The Formation of a Death Cult Society - Part II

Oct 31, 2023

I never wanted to make this idea into a series of articles but frankly, once you understand this death cult concept, the world certainly starts to make much more a very evil way of course. If you haven't read the first article, I do suggest reading it before you proceed. Please click here to read it and then come back here for a little expansion on the death cult concept. 

As you would have read in the first article, ancient Egypt had a massive "death industry". The Egyptian tomb above was only a small part of this death cult industry, which of course was a major portion of the ancient Egyptian economy. There were a small group of very powerful players in Egypt, who were involved in everything death and every aspect of the death process. For their businesses to expand, death had to increase above natural background levels in the local population or more elaborate funerary  rites had to be sold to the people. If both could be accomplished simultaneously, a King's ransom in riches could be accumulated very quickly.

This economic school of thought provided an inverted death based financial incentive that initiated immense pressure on the entire death industry, to start coordinating the deaths of the local population. This is maybe even where the word EVIL comes from, as EVIL is simply the word LIVE spelled backwards. Nothing could be more evil than funeral homes and death centric side industries colluding to murder or maim most everyone in the local area, in order that more funerals take place. Oddly enough that's exactly what we're dealing with today, on a much grander scale unfortunately. This same death cult philosophy is definitely in play in our modern time and to say that this cult has completely got out of control could be the understatement of the century. 

I wrote this second article upon remembering one businessman that i know, telling me about the funeral home industry in Cornwall Ontario Canada in about 2015. He was one of a small number of funeral home owners in this small Ontario town and he was perplexed as to why one big US company was coming into Cornwall and attempting to purchase ever single funeral home in the area. The corporate US buyer was offering well above fair market prices for each funeral home and every funeral home owner in the area succumbed to the lure of the higher-than-average sales proposals. The man telling me this held firm and declined a similar offer to purchase his funeral home (the best in the town), as he believed that local people should to be taking care of local people during their time of need, hardship and emotional burden. This story really makes sense to me today, now that I'm starting to write more and more about this topic. 

This ancient Egyptian death cult financial structure was definitely in play here, inside my adopted hometown of Cornwall Ontario Canada. The death cult coordinates death and steps hard into the path of progress (as they say) in regards to their plans for causing massive increases in death, somewhere down the road. As we can see in this documentary, the COVID pandemic was not only fraudulent, fake and fabricated on every front........the objective was obviously mass death. 90 other documentaries speak to this exact same scenario..... a fake crisis with the death cult licking their chops at the deaths they engineered into the fake COVID vaccine. The ancient groups who collude on a regular basis to initiate this type of death cult business plan knew that 2020 was the year for a massive push in deaths, via the genocidal COVID injection. In my opinion this is why a corporate US funeral company arrived at small town Cornwall Ontario 5 years before the big COVID death operation was launched at an uninformed public. 

Just look at how the Canadian government is operating in this day and age. Canada is now the world leader in state aided suicide called MAID. MAID in Canada stands for Medical Assistance in Dying. No real budget for LIVING inside an ancient death cult of course, just dying. No budget or government programs for exercise, growing a garden, buying organic food and certainly no information on the dangers of anything that would cause a premature death like cell phone radiation, non-organic food, poor quality water, not getting enough sleep, the depression you'll develop from working a death cult job and living in a death cult etc etc. Yes of course, you're depressed because of a chemical imbalance, not because you live inside a death cult. Yes, of course, move along, nothing to see here. 

Not only is Canada the leader in state sanctioned murder of its own citizens, Canada is also the leader in organ harvesting, to sell salvaged organs to someone else....who's original organs were poisoned inside the death cult society. An orgy of death, disease, poisoning and every death based business venture in-between. What about the Canadian government pushing the trans agenda in all government schools. The end result of this is either the trans person can't have children (one form of death), the trans person isn't interested in having children (another form of death) or they're just going to die earlier themselves because of the massive tsunami of side effects associated with trans surgeries, both physical side effects and mental as well. Yes of course the only answer for teenage confusion is destroying your own sex organs and taking toxic hormone therapy. Yes, that obviously will solve everything. There's instant death, short term delayed death, long term delayed death, living heavily diseased for the short term or the long term (prior to the guaranteed premature death)...........but it's all death and it's all about piling as many people into the profitable death industry as possible, just like in ancient Egypt. In fact, this documentary explains that it's exactly the same group/cult in charge now, as we had back in ancient times. We don't have a government, we have a documented death cult succession masquerading as government, all the way from ancient Egypt until now.

Medical doctors of course are heavily involved in the death cult economic system, bathing in a never ending pool of financial incentives to keep hacking, poisoning and irradiating their patients into an early grave. There's no doubt this death cult is in full gallop right now and there's also no doubt we've been living under a death cult religion for much longer than most would ever believe. 

It's very important you start seeing this trend, in order to avoid the death cult profiteers when they come knocking at your door. They usually don't knock on the door at this point in time though. The death cult profiteers often enter the minds of the public through the TV screens, convincing the uninformed masses that the next medial poison will take them to heaven, when in reality the opposite is true. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? This is Jason Christoff reporting LIVE from Planet Mind Control. Always a pleasure. Thank you for listening.  

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