The Oversexualized Female and The Engineered Death of Marriage

Jun 01, 2023

If anyone thinks this is going to be an open attack on the female, they'll be sadly mistaken. This is about a psy-op (a psychological operation) that even went over my head.......way over my head. I never saw it coming and that's because this psy-op (the oversexualized female agenda) is what we call "a background noise psy-op", which means they're the hardest to pick out, recognize, identify and discuss with others. When we're born into a particular set of circumstances, we're very prone to believe that "things were always like this". The longer any idea sits in the background (as simple background noise) in any society, the harder it becomes to question and the easier it is to accept as completely normal.

This agenda starts with our eyes squarely on today's average female and their obsession with their looks, their sexuality, their tighter clothes, their revealing stages of dress, their general obsession with overly sexual screen flirtations and their hypersexual behaviors....all being framed as the truest expression of female "everything". Unfortunately, this was all planned out long ago, it has nothing to do with freedom, it was socially engineered on purpose and it is in no way a natural evolution of female independence (as was told to the public).

This plan was hatched purposely to destroy the cultural survival tool we call marriage. Without marriage or stable marriages, no society can survive. This "full spectrum destruction of our society assault" is the literal cornerstone of all attacks on our society, in our modern time and well back into history. From poisonous injections sold as health providing vaccines (that are concretely proven to kill and cripple us en masse) to poisoned food sold to us as the most efficient expression of our farming system and from fraudulent climate change policies that are literally death centric (these polices equating to nothing but first degree murder plots) to Canada's MAID genocide system (Medical Assistance in Dying).......we're drowning in anti-life, anti-human, anti-love, anti-happiness, anti-connection and anti-God waves of attack. The death of our society, our culture and even our species is being orchestrated from all angles and one of those angles is delivering this oversexualized female, engineered to destroy the marriage union. 

Let's first start by giving a quick demonstration of how mind control works. Here are 3 typical citizens in our modern time. They believe they know what's going on, they believe they're too smart to be mind controlled and they believe that they have the inside track on deep knowledge because the government school system told them that they were smart for repeating what was told to exchange for tidbits of positive reinforcement. They don't realize that for their entire lives they've been subjected to mental conditioning systems, which sets them up as the most easily mind controlled humans in recorded history. Let's take a look at 3 people who think they're too smart to be mind controlled, placed under mind control in about 3 someone versed in mind control.  

Now if you think that this is a one off, I could place hundreds of mind control demonstrations up, proving the same. If you click here, you can see another mind control expert use behavioral psychology to actually make 3 out of 4 test subjects commit murder on camera. Yes, mind control is that powerful and it's used against the public every single day to make people do many illogical, irrational, self-destructive and even fatalistic things.

From drinking booze to smoking cigarettes and from injecting vaccine poison into yourself on the say so of known liars, to circumcising a newborn male.......nothing mentioned in this sentence makes any rational or logical sense, yet these anti-life principles, behaviors and beliefs are impregnated into the public using the same mind control tactics involved in this video where 3 people are tricked to commit murder on camera. You're not immune to mind control (no one is) and the more you think that you are immune, the easier this behavior modification process goes for the people who organize your daily doses of media and government mind control. The word "government" is actually Latin for mind control. Govern means "to control" and "ment" or "mentis" means "the mind". 

Now that you know a little bit about the effectiveness of mind control and the ease by which it can be applied to the average human, let's circle back to the mind control agenda to oversexualize the female and destroy the concept of the marriage union. Strong marriage unions are the mandatory cornerstone for healthy families, healthy children, societal evolution and a high functioning society that keeps vectoring upwards. Without healthy marriage unions, no society can survive. The people ruling us know this. The general public aren't aware of this fact.

