call government schools. The resulting childlike dependency means they have to do exactly as they're told, just like an adult telling an 8-year-old what to do. It's a power game. The public are purposely disempowered, in order to produce a never-ending supply of people who have to do the bidding of the most evil group in recorded history. If the root cause of the problem is dependency induced psychopathy, the solution is independence induced sanity.

In the end, government is an ancient death cult, so it has to go. The people who suck on the tit of government will need to be transitioned from dependent order following TAKER of societal energy to independent adult-based PRODUCER and GIVER of societal it's best we start understanding the scope of the challenge we're faced with, so we can get to work. We need all society members to become INDEPENDENT GIVERS and not DEPENDENT TAKERS.

All tribe members need to generate energy as adults, not become energy vampires of the others like children. It's natural for a child to take and bleed the tribe of energy. It's completely unnatural for an adult to do the same....but that's exactly what government staffers are doing unfortunately. Every cheque written from government is stolen from someone else. The psychological foundations of government are based upon child psychology, which revolves around someone else (an authority or parent figure) stealing energy from real adults and feeding that energy into a fabricated simulation where independence and maturation go to die. Once this philosophy is adopted by any society, that society's imminent doom is written in the stars. Adults need to talk, think and act like adults. Children are children, until the society forces them to mature and individuate into adulthood, via various historic rites of passage that force this transition. This is the only solution. We must start pondering these simple concepts in order to clearly understand why our governments are always thinking, acting and talking like spoiled and psychopathic teenagers.......because the entire sociological underpinnings of government are based in child psychology. Someone else do for me, so I don't have to do for myself. No society can survive using this philosophy as the cornerstone of its behavior.

I'm doing my part to manifest this solution, by teaching entrepreneurship in all my programs. Drip by drip, small rain drops become a torrent. It's time for everyone to do their part. If you're a government staffer, start digging your way out of Shawshank Prison now. Start now. It may take 3 years to tunnel out but get out of there. Evil spars no one, not even her loyal foot soldiers. Never forget that the government tried to kill most government staffers first, with the toxic shots. All government staffers need to get out of there and start processing their harsh reality. Government staffers need to take their rite of passage into fully functional empowered independent adults, who give themselves moral and ethical orders that protect their life, their liberty and their families. This is the only way to make sure that all of us survive over the next 10 years. We're all in this psy-op together, government staffers and regular folks alike. If this transition to natural adult maturation doesn't happen, government staffers will be ordered to eliminate others and themselves (and their own families), to wrap up this chapter of the death cult psy-op. There's one common enemy......the crime syndicate that uses poison and mind control to make easier the theft of our energy, wealth, money, power etc.

This is Jason reporting LIVE from Planet Mind Control. Always a pleasure. Thanks for taking the time. 


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