Top 10 Chemical Attacks On The Female

Jan 12, 2024

The reason females are being poisoned is the same reason males are also being poisoned. It's just easier to rule, govern, control, lie to, steal from and manipulate weak people. Poison weakens people and makes them easier to rule. None of these agendas are complex. The truth is never complex, only the lies are.  As an interesting side note, weak bodied people are easy to control. Weak-minded people are as well.  A weak minded and weak bodied mind control victim is puddy in an experienced mind controller's hands unfortunately......and that's what all these agendas are about. 

Poisons destroy the brain's ability to think and defend itself from mental abuse, as much as poison destroys the body's ability to move and defend itself from physical abuse. A weak body can't defend itself from a strong abuser. A weak mind can't defend itself from a strong abuser either. A person who has both a weak mind and a weak body, is the perfect abuse victim for government bullying, coercion and domination. If you don't understand this, look out the window, it's all right there in plain sight.

There are streets in almost every city in North America that look like a B rated zombie movie release. This isn't an accident, chance happening or a misunderstanding of basic cause and effect principles. This is about poisoning the public into compliance via weakness, up to and including government agencies smuggling in illegal narcotics in order to destroy the public. This is happening right now, as much of the public sit at home believing that the government is looking out for their best interest. What we've been taught about government in government schools, which are organized by the forces who control government, obviously aren't being truthful with the public about who they are, what they really want and how they're achieving their very dark goals here on the planet. The documentary at this added link, can shed some light into who and what we're really dealing with.

Yesterday I released an article titled "Top 10 Female Mind Control Agendas", which raced around the world and back in only 24 hours. It was extremely well read. Today we continue our look at how the female and her cosmic energy are being destroyed by the forces who insist that all slaves be poisoned within an inch of their lives, in order that the slave class be easier to rule, steal from, dominate, control, govern, lie to and manipulate. Let's look at the top 10 chemical attacks on the female, which are designed to weaken her into slave like compliance and simply make her too weak to resist whatever dark machinations the ruling group desires at the time. This list is in no particular order.

1. The Birth Control Pill - the average female has rarely investigated the full implications of the birth control pill. The average female as well doesn't understand where the agenda behind the birth control came from. If you click here, you can listen to a very intelligent medical doctor describe the trail of death, injury and self-harm that comes from using the birth control pill. If you click here you can hear secret testimony from a group of medical doctors in 1969, who were told exactly what the birth control pill was going to be used to accomplish in our modern society. 

2. The HPV Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gardasil - Let’s always be truthful. All vaccines have been proven harmful to each and every person that falls prey to the mind control and brainwashing tactics behind these injections of poison. The ruling group simply wrap a different marketing label around the same injections of poison and then use standard mind control tactics to make people volunteer to inject that poison. Click here to find out the truth about the HPV cervical cancer vaccine that they call "Gardasil". 

3. Mammograms - mammograms are proven conclusively to cause cancer growth, to cause cancer spread, to place females in health destroying fear with false positives and to make females attack their own breasts with mutilating surgeries and/or toxic radiation.......when there's nothing wrong with these women or their breasts whatsoever. The vast majority of medical testing and medical screening procedures work just like this. Like all casinos, the odds are always stacked in favor of the house. Again, each attack on the female is purposeful, intended, preplanned and not a misunderstanding of the science. These are all weaponizations of the known science, against the female, organized by the ruling group who benefits from mass weakness in the population. Click here to learn about cancer causing mammograms being falsely advertised as breast cancer prevention protocols. 

4. Alcohol - standard mind control tactics are applied against the female, in order to control her behavior towards alcohol. Wine in particular. This is called The Wine Mom Agenda. In the end, the group organizing the brainwashing tactics that move women toward copious amounts of alcohol consumption understand fully that alcohol consumption causes premature death in any amount consumed, it causes cancer and it also causes brain damage. Alcohol impairs fertility, accelerates aging, removes personal energy reserves and increases depression wildly. Click here to learn why the government (and their left-hand partners in media) always want you drinking alcohol on a regular basis. It's no surprise that with the tsunami of female mind control modalities used to get females to drown themselves in alcohol, that we're seeing a mass increase in deaths from alcohol in the female population

5. Toxic Beauty Products That Destroy Natural Beauty - females are easily mind controlled into low self-esteem cycles using the standard mind control tactics of the day, which ends with many females rabidly consuming products that are framed in a way that promises the removal of the female's low self-esteem. Not only is this cycle organized purposely to drain the female of her financial strength (as most females today literally live cheque to cheque in this rabid consumption cycle) the beauty products advertised to fill the black hole of low self-esteem are extremely toxic..........and again, that's all by design. The plan never changes for the ruling 1%. Weak people are easier to control. Poisoned people are weak people. Keep them weak, keep them poisoned, keep them under control. Click here and click here for more about the toxic and fake beauty care industry. 

