Illuminati Movie Review - Heart of Stone with Gal Gadot

Aug 14, 2023

For everyone out there who doesn't understand that what you see and what you hear can change your behavior, please get familiar with the two videos listed below, which prove concretely that what you hear and what you see can indeed change your behaviors instantly. These behavior changes are easily predicted by the people who are the masters of mind control, which of course are the people who hide behind your government and media. The word government actually means "mind control". The word "govern" means to control and "ment" or "mentis" means mind in Latin. Your TV and movie screens were never invented to inform you or entertain you, not even a little bit. Your screens and all media exist to control the repetitive content of what enters your mind's eye, which in turn controls your thoughts, perceptions, ideas and behaviors. It's that simple. Two demonstrations of mind control are below.... 


I've done 2 previous Illuminati Mind Control Movie Reviews with Gal Gadot. One is Wonder Woman 1984 and one is Red Notice. Now there's something very odd about Gal Gadot. The depth of this one odd thing can't be discussed here in great detail because it involves a very ancient battle between male and female energies on this planet. In both movie reviews I've done prior, involving Gadot, the themes of female dominance over males are front and center in my reviews.  

Again, in this movie, we do see Gadot taking on the superior and dominant female position over the male, as many females have done in our ancient past. (like SHIVA destroyer of worlds) What we're seeing is more proof that time isn't a straight line and that time is actually circular, like a many ancient calendars (like some Aztec calendars) are circles. Are certain things like the bible good at predicting the future because time is a circle? A good question. What we're seeing here, documented in this film, is either a natural rebirth of female domination on the planet or a fabricated attempt to trigger that cycle through indoctrination, brainwashing and mind control. Regardless, this film is RIPE with female domination over the male, in a way that's frankly fabricated, fantastical, laughable and illusionary. 

The film HEART OF STONE opens and ends with the most frequent brainwashing content in all Hollywood film, which is coffee and alcohol. The first scene is a glass tumbler full of hard liquor, which quickly escalates into a full party scene on the top of a ski resort. The alcohol and party imprints are in the hundreds of repetitions at that point. Don't forget repetition accounts for 85% of all mind control, as the subconscious is designed to repeat, copy, emulate and mimic the most repetitive content in it environment. Take out coffee cups riddle the last scene in the movie, and this is done purposely of course, as the Illuminati needs the slaves caffeinated and under the influence of alcohol to farm them efficiently. Coffee and alcohol of course continue to make their appearance throughout the film, to increase the mind control of the slave class via repetitive content. Coffee cups, coffee mugs, coffee machines and coffee shops are the #1 most frequent imprint in all Hollywood film, so mission accomplished pretty quickly for the most important mind control aspects of any Illuminati funded film. After that poisoning agenda is accomplished, the producers move on to some other side order to drive more mind control into the fertile subconscious of the slave class. Yes, movies and TV shows aren't there to entertain, they're there to entrain. They're not there to inform, they exist to misinform. 

We quickly see Gal Gadot's character STONE turn down a male who finds her attractive, glorying the tough and heartless female who is too powerful to handle any courting with the weak male buffoon. Just more anti male/female domination programming for the female to falsely download into her fertile subconscious. That one weak male enters the film again about 10 minutes after, as Gadot quickly man handles him to steal his sled, so she can go save another man from harm......and kill 5 other men with ease in the process. Saved by the female AGAIN, just like in Avenger's Infinity War where FAT THOR is saved by Super Girl. These are very dangerous ideas for the female to live out. The theme of weak faceless men being no match for the strong female is coming close to the #2 or #3 theme in all Hollywood film over the last 10 years. The reason for this is very clever and is documented below.

The Illuminati want the female alone and single, without male protection (as the forgone conclusion to this anti male programming) so that ancient ruling groups can easily remove the female and steal the children for reprogramming........which is the ancient and evil end goal of this anti male/female strength mind control psy-op. The Illuminati hate the strong males and don't care for the female whatsoever. This agenda is all about getting the kids alone in the field with their mothers (who think they can kick anyone's ass due to this females are strong illusion programming) in order that the female get her teeth knocked out and her children removed by force because the female was brainwashed into believing that they can make it all on her own. GAL Gadot (has GOD hidden in her last name) is trying to sell the GAL (the female) as the new GOD, a SHIVA the destroyer figure. Films like this that portray the strong female aren't bringing women to an empowered state but in fact are trying to separate male and female energies, in order that the children are more easily exploited....absent of the strong and protective force on the planet, which is the moral and ethical male force. 

This film of course is littered with violence and trauma, which is proven to place the audience into a fear-based reaction via the limbic system (the fight or flight system). This fear reaction system, when active, can make anyone much more susceptible to all forms of mind control, as is recounted in the best documentary ever made on the subject.......TRANCE - The Cathy O'Brien Story. Psychologist Dr. Joost Meerloo also recounts in his book, that traumatized people do what they're told. When people watch these films and then come out of the theater, they're very prone to do what they're told by government and media........which is why all these trauma based scenes exist in every Hollywood film you've ever watched. 

Word magic is very powerful in film and has a very large impact on the subconscious, which can of course change the behavior of the audience members.......outside their conscious awareness. The title of the film is HEART OF STONE. GAL Gadot's character is STONE. Now this is where it gets odd and ancient really fast. The word heart is an anagram for the word earth and that's because the earth and our hearts are said to be synced together. Now the word STONE is also very interesting. The letter "S" is known as a hieroglyph to represent the snake or serpent. The female vagina was also known to look like a serpent's mouth, when the labia is pulled slightly back. There are connections between the letter S, the serpent and the female in some ancient explanations of this realm.

The letter S can also denote electrical magic or lightening, according to my researched understanding. When you see a word beginning with the letter S, simply remove the S and look at the rest of the word. Like SWORD for example, with the S removed you get word........and words are electric vibrations that can indeed become weapons in word magic. STONE equates to S-TONE or a serpent vibration and even the word STONE spelled backwards is e-nots or e-notes.....which again indicates a vibration or frequency that is magic, as the letter "e" represents the magic electricity in many ancient texts. E is the 5th letter of the alphabet. The 5 or the E can be known as the 5th element on this planet, AKA....the magic ether or the invisible magic. Regardless of how you want to put those ideas together, I don't see anything positive with a vibration of STONE directed at anyone's heart or the earth etc etc. This film is a tsunami of mind control that is both simple and complex, all at the same time. 

I would like to give this trash fire display of word magic and mind control 9 masonic aprons out of a possible 10. So much was accomplished in this movie outside the consciousness awareness of the audience. The movie programs females to get rid of their weak ass men, it programs men to become killers, the movie programs females to be single and work for the government as an assassin, it programs both genders to believe that killing for the government isn't really murder and that if you kill for the government, you're still a really good person at the end of the day, it normalizes murder, violence and death, it normalizes the consumption of the most effective mind control substances ever researched (coffee and alcohol) and it throws in some ancient word magic that wraps the entire production up in a creepy anti male, anti God, anti earth, pro death, anti heart and snake vagina vibration/SHIVA the destroyer theme......that may even be above my pay grade. Watch out for false idols....eye-dolls.......dolls for your eyes. My name is Jason Christoff and this is the Illuminati Mind Control Movie Review. Thank you for reading. 

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