Project Monarch - What Is It and Where Does The Name Come From?

Jan 15, 2023

PROJECT MONARCH was an MK ULTRA based mind control program run within the United States, in cooperation with other countries who recognized the benefits of such research for public control motivations. MK ULTRA was a mind control research program, which originated in Nazi Germany. After the end of WW II, a group of very dark scientists and researchers were ushered out of Germany and into the United States, to continue their work on how best to control the public and make the public "sit and do nothing" as they were taxed and poisoned to death by their respective governments. More on MK ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH can be found at this link

The name of PROJECT MONARCH comes from genetic secrets discovered within the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly takes 3 generations to travel from Mexico to Canada. Although each successive generation born along the flight route from Mexico to Canada are never shown the pathway to their final Canadian destination, they make it anyway because that information (and lots more) is actually imprinted within their cellular memory.

That's how the newborn Monarch butterflies complete their journey to Canada without being shown the way. It's in their DNA or cellular code of instructions. Mind control research done by the Nazis (and other dark regimes before them) proved this was also the same with humans, regarding trauma-based mind control. Traumatized people are more compliant and obedient. There's no research studies necessary for that most basic concept. If you ask someone to do something and they refuse, if you apply violence....they become more compliant when asked again. The more you abuse someone, the more compliant and obedient they become. The big secret discovered was this. If you abuse 3 consecutive generations of victims, the compliance and obedience appear to become imprinted into their cellular code. The Monarch butterfly helped mind control researchers strive toward a cellular imprinting of trauma, for greater compliance-based control of the abuse victim. For this research within PROJECT MONARACH, children who were abused themselves and who lived within multi-generational families (that abused each other) were openly sought and hunted down. Parents who were found sexually and physically abusing their own children were offered their freedom if they donated their children to the mind control program.

The eventual research discovery was that a very firm behavior result came about, where the 3rd generation of abuse victims had almost no ability to resist the commands of a potential abuser or authority figure ushering forth the commands. Governments, which are nothing more than well-connected international crime syndicates, recognized the benefits of such findings and got to work very quickly to take this abuse research system the entire world population. Criminals love when their victims comply and don't fight back. At that point, it's like taking candy from a baby. The criminals in government dreamed of the day when the entire population could be bullied, stolen from, governed, lied to, coerced, completely enslaved and manipulated without resistance or question. Not to offer any sort of spoiler alert but you're living in the end portions of this operation......but there are solutions. 

This sort of "trauma/increased compliance" research wasn't new whatsoever, as continually traumatizing the public is something that has always been applied for thousands of years to the public, to increase the control our rulers have over us. Circumcision of men and the genital mutilation of women worked for thousands of years to keep the public on a short leash behavior wise. Other traumas followed but they were often too blatant. (like the public flogging of slaves) Eventually such blatant attacks were easier to sidestep, recognize and push back upon.

PROJECT MONARCH was very interested in how the TV and movie screens could be used to recreate the traumas of individual abuse victims in the program, as to elicit the same changes in cellular function within the public looking into their TV and movie screens. What was found is that the subconscious part of the human mind didn't have to be abused directly to register the effects of abuse, it only needed to see the abuse on the screen and the same desired metabolic changes would result. After this was discovered, our social engineers got to work, not only with the trauma-based media releases....but with their plans to take advantage of the programmed compliance in the slave class that would result in the future. If you can literally manufacture billions of people who will comply like they've been abused directly, then you can literally steal everything they own......and that's the end goal here.  if you're reading this, you're either in the 3rd, 4th or even 5th generation of this multi-generational trauma plot to make you extremely compliant. Not only are you living inside this plot to make you compliant, you're also about to get robbed of everything you own (the you will own nothing and be happy agenda) because of the mass societal compliance covertly programmed into the uninformed public. 

The MK ULTRA research showed that killing animals or humans in front of PROJECT MONARCH children or adults (research subjects abused their entire lives and having parents who were also abused) worked very well to change the cellular code and to program firm compliance to command into the abuse victims. This is why the media started pushing everything "killing and death" into the general public. Netflix is a prime example and its purposely designed to be that way. Again, doing a real life killing in front of a trauma target registers in the exact same way as seeing the killing on a screen. Fear and terror of all kinds also worked well to invoke deep forms of trauma based mind control so things such as the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 etc were purposely organized, while camera crews made sure to pump that fear and terror into almost every subconscious in the world. Those 2 events had many benefits for the ruling group (beyond keeping the trauma victims perpetually traumatized) as those events helped remove more and more human rights from world the cabal's ongoing battle against human rights, in order that the theft of everything you own can be accomplished with less resistance legally. 