Below is another video, which records a medical doctor recounting a secret meeting he was invited to in 1969. There were 80 medical doctors at this closed door, secret and private event........put on by a medical doctor named Dr. Richard Day. Dr. Day had taken it upon himself to gather 80 of his closest friends in the medical field, in order to share some mind-blowing secret information with them, in order that they may brace themselves for what was being planned for our society, by our clinically insane social engineers. You'll have to listen to this recording yourself because this information is frankly too shocking for even me to put into words. Inside the talk is mentioned many mind control agendas being planned for our society, all revolving around the complete annihilation, murder and destruction of most people here on the planet (including you, your family and your children) a complete overhaul of our society into something that would make the hairs on the back of Satan's neck stand on end.  This is tape 1. There are 4 tapes in total. You can access all 4 recordings by clicking here or you can listen to tape 1 below.

As you can clarify by listening to this one recording alone (tape 1), the overly sexual female was one of the heavily researched mind control agendas planned long be launched at the public. And boy, do we not see this agenda is a full and wild gallop today! I can't go on social media without some lady gazing into her camera doing a duck lip plump face and placing her sexual wares on display for the world to see. It's everywhere and that's how mind control works. Out of nowhere, it's everywhere.....and then it becomes background noise and then it becomes part of the societal tapestry, never to be questioned again. We're certainly well beyond the normalization phase at this point, regarding the hyper sexualized female. I wonder how many women know that they're doing their part inside this decades old psy-op as they purchase tighter and tighter clothing, as they plump their lips, as they rapidly pursue cosmetic surgeries and as they make it more and more of a full-time job to flaunt their sexuality into the collective.

Here's a movie clip that is like most movies today, pushing the message of the overly sexualized female into the stratosphere. Be aware those most psy-ops are sold using the exact same sales slogans. Whatever our social engineers are's always sold as freedom, true liberation, independence and all part and parcel of living your best life. Media of course is the primary driver of all mind control agendas. This movie trailer is from the film "Bad Mom's", a perfect example of your typical trash fire Holly-weird projectile diarrhea production designed to guide the female into a 5 star/first class ride into the abyss. It's enough to make Satan himself blush and spin away, giggling with envy. Our society is a mess because it was always designed to be a mess. It will be up to each of us (as men and women) to apply the easy solutions, which can end our collective misery. We can solve all our problems but we need to look behind the green curtain at OZ.

Just to prove the point, that most psy-ops are sold using the phrases "basic human rights", "freedom", "equality" and "independence"'s the exact same phrases used to sell women smoking in the 1930's. So again, we see the female right between the crosshairs, a social engineering drive to pollute her and remove her from her natural throne as the ultimate cosmic female force in the Universe. Let's not forget that today weak men (made weak through similar mind control agendas) are letting completely mentally defective men (masquerading as women) challenge the female for her right to claim sole heir to the female title. Real men, not under mind control, should never be allowing any challenge to the female in this regard. But hey, if you can program people to murder other people (like in THE PUSH), you can program humans to do anything.....up to and including cutting their own penises and breasts off in the name of freedom, equal rights, independence and the right to choose. Satan is happy of course but no one else is.....and that's actually what's going on here. We don't really have a government and medical problem, we have an ancient Satanism problem.


Now the reason our social engineers decided to hyper sexualize the female is actually for depopulation purposes and although that sounds counterproductive, let me explain. You can also listen to TAPE 1 above, as that recording can also help you understand this agenda. The people ruling us want to kill most of us for reasons that have to do with everything from ancient black magic (one of their primary belief systems) and other reasons that have more to do with the ease of controlling a smaller herd of human cattle. This mentally defective ruling group did attempt to reduce the sex drive of the human animal in various experiments, but the studies were conclusive.......reducing the basic human sex drive was near impossible. So the decision was made to actually hyperactivate the sexuality of the female, in order that the pursuit of female sexuality at all costs would increase the use of contraception before marriage and therefore render marriage unnecessary for sexual union.

