Ancient Egypt, Scotland, Media, Pyramids........And Your Slavery

Sep 12, 2022
CLICK HERE to see a video of Balmoral pyramid in Scotland. It's a newer pyramid on  something called The Balmoral Estate......but there's more to this story. Scotland was named after a woman named Scota and that she was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh. CLICK HERE The Bank of Nova Scotia bares the same Egyptian name here in Canada as does our Canadian province, Nova Scotia.....all Egyptian in origin. There's many things we aren't told inside the government indoctrination camps that we're programmed to call schools.
The ancient word for Egypt as well was "Khem" and this is where we get the word chemistry from. (khemistry) We pronounce "chemistry" with a hard "K" sound as well even though it starts with a "ch", something we traditionally pronounce as "cha". Khem refers to the a form of black sand famous in Egypt. The science of chemistry was and is known today as a form of "dark arts" where poisoning, cutting and burning is weaponized as a modality of healing through indoctrination and propaganda organized by a heavily corrupted media and government system. The word "science" is also "psyience" because "psy" always refers to the mind, like psychological or psychology. To make a person believe poison is healthy is a black magic spell of psychological manipulation. The ancient black magic magicians (the black magi or maji) were famous for using poison to control both the mind and body of their victims. CLICK HERE to see a breakdown of how the poison is being used to control the masses in our modern time, well organized black magic that can be traced back to a covert of black magicians in the middle east. Poisoned people and people in fear are extremely easy to control, both well known areas of study by this ancient group. CLICK HERE to explore some of the poison and fear based mind control tactics in our modern time.
Media actually is a word that describes an ancient region of Iran. CLICK HERE The lands in and around what we know as Azerbaijan/Kurdistan today....were known as Media in ancient times. The people who lived in Media were known as the Medes and they specialized in using propaganda techniques to evoke various form of indoctrination based mind control so humans willingly submitted their personal power, money and even their children to the state CLICK HERE .......which was really just the ruling Kings and Queens of the day. (as it is today)
If you notice... the first two phonetic sounds in Media or Medical is ME-DI or ME-DIE and that's because when you're under the spell of toxic medicine or propaganda will always die prematurely in your weakened state, as you're placed under chemical or indoctrination mind control programming. Even with the words "diagnosis" or "diabetes", we hear the phonetic "die". This programs the mind of the uninformed victim with word magic psychology, Learn more about word magic at this link. CLICK HERE
The "G" is the most famous and visible letter inside the Freemasonic Order, as the G (plus the square and compass) make up the primary symbol in freemasonry. CLICK HERE The G in the Free masonic symbol stands for "Gaonim." Gaonim was the name of the priest class of the Cult of Aton during Egypt's early history - the prototype of the masonic brotherhood. The word "King" is "KIN-G" and "KIN" means related to. KING means KIN-G or related to the ancient Egyptian priest class (the Gaonim) who worked word magic and CHEM-ical magic over the population, to extract their energy. The Gaonim priests mastered using word and chemical magic to farm humans, much like a sheep farmer herds and uses domesticated farm animals to extract their energy.  You will have to look up the word "Gaonim" because what you'll find on various search engines can sometimes be not so flattering to the group that these ancient Egyptian black magicians hide within. These ancient Egyptians routinely hid themselves inside the Jewish communities.
In the video at this added link we see a "disease testing" company in the US and Australia having an aardvark symbol on it......but it really resembles Anubis, the Egyptian God of death. In the United Kingdom there was similar disease testing by a company called "Ipsos Mori", which when translated to Latin means....."they die". CLICK HERE An interesting use of words. If you knew this group as I do, there is no surprise there what so ever. And of course years ago Anubis ends up again at the Denver Airport and many other locations around the US (the Egyptian God of death) .....marking the US in a way for the attack its currently under today. CLICK HERE  What you don't see (because the news never connects the dots for you) is much more interesting than the indoctrination, propaganda and brain washing the media and government spoon feed us daily.
