One Major Truth People Are Now Starting To Understand

Oct 17, 2023

There's one massive truth that people are now starting to understand clearly. All vaccines, no exceptions, are modalities of public control. No vaccine ever developed has ever been proven to any standard to improve immunity or increase resistance to disease..........simply because that's not how a vaccine's efficacy is established. Vaccines are deemed effective and ready for injecting into unsuspecting humans if "anti-bodies" are detected in the blood streams of poisoned test subjects. There's one problem with that method of testing, which is well known by the people paid to lie to us about vaccines. Antibodies don't provide immunity and science doesn't even know what antibodies really do, within the chemical cascade of human immunity, because antibodies don't have anything to do with resistance to is clearly stated in this 3-minute video.

Click here to explore the fact that all vaccines are toxic, no exceptions......and that includes the most toxic vaccine to date, the fake COVID vaccine. Basically, because so many people were starting to understand that all vaccines were toxic, the ruling group had to organize the biggest vaccine cull in recorded history, in order to jump the shark tank in regards to vaccine poison based control of the population. 

What people are now starting to understand is that all vaccines damage and injure the body, with unhealthy people dying shortly after vaccination throughout history, because an unhealthy person will have a much harder time dealing with the injectable poison that all vaccines are. Infants are targeted specifically in the first year of life, for this dumbing down public control agenda, so that parents can run with the fake excuse that their child was born broken and defective. The parents of the poisoned children are told that they just couldn't tell that their children were broken and defective until the child was able to walk and talk. This is all part of the planned poisoning, brainwashing and gaslighting...of the uninformed government educated super slave. The straight A students are first in line for their injected poison, their soulless jobs, to pay their tax extortion, to drink their wine poison, guzzle their coffee poison and to get their mind control upgrades from their poisonous TV shows and toxic movies.

The poor and ignorant are the high value targets in this covert war, as they have always been throughout history. Oddly enough, it's even worse than it sounds as the government school system is designed to produce a never-ending supply of poor and ignorant non thinkers .... who wait patiently in line to poison themselves and to poison their own children. Click here or watch the same video below to view for yourself, what this looks like, when a parent can't process reality or think on their own.......even after their own child dies from this injected poison ceremony, which we falsely deem vaccination. It's not vaccination, it's a poison-based control system for the general public, the workers, the drones and the ignorant.

The people at the top of the corrupt ruling pyramid certainly don't vaccinate their children, circumcise their children or even give their children the poison known as pharmaceutical medicine. You can certainly do a small bit of research to understand that the UK Royals don't vaccinate, don't circumcise and only use holistic medicine with their children.......because the poisons are for the slaves and the poisons are the cornerstone of how one small group perpetually rules a large mass of hyper brain washed commoners who believe that their next dose of poison will finally give them their own personal gateway to heaven. 

It's just easier to rule depressed, diseased, disempowered, dumb, disoriented and dysfunctional people......and that's why vaccines exist. Injecting poisons into brainwashed, indoctrinated and mind-controlled people (who then wait patiently in line demanding their dose of poison and an extra dose for their kids) is what makes for smooth government. Easier government means a lubricated pathway in regards to lying to, stealing from, manipulating and controlling the dumbed down disempowered citizenry that results from generational poisoning. Each poisoned generation carries the accumulated genetic damage of these toxins with them.......and that means each generation becomes more dumb, more diseased and more dependent on the ruling club who tricks the public into believing that more poison will finally help them win the day. Most people, after their vaccine poison, simply demand more medical poison be added into them because of the sickness caused by their first round of poisoning. It's enough to make Satan himself blush and spin away giggling. 

I know a guy who's worth about $50 million dollars. He believes that his wealth reflects his high intelligence and that his fortune marks him as superior, in the act of avoiding obvious con jobs. He knows how to make money but he also insists that himself, his wife, his kids and his grandkids all take their vaccines.......and guess what? The genes of his generation are the strongest of his kids and his grandkids. In fact his grandchildren barely survived birth and are weak physically because of this poison-based mind control. A 4th generation won't even be born in my estimation because their gene line is most likely too toxic and too weak (and the grandchildren too uninterested in reproduction because of secondary propaganda agendas) to procreate any further. It's over for this family I believe, they go no further. My friend did this all to himself and to his family, as is the hand Satan always plays at the Universal poker table of life. These people can't see what evil is, how it works and what tricks it uses to remove life from the planet. Yet this guy still walks around with his head held high (like a proud peacock) because "he knows for sure that vaccines are safe" because authority and the TV has told him his entire life what to believe in regards to this......but that's how big and ancient this scam is. He's poisoned himself, his kids and endorsed the poisoning of his own grandchildren. That doesn't mark someone as intelligent, it marks them as an order following, people pleasing, infantilized child mind.....who's afraid to question his own illogical and irrational programming, in the face of overwhelming real-world contradictory evidence. Evidence that the government and media are infested with a Satanic hatred of all life IS EVERYWHERE. If you're not strong enough to face it, evil will consume you, if that has not already happened from 2020 onward......the year evil had its official coming out party.

As George Carlin says "It's a BIG CLUB and you ain't in it" yet my millionaire friend thinks he's in the BIG CLUB........but sadly he's not and his kids/grandkids are paying the highest price, which is yearly poisoning at the hands of their own parents and grandparents. The BIG CLUB doesn't inject poison into their preferred genetic stock. You can indeed become a DE FACTO MEMBER of the BIG CLUB by starting to do the same. And don't be so weak as to start curtailing the poisonous injections into your own children or into yourself. The quicker you quit FULL STOP poisoning yourself and your family, the better your life will get. Thank you to the millions more every day that make this brave leap into a very harsh reality. Keep being brave. Keep knocking down the darkness. Keep protecting the children. Keep the light alive.

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