The Ancient History of Who's Pulling The Strings In Our Modern World

Oct 20, 2023

This will be more of a video expose but trust me, you'll find it very interesting. And it won't take too long to get my main point across. The main point today is always the same as my prior 3000 plus articles. You need to start asking more questions about our current world affairs in order to understand where this is all going and who's really driving the bus. Millions more daily are starting to at least understand that something isn't right. Many are also starting to get a feeling regarding the identity of the black widow spider at the middle of this ancient web of lies.

First let's start off with a video of Justin Trudeau getting sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada. He makes a very specific pledge of allegiance. The pledge is not to the Canadian people, the rule of law, morality, ethics, God, prosperity, honesty, integrity, his family, humanity, good government etc etc  Trudeau pledges his life and his loyalty to one group and one group only. Let's take a look at who that group is. This pledge is very similar for all Prime Ministers or heads of state, in all former commonwealth nations. This video represents the starting point of our investigation today. It's very important that you watch it. It's only 2 minutes.... 

Even without a deeper understanding of current affairs, this would appear a little off...that a Prime Minister of a supposed free nation pledges his loyalty to the UK Royals only, under penalty of death. He also promises to keep anything discussed with the Royals secret from the public. The title "Minister" is also a religious title. That begs the question, "what religion is this man and all other "ministers" part of?" Don't let anything you already accept as "normal" escape scrutiny moving forward. Minister also means "mini - star". If the Prime Minister is the "mini-star", who's the big star.....or maybe a better questions is.....who's the death star that all these political actors are afraid of?

One obvious question should be..... who are the UK Royals? I guarantee you that this series of questions will provide you a new looking glass into our current affairs.......especially in regards to an ancient feud in the middle east. Oddly enough the UK Royals are not only related to ancient Egyptian Royal Pharaonic Blood Lines, that bloodline is Hebrew in origin. Another video clip that is very important below. This video clip is from this full documentary titled THE RING OF POWER.

Do you remember The Ring of Power from the movie "The Lord of The Rings". The Ring of Power made the person wearing that ring "invisible", as being invisible is the most effective way ever dreamed of for committing theft. Imagine if you (as an American, Canadian, UK citizen, Australian, EU citizen etc) couldn't even see who's ruling you because they're actually invisible, outside your field of view.......or even outside your most advanced intellect......because you've been lied to so long that you no longer have eyes that see or a brain that thinks. Guess who also issued her own ceremonial Ring of Power for the UK public, in coin form? (a coin that displayed the one ring to rule them all) The UK Queen Mother of course.......The Queen Bee. Let's recount the inscription on The Ring of Power minted by The UK Royal Mint. 

One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. That's not creepy or anything. Nothing to see here. Move along. If it's not on the TV or taught to us in government school than it's never important. Let's continue on with the video montage. First maybe a quote by ex-CIA director Wiliam Casey, as to the goal of keeping reality invisible to the general public.


Recently the US is backing Israel and always has but why? That fact has a relatively easy explanation. The US is still owned and operated by the UK Royals, who faked the freedom provided to US citizens, in order that they would produce more honey for the UK honey farmers. 

As for recent events in Israel, let's see who established Israel in the middle east. It was the UK Royal family. So let's connect a limited number of dots here. The US is Israel's attack dog, using the honey from the large US honey farm as the monetary fuel for the Israeli government to spend at will, while keeping the entire operation invisible to the world, especially to the US people.......who falsely believe they're free (as is the same in all commonwealth nations), as they are all still owned by the UK Royals to this very day, who are in turn ancient Hebrew Pharaonic families from the same land they're looking to reacquire, with their perpetual push into the Middle East. 

This easy-to-follow plot is INVISIBLE to most people in the world, as the ultimate RING OF POWER is being invisible. The leaders of all commonwealth countries (give or take), give the same pledge as Trudeau did in that video above, pledging their allegiance to the UK Royals, who are simply middle eastern Kings and Queens of old. All roads do indeed lead back to Rome but if you go father back, all roads actually lead to the Royal Pharaonic Dynasties and still farther back to the black magic rulers of Sumur/Babylon. 

What you're not told is simple. The Hebrew based Pharaonic blood lines (not the Jewish people......their fake leaders....this group lies to everyone, no exceptions) were indeed kicked out of Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Hungry......and were chased all the way up to the corner of Europe (the British Isles) where they still are to this very day. From there they spread their ancient black magic worldwide. This is why there are ancient Pharoah's pretending to be UK Royality. Again these facts are invisible to most of the world because of the stage show they perpetually put on for the public. That's the power of having one ruling force controlling all the fake countries in the world and all the fake leaders, which in turn is tied to the primary reason was this small group was chased out of almost every country in the Middle East and Europe to begin with. This small group has some beliefs, ideas, customs and ceremonies that frankly disgust moral and ethical people, regardless of what area of the world those moral and ethical people call home.. 

There's only one way to become one small single group who invisibly rules the entire world, thus establishing the mythical RING OF POWER. There's only one way to fool this many people, trick this many people and colonize their minds, in the same way this group colonized their lands..........and that's an ancient form of black magic known today as mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological manipulation.

The video below could be the most important in this article. Watch it and know that the small group I am referring to have organized everything you see in that video. After this knowledge of mind control was fine-tuned by this small evil group (as described in this film), it was rolled out into each country in the world (because they're all now run by this one group) in order to close the ring of power and usher in a one world government, which will still hide the one invisible force ruling the planet. Didn't you notice during COVID that each country did exactly the same thing....including China, Russia, US, Canada etc etc? How do you think that happens?

The below video will clearly demonstrate why this small group was chased out of the middle east long ago. They only know one general process for getting what they want. They don't play well with others and they only use a handful of tactics to satisfy their endless lust for enslaving others for their benefit..... war, torture, child sacrifice, fear, terror, murder, killing, corruption, inversion, disguise, deceit, propaganda, mind control, poisoning, psychological manipulation, trauma and theft. If these attributes, of this ancient cult, weren't bad enough......what really got people's back up was this group's obsession with child ritual murder and child sex. These sorts of things generally rub people the wrong way, thus the explanation of why this group never had a land to call home because good people would eventually say throughout history.. "you psychopaths have to leave this area unfortunately, pack it up and hit the road...don't come're all mentally insane". I've researched this group in part for almost 25 years. What they do and what they've done throughout history would make Satan himself run in the other direction. A sample of their handy work can be found in the video linked below and it should be watched.

Connect the dots people. The fake freedom show is over, they're coming above ground, they're not going to spend another dime on trying to be completely invisible. Evil now walks proudly in the sun, in broad day light. These ancient vampires have discovered how to walk when the sun is out. Something wicked this way comes. Gather your strength. All strength begins with knowledge. Morality and ethics have always crushed this group. Morality and ethics can crush them again. It's time you started to pay closer attention. 



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