We are told there was a mass exodus of "certain people" out of Egypt in the ancient times but that story is just another work of the Gaonim, as it was the Gaonim who were forcefully removed out of Egypt. The Gaonim (a group now hiding in various secret societies, including the free-masonic order) simply rewrote the history books as another one of their tricks. These black magic sorcerers who used psychological and chemical manipulation of the public were removed from Egypt forcefully by moral human beings who wanted to use the same psychology to improve their societies and the people who lived in them. Again these ancient black magicians constantly used subconscious mind control techniques and chemical poisons, to evoke black magic control over the populations of ancient Egypt. Alcohol, caffeine, mercury, nicotine and various narcotics (THC, opioids, hallucinogens like the Nile Blue Lilly....which is where the Fleur De Lis symbol comes from) were their most famous chemicals to set their mind control spells. Fear, terror and panic also work extremely well for placing people into mind control spells. All mind control experiments prove that humans are easier to psychologically manipulate when they are polluted. CLICK HERE Guess which substances are most used in our mind controlled society today? You already know. You have all the freedom you want to gorge yourself on these mind control substances for a reason. You only have freedoms in the areas that don't count, which is known as free-dumb....not freedom. Free-dumb is when everything that makes you dumb is provided to you FREE by the state. Read this book to learn more about mind control through poisoning and fear. CLICK HERE
So who do you think is conducting our modern fear/KHEM-ical based psy-op today? A use of fear that ends with chemical poisoning. A tried and true mind control technique, as old as history itself. And about 30% of the population are now under this fear/chemical based spell. The Karen and Kevin's of our world are under MEDIA and CHEMICAL mind control. Our ancient Egyptian human farmers are making the world afraid of the invisible, via the use of media indoctrination and government propaganda.......while the mind control victims are infused with caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, medical poisons, THC, mercury, narcotics and other science (psy-ience) toxins? CLICK HERE to explore the well known fact that 30% of the population can easily be placed under poison, fear and propaganda based mind control. That inverted 30% then start to get violent in a mind controlled society and start trying to forcefully control the other two subsections of the population. There's always another 30% that can't be put under mind control and who refuse to be coerced into darkness. There's also the remaining 40% who are easily bullied by the inverted and mind controlled 30%. This is exactly what's going on in our society today because the ancient Egyptian black magicians conduct this cycle every 140 years or so on this planet. They are masters of death, destruction, slavery, child sacrifice, child rape, child murder, fear, terror, panic, war, indoctrination, mind control, brain washing, psychological manipulation and poisoning.
Did you know that the attacks that happened the day after Sept 10 2001....because you can't mention the real day anymore or you get thrown down a censorship hole. By the way Sept 11 is New Year's Day in ancient Egyptian culture. CLICK HERE The highest buildings left standing around the towers were Egyptian. Yes, the only buildings left standing were a building with a dome (called The Solomon Building) plus another building with a regular pyramid on it and yet another building with a stepped pyramid on it. Only the pyramids remained because they would never destroy anything having to do with them and their history of course. See below.
And the building that replaced the twin towers was.....a building made up of many pyramids of course, called THE ONE WORLD TRADE TOWER. The One World Government (AKA - The New World Order) of Egyptian black magicians is what this group has been working toward for thousands of years. CLICK HERE to see George Bush Sr. talk about The New World Order as they invade ancient enemy lands in the middle east. The speech was given Sept 11th 1990 for an Egyptian reason.
And on the back of the US dollar bill...a pyramid? An Egyptian obelisk in the middle of Washington DC? How about this Egyptian Obelisk right in the middle of NY City? CLICK HERE Coincidence? Why? I may not have all the answers but the people ruling us a) aren't who they say they are b) are using mind control and poison on us daily and c) are treating us like sheep to the slaughter. In the end, you may not have to know anything other than......these people aren't good people and that you may need to get off your knees if you're going to survive their current fake and fabricated attacks that include a fake disease epidemic, a fake climate crisis, an agenda to remove sexuality and gender from the planet and a plan to collapse the economy so no one has the money or power to resist the first 3 fabricated attacks mentioned above.
Now, if you think this is all just unrelated non sense, you might want to watch this attached video. CLICK HERE The video provides evidence that Queen Elizabeth is an ancient pharaoh. What's going on with this very old clip of Queen Elizabeth CLICK HERE and what kind of ceremony is she participating in? And guess who owns Balmoral Castle? The Queen of course. Have you ever wondered why the people of the British Isles wear kilts? In most Egyptian stone carvings the figures are also wearing kilts or skirts. It's all in plain sight and that's why it's easy to hide, especially when the media (Me-Die-A) controls what you see and the government poisons you daily, in order to retard your brain function. The black magician's most effective mind destroying poison is vaccinations and this the motivation behind the world wide vaccination campaign. CLICK HERE to learn the true story behind vaccinations, the most effective intellect and spirit destroying weapon in the ancient black magic arsenal.
Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? In a world were most people simply know what the TV tells them, our true history can explain lots about what's going on today. You don't know any of this most likely because the government schools and the TV (all run today by the Gaonim) make sure you never know who really rules over you. If you got good grades in the brainwashing centers called schools and if you watch any amount of TV, you're most likely also not aware of the mental and chemical tricks they've been using for thousands of years to make you beg for your own enslavement.
Jason Christoff
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