6. Anti-Depressants - depression is a signal from the innate intelligence inside our bodies, that we're on the wrong path, usually the left-hand path. The left-hand path refers to a dark path, which will easily lead to our premature death and destruction. If we're on that left-hand path, our bodies can sense that we're in an accelerated death spiral. Depression is the signal the body uses to communicate with the owner of the body, that changes are needed. One change the body isn't looking for is toxic antidepressant medication, which is proven to increase depression, suicide and many other forms of self-destructive behaviors. Females are easier to mind control into these self-abusive choices by perceived and corrupted authority figures. This is why females consume twice as many anti-depressants as males, which is a result of white coat mind control coercion of the patient.  Click here to watch many documentaries that will explain the truth about anti-depressants. Click here to also watch a female psychiatrist explain the dark truth regarding this fraudulent medication category. Don't be surprised. Poisoning you removes your power. The people ruling you maintain their power by destroying yours. It's that simple. There's no need to complicate it.

7. Transgender Agenda - for the same psychological reasons as to why females take twice as many antidepressants as males, we have the same psychological reasons pushing more young females to succumb to the transgender mind control agenda, launched at them in our now left wing/Frankfurt indoctrination centers we call public schools, colleges and universities. Complying with group pressure is how humans operate. The weaker a person is, the more they believe their safety is tied to membership in the larger order that they survive. This is why women often travel together to the washrooms (at a strange restaurant) and men usually don't. Women are group-based animals in regards to safety, men like solitude in the cave. For these base psychological reasons and given how group pressure mind control operates differently on each gender, it's no surprise that we see more females complying to the transgender group pressure....and either butchering themselves with mutilating surgeries or castrating themselves with toxic hormone therapies. Again, the forces at the top of the corrupt ruling pyramid know exactly what they're doing.  Click here to explore the dangers of these transgender surgeries and these toxic chemical castration/sterilization mind control agendas. 

8. Tylenol - Tylenol is a pain killer and killing pain is a good thing, right? If you're in pain, it feels good to get out of pain but oddly enough there's some big problems here as well. Many females carry Tylenol or other painkillers with them wherever they go, in order to "not feel" the lifestyle that's often destroying them. Pain allows the body to communicate with the owner of the body, so the owner knows what not to do in life. If you shut off this valuable feedback mechanism, you often keep walking the left-hand path to your destruction because you're not hearing the warning signals from your body. Pain is a guardian, not a goblin. Shutting down the exact way the body communicates with you, by using pain killers, isn't even the issue here. Tylenol is the #1 cause of fatal liver failure and Tylenol also increases a lack of empathy in the nervous system, which is a primary characteristic of a clinical psychopath. Please don't be surprised. Please. It's the same agenda as I always describe. Your sickness and dysfunction guarantee that the people in charge keep ruling you with ease. This group mind controls you to love their many poisons, which they riddle throughout the slave camp. It's that simple. 

9. Breast Implants - at this point in the list I hope everyone is connecting the dots, as to the patterns inside this brainwashing and poison-based control grid. Breast implants are exactly the same. They're toxic and they weaken females on all physical levels and also on many invisible levels as well.....spiritual, emotional, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-respect, moral, ethical, etc., etc. Sometimes weakening people in the invisible realms provides the greatest potential for mind controlling them with future psychological operations. Again, all forms of mind control are based on weakening your mind control victim, in order to bend them to your will. Weaking someone physically, like say with a toxic breast implants or toxic injection, is one thing.....but to destroy a female's self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect or even their morals or ethics....those invisible thefts are extremely valuable to the mind controller. As usual (with almost everything on this list) the government either endorses the product or says nothing (or even hides data that proves the product or service is dangerous), the media mind controls the population to lust after their next assault and the assassins in the white lab coats (either doctors or scientists) deliver the poisonous attacks to the public in exchange for big cheques. Knowing how this control grid works can save your life. Click here or here for more information on how toxic breast implants really are. 

10. Toxic Food - this issue affects both genders equally but given toxic food is proven to cause depression and given females suffer more clinical depression than males, it's important females gain access to knowledge proving that toxic nonfoods (food like things that pass as food today) cause behavior imbalances, depression and behavioral disorders. All that means is that your body doesn't run well when it's poisoned. That's the point to remember here. Click here for a brilliant lecture on how unhealthy food choices cause a very wide spectrum of behavior disorders. 

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