5 Beliefs That Prove Someone Is Under Mind Control

Mar 05, 2024

1. The belief that a person can treat themselves anyway they wish (health wise) and then they can inject health into themselves, with poisons no less. This false and inverted belief (that injecting poison into oneself is the zenith of scientific progression in our modern time and that you can't be your best without said science poison) has been orchestrated via standard mind control and brainwashing tactics, which are reviewed in these two presentations. Click here and here. If you believe this or anything close to this (that poison and science will improve the function of a nature made carbon-based life form), you have succumbed to the mind control tactics reviewed in those two presentations. I also used to believe in such propaganda-based fantasy. I as well was under the exact forms of mind control reviewed in those two presentations. I took a flu vaccine at 26 and almost died, having to bring my lawyer to my beside to make my last will and testament. Even then the mind control was so strong that I said, "it would have been worse without the shot!" Of course there are ZERO studies in the entire world that prove such a declaration....none, nada, they don't exist. The truth isn't complex, only the lies are. Vaccination is proven toxic on every level imaginable because it was designed to be toxic on every level imaginable. The same foundational reasoning applies to every other point on this list. Government is an ancient group of ruling families who can only maintain their power over a weak, poisoned, overweight, dumbed down, depressed, brain damaged, indoctrinated, disempowered, dependent and diseased populace. You can't farm lions, only lambs. Poison is the #1 weapon used against the once powerful human lion (by the ancient ruling families masquerading as government), in order that we're all turned into easily farmed and easily enslaved human lambs. We're all mind controlled to lust after every poison on this planet like it was the second coming of Christ.....and that's their second weapon. Weapon #1.....poison. Weapon #2.....mind control that makes us lust after the poison. The power of such mind control is evident in the video shown directly below. A family of three children and each child is killed or crippled in succession by these vaccinations....and the parents can't even stop.......because someone else is controlling their minds. That's why it's called mind control. You would think that each child dying from the vaccinations would cause the parents to experience what's called in mind control research "a program breakdown" .....but they can't breakout of the mind control spell. They keep killing and poisoning their own children, as each one dies or is crippled for life. They can't stop. It's beyond tragic. That's how strong mind control can be.

2. The belief that fluoride prevents cavities and that fluoride is part of a good dental health regime. This either being a personal belief or a belief that's endorsed through government channels........when fluoride is proven to cause brain damage, cancer and also proven to cause tooth decay. People could even have all this information right at their fingertips, and yet they still can't break the self-destructive habits installed by the mind control experts, who masquerade as our media and our government. People under these forms of mind control JUST HAVE TO POISON THEMSELVES and their kids. They can't stop themselves because mind control literally means that someone else is controlling their minds and therefore the mind control experts are also controlling our actions. The mind control that forces people to poison and kill themselves (plus poison and kill their own children).......is executed in the same way that this stage hypnotist mind controls an entire studio audience to do the exact same thing. Click here to view. The same mind control tactics that government and media use to make the public poison themselves en masse is the exact same mind control techniques that a stage hypnotist uses to control their audiences or on-stage participants. 

3. The belief that government is looking out for our best interest, even though in everyday life, someone who's under this mind control spell can't present any real-world evidence that this is true whatsoever. If you simply look at vaccination in general, fluoride (as is presented above) or even the COVID psychological operation.....each agenda pushed by the government is designed to destroy the public where they stand, to make each member of our population less powerful and therefore make them easier to rule, control, govern, lie to, steal from and enslave. Again, the common thread that connects every point on this list is that this ruling group has two primary weapons. The first weapon they use daily against the public is mind control, which is demonstrated in this video.....as well as the three others listed already above. With that mind control clearly in play, this form of brainwashing is weaponized to make people volunteer to poison themselves, in order that this mass poisoning is only obvious to people who understand mind control operations. Weapon #1....poison. Weapon #2.....mind control that makes the public lust after the poison. When you can use mind control to make people poison themselves, it not only makes the poisoning operation appear voluntary.......but no one goes to jail and no legal charges can be laid against the offending party when you are mind controlled to poison and kill yourself (plus poison and kill your own children). Given people who are placed under mind control (like in this made for TV special where people are mind controlled to commit murder) believe that they're too smart to be mind controlled and given that our legal system provides no legal remedy when you're brainwashed into poisoning and killing yourself......it all makes for the perfect crime and the perfect public control mechanism. Once people find out that they've been mind controlled to poison themselves and their children, it can be such a blow to their psychic ego, that they just keep going along with the lie because it's just too hard to face the truth of their own vulnerability. They would rather look at themselves as the hero, who saved their kids with the magic medical poison, as opposed to facing the truth......that they've hurt their own children (and themselves) because they're not as intelligent as they believed. The mind control experts always weaponize our own emotional systems against us. 

4. Alcohol............it's poison and yet people drink it on planes, in hotels, in restaurants, they collect it, they celebrate with it and they take alcohol selfies with it like said pictures are more important than family photographs. I shouldn't have to over explain things at this point in the list. Mind control is proven to normalize self-poisoning and the poisoning of one's children, to the point where these self-destructive behaviors become automatic and ironclad inside a person's behavioral pathways. What that means is that the person under mind control, given enough time, can't break free from their mind control programming of poisoning themselves as Olympic sport. I of course teach people how to break out of this sort of brainwashing and install new empowering programming. My next LIVE program in that regard starts in June of this year. Alcohol is a poison, it causes cancer, it lessens your life in any amount and anyone drinking it is being tricked into destroying themselves by ancient ruling families on this planet, in order that they maintain their ruling power over the masses. The truth isn't complex, only the lies are.

5. Coffee..........it's a poison. Same things I've said already. Most people drown themselves in these poisons (vaccines, alcohol, fluoride, coffee etc.....and many more of course) not because poison makes anyone's life better, but because they're under mind control. The average person doesn't know how to consciously recognize their own mind-controlled behavior and then reprogram out of it in an appropriate way, because government school and media have always existed to place people under these destructive forms of mind control. Click Here and here to learn how unhealthy and dangerous coffee is.

The people ruling you through brainwashing and poison aren't going to teach you how to reprogram and lead a healthy, empowered and independent life....outside their control. That you will have to do yourself. Stay tuned for my next LIVE reprogramming event scheduled for June of 2024. Stay on my email list and watch for the announcements. Have a great day and thank you for reading. 


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