Learning To Think Again - Let's Connect Some Dots

Nov 09, 2023

Given humans mimic what they see and hear, I wanted to document some dot connecting, in order to walk people through this very valuable exercise. Schools used to teach this and now they don't, as obedience is the sole focus of government schooling today. It's a very simple dot connecting exercise and a very important one. This dot connecting exercise is in relation to Canada's MAID Program. MAID stands for Medical Assistance In Dying. 

1. In this documentary, and this one and this one.....we see that the Nazi government in Germany (along with the medical system) started to murder what they called defective infants, adults, seniors and homosexuals as well. 

2. In this 9 part documentary, it becomes obvious that the Nazi government wasn't a one off political party....but an ancient cult, which does business in a very particular way. This cult simply changed disguises and infiltrated all world governments after the war had ended and used various government/media channels to lie to the public about what's really going on.

3. In this article I connect some dots as to who is really running Canada and most other world governments today, same group I'm always talking about.

4. Again this ancient cult acquires profit through death, as I discuss in this article. This is why I refer to them as a death cult.

5. With this information above, I am hoping no one is shocked when the Canadian government honored a Nazi death cult member in Canadian Parliament a couple months ago. This wasn't a mistake.

6. Canada's MAID system stands for Medical Assistance In Dying and now (here we go again) this ancient group (hiding behind a government facade) is now firing up the killing machine one more time.....starting with the terminally ill but now looking to expand to the mentally ill. These are the same people this ancient group started to murder in Germany. Governments are already actively murdering seniors in care homes.

7. The medications for "mental illness" are proven to also be organized and designed by this ancient group. These drugs, in most cases, simply don't work and make the patients more depressed, suicidal and extremely ill

8. In this made for Netflix special, a behavior modification expert actually mind controls 3 out of 4 people to murder another person LIVE on video...using only a 2-hour fabricated scenario. How hard do you think it would be to mind control a population to believe they're mentally ill (when they're not) and then also to continue that mind control......where the victims murder themselves inside the MAID system? It's important to know that the COVID operation was also driven by mind control and not health, as is recounted by this medical doctor.

9. Depression and mental illness have been all the rage over the last 30 years in Canada, with massive campaigns that encourage, reward and celebrate anyone who comes out to declare that they're mentally ill or depressed. Humans are designed to flock to any emotional charged area that offers them security, celebration and the spot light. These "tell everyone you're mentally ill" campaigns were designed using simple mind control tactics.

10, In conclusion, what you know as government is nothing but a public relations wing of this ancient cult, that profits through death and everything that accelerates death, misery and terror. This ancient group has murdered the mentally ill in the past and now has invented a structure where people proudly declare that they are mental ill. At the same time, the government (the cult) is expanding legislation that permits the mentally ill to volunteer for suicide. How far are we away from this same group declaring that all mentally people must die involuntarily, after encouraging 25% of the population to declare themselves mentally ill?

Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? If you want to learn about mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification. psychological manipulation.....plus start your own business as a Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach, click below. It's important everyone start doing something to become less dependent on the system. Government employees, because they're the most dependent on this cult, are in the most danger and therefore they need to take action immediately in my opinion. 


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