Research also showed that the people next to you can feel your trauma vibration, even if they didn't watch the trauma directly themselves. You watching trauma turns you into a radio tower of trauma transmission, to infect others with your fear-based transmission frequency. This is called The 100th Monkey Syndrome, Morphic Resonance or even Biphotonic Communication. Again, the entire idea was to turn media and government policies into a real life "Operation Shock and Awe" in order to keep traumatizing the public in perpetuity. In order for this worldwide mind control operation to work, the media and government would have to purposely collude to drown the public in a never-ending tsunami of fear, panic, terror and death. Why do you think your news is all fear? Why do you think your movies are all fear? Why do you think your food and drink are mostly poison, which in turn causes fear in the body? 

The news stations were then all bought by this evil group (via Blackrock and Vanguard) and only negative fear-based news would be broadcast. This was known as Operation Mocking Bird. In individual behavior modification experiments, which focused on trauma based control, there was a pattern of using poison to increase the control factor. After poisoning and drugging were discovered to increase compliance in a mind control victim, poisoning the public became priority #1 within this group as well. The criminals in government would simply tax the public and funnel the criminal proceeds to any industry, organization or person who would increase the flow of poison into the public. Medical poison, alcohol poison, caffeine poison, fluoride poison, Teflon poison, pesticide poison, vaccine poison, mercury teeth filling poison etc.......the goal was to drive as many poisons as possible into the public in order to increase the trauma, compliance and obedience factor into the stratosphere. 

After studying tens of thousands of families with multi-generational abuse and trauma, this dark group of researchers easily discovered that the most powerful trauma based weapon of them all was sexual abuse and the introduction of sexual concepts too early in the spiritual development of the child. This worked most effectively and efficiently for trauma based mind control and the compliance this dark group was looking to implement world wide. Immediately they got to work with introducing sexual content into the government school curriculum at earlier and earlier ages. Currently we have the major media outlets controlled by this dark mind control group pushing to reclassify pedophilia as a sexual orientation and recently the media once again are starting to use what's called "Lane of Traffic Mind Control" to push the public inch by inch (lane by lane) toward accepting the idea that adults having sex with children will help keep the population down, save the planet and green the environment. Inch by inch, this dark group is working toward the most effective forms of trauma based mind control ever discovered, which is the raping of defenseless children. Raping children is where effective trauma based mind control starts and this group has been doing this to children, to produce their slaves, for all of recorded history and beyond. The ancient child sacrifice and child sex cults of old are now in full gallop within our world again. Evil walks among us openly now parading as government, doctors, science, medicine and altruistic care for the planet. 

So, if you're ever wondering why your kids are being bombarded with advanced sexual content at younger and younger ages at government schools, why every movie or TV show you watch is about killing, murder, rape and you're wondering why everything you consume includes massive doses of poison or even straight poison...THIS IS WHY. The ancient dark groups socially engineering you (and your family) are well aware that if they're going to steal every cent you own, you need to be a 3rd-5th generation trauma victim in order to comply without resistance. They're already locking certain populations in the UK into 15-minute cities, where they won't be allowed to leave without permission. To gain permission, you will need to inject medical poison (vaccines) until you die......and then you can leave the area in a coffin without any permission whatsoever. Concentration camps reframed as 15 minute zones to save the planet, where the humans are the enemies that must be dealt with harshly....and people are sitting around doing very little because they are purposely manufactured 3rd-5th generation trauma victims. It's a brilliant plan, even for the most psychopathic mind. 

If you've injected medical poison into yourself over the past 3 years, that would only be 1 example of the rock-hard compliance they've programmed into the masses through perpetual trauma, terror and panic. They're coming to steal your money, your house, your pension, your savings, your mutual funds, your stocks, your freedoms, your minds and your kids (literally}. I would suggest breaking out of your PROJECT MONARCH PROGRAMMING that has been inserted into you by terrorizing government policies and trauma based media releases. You need to seriously understand the extreme danger you're in and how your compliance is all that's moving this agenda ahead. For more information on all forms of mind control, please click here for many documentaries on the subject. All you need to do to break the programming is speak up, write about it, warn others who want to learn and spread the word. All you need to do is stop being a reflexively compliant, hyper obedient people pleasing super slave. Stop killing yourself and your kids. It's that simple. Stop it. Break your programming now. No one is coming to save you. It's just you. USE YOUR VOICE.


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