Most people used to get married, as a guilt free and socially acceptable way to jump into bed with each other.....and start a family, in order to benefit the society at large. Sex before marriage acts as a very efficient way to destroy this cornerstone of civilization, thus generally eroding the stable nuclear family from all sides... in a way that's often invisible to the naked eye. If men and women would end up marrying still, within this on-going psy-op, contraception starting at younger and younger ages would most likely continue into the marriage...thus guaranteeing smaller families and guaranteeing that the marriage union didn't have the glue to hold the culture together. Hyper sexualized females, sold the idea that sexuality was true freedom and one of their most basic human rights, would most likely destroy what marriages they would happen to enter into.....therefore accomplishing the basic goal of this psy-op via a completely separate pathway. Hyper sexualized females will basically get standing offers daily from many hyper excited men, therefore making a strong marriage almost impossible....because it's just a matter of time before on overly sexual female will take one of those standing male offers. Why just dress sexy without having sex? It's just a numbers game at that point. Once this psy-op takes hold, even a little bit, the marriage concept starts to crumble society overly sexual females and hyper excited males start to dry hump each other into extinction. Our society is currently HERE in this agenda. 

I see so many women inside this psy-op currently, that it's frankly frightening to watch, as someone who researches these orchestrated attacks for a living. Basically, women who didn't inject themselves with poison are hard enough to find as optimal biological partners yet this agenda of the hyper sexualized female has infiltrated deep into the truth community as well. The solution is simple. It's time for females to start unsexualizing themselves and they need to do this very quickly. No one is saying to dress like the Amish or Mennonites but it's time to move away from women showing every nook and cranny of their breasts, their vagina, their buttocks and parading around like their sexuality is the most important aspect to their existence. Men also need to start framing this sort of female for what they really are, a mind control relationship disaster. Men need to steer clear and stop giving these women the attention, energy and etheric exchange that's powering this dark and ugly psy-op. 

Just to let you know the extent of this a psy-op in real manufacturers (controlled by the ruling group) were purposely instructed and funded to make tighter and tighter clothing, in order to drive both male and female into hyper sexualized frenzies. Contraception drives were initiated in government schools worldwide, pharmacies were instructed to bring contraception devices from under the counter and place those modalities of contraception right next to the bubble gum and chocolate order to condition the masses. Movie studios were told to sell hyper sexuality as female independence and female freedom. And that's how psy-ops go in general, it's a full media and government barrage into the fertile minds of the uninformed public.

In this case governments were instructed to make sure large budgets were put aside to aid women in their pursuit of the single Mom hyper sexualized (Bad Mom's) lifestyle via the funding of any program that would encourage women to leave their marriages and take on the government as their surrogate father/husband government funding for day care and income supplementation for single mothers. The government was instructed to create an artificial safety net for all the single mothers and single women this psy-op would create, in order to lubricate the destruction of the culture. Porn studios were told to get in on the depopulation act by glorifying gay sex for women and giving oral/anal sex the spotlight (plus ejaculating outside the vagina) order to keep the birth rates as low as possible, without tipping off the heavily sedated and distracted populace. The fake COVID vaccine is also taking large axe swings at fertility, birth rates and healthy children. Again, it's all about eroding the family unit and reducing the amount of children born. Social engineers work in 50, 100, 200 and even 500-year increments. They have time. Time is always on their side.  A short video below regarding what social engineering is and what it looks like in real time.  

In conclusion, the number of overly sexualized females in our culture is no accident. Given the fact that they've been programmed to believe that their oversexualized behavior equates to freedom and one of their first amendment rights, it's no wonder that our society is experiencing the most rapid decline in recorded history. I know females whose sexuality is literally their full-time job. From the time they get up in the AM to the time they go to bed in the PM, their entire purpose in life is accentuating their sexuality and placing their sexual bits on as wide public display, as the engineered social norms will allow. If females and males don't recognize this as the psy-op it was always designed to be (and reel in their behavior) there will come a time in the near future where no families will exist and no children will be born whatsoever, other than children being born in the state hatcheries......which is also another one of the ruling group's social engineered plans for our future. Yes, you're getting tricked into your own this way and in many other ways as well. It's time to wake up and start paying attention, before you're living in the situation highlighted in the last video below.



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