Mind Control Movie Review - Red Notice (with The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot)

Jul 16, 2023


It's not entirely safe to expose yourself to this sort of mind control programming because no one is immune to it but I'm making a brand-new offering this fall that involves the mind control easily found in such films.......so I sat down to watch it. I needed the material for my teachings. The primary finding is relatively easy to lock down, which is...males are weak, men are bad and females are super strong and are never in need of male protection because men can't be trusted.

This mind control theme has been prominent in a good percentage of Hollywood mind control cinema over the last couple of decades, effectively achieving its intended goals. Women are de coupling from their less spiritually strong male protectors. Males of course have been mind-controlled equally in another direction.....to end up playing video games while high, only taking the occasional break to masturbate, as they lay castrated on all levels in their mother's basement. Obviously decoupling from such male children in adult bodies is only made easier with the fantasy that women can physically man handle both the Rock and Ryan Reynolds. Not only does the 5'10'' female super star of this movie man handle the 6'5" Johnson and 6'2" Reynolds with ease, she also outsmarts them every step of the way. Both men are portrayed as untrustworthy defectives on almost every level. Both men recount as well that both their fathers were also defective assholes, to add enough "anti male" programming into the mix that could choke a rhino.

This anti male programming coupled with this super girl cinema fantasy programming helps drive male and female further apart, which is only half of the mind control agenda here. The other half is taking out the female later in the game (in real life) as she sits with her children alone, as a single parent. The people organizing this mind control buffet know that their choice prize isn't the male or the female......it's the children. You must castrate the male and make the male untrustworthy. Then you set up a surrogate protective male authoritarian force in government and big corporations, to draw the single female toward the very force that's intent on destroying them. Nurse, teacher, teacher's aid, nurses aid, social worker, email pusher and now with affirmative action inititives.....the single female can find refuge in a plethora of fake feel-good safe occupations with her new father figure BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT. Once the female believes she doesn't need a real man for protection, she'll quickly set up a one-way abusive relationship with government and big corp, who will dominate her in a way that would make conventional patriarchy look like a healthy loving relationship. At that point, big brother and big corp team up to destroy the single female......in order to get to the children, for a round of mind control that our society will never recover from.

In this film we also get our fair share of MK ULTRA trauma based mind control killing and gore (proven to cause brain damage in the frontal lobe), along with your typical alcohol and coffee placements......in order to keep the slave class sedated on the most effective alpha brain wave substances ever launched at the unsuspecting movie watcher. The stars of such trash fire productions will easily be disposed of in the future, when they become surplus to requirement, as dead men (and women) tell no tales to the next generation. I would give this mind control action bonanza RED NOTICE a 20 out of a possible free masonic score of 33. This sort of "female kicks everyone's ass" genre film has been done over and over again for decades. Thanks for trying to drive the population into extinction by separating the genders, so that our culture is weak and open for takeover. We see you, your smoke and mirrors mind control tricks are no longer working and we're bonding harder now than ever before. If anyone is having a hard time bonding, having kids, feeling safe, loving or keeping their marriage together.....these types of trash fire brainwashing spectacles won't help you turn things around. This is Jason Christoff for The Mind Control Movie Review. Thank you for listening.


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