Emergency Post - Canada's Evil Infestation

Oct 06, 2023

I'm Canadian and I also travel the world. I've investigated and done extensive research into the ancient death cult that masquerades as our world governments, regardless of what fake country you call home. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the evil infestation Canada is currently experiencing is next level. I don't usually stop a vacation to pen any articles, as I also need to recharge to be my best, but what i was sent yesterday warrants a full public criminal investigation of all Canadian government staffers involved and the most severe punishments imaginable. I endorse punitive measures that fit the crime, and these could be the most evil crimes in many years.... executed by weak and soulless humans. There's a special place in hell for the evil people involved with this attack on the children.

I've written many articles about the government school system and what it's designed to do to children. The government school system is designed to destroy a child's ability to fend for themselves and live independent lives. The dependent by-products of such a structure grow up to be adults who also can't fend for themselves or live independent lives. Humans aren't born this broken or this infantile. They need to be manufactured by design and engineered to be this messy, this inverted and this psychopathic. This is what the government school system is famous for. The transformation of the once powerful human lion into a weak, dependent and infantilized human sheep. The government school system is a slave production factory, based on blind obedience to authority and the incineration of all human potential. 

The teachers directly involved with the video I'm about to link in this article are the absolute soulless end product I'm referring to. These teachers are actively involved in psychopathic undertakings and evil of the highest order, but they do nothing other than sit there because they themselves have been processed through this military grade, slave training obedience camp during their youth. Any teacher who believes that they are doing good and altruistic work for their communities is either a) lying to themselves in order to avoid the pain of their true reality or b) being intellectually dishonest, in regards to never educating themselves as to the true nature of the Prussian school system they take payment from. 

I've drawn the cause-and-effect pathways of evil in our society many times in my career (with over 3000 articles to my name) and I can tell you that the vast majority of evil in our world can be traced back in root cause to the government school system. There are very few solutions at this point other than removing your children immediately from this system of disempowerment and rot, in order that this entire shit system collapses under its own black magic weight, into the pits of hell from where it came.

What has got me so fired up, you may ask?  GO AHEAD CLICK HERE. I couldn't even share this short video with my closest friend yesterday because it's so disturbing. I reached out to two experts as well to verify that it was authentic, and it was. One of the two experts I reached out to even knew the gentleman's name, who addressed the school board. It's beyond disturbing. I've been doing this for over 20 years and this video gave me feelings of extreme discomfort....and I get sent the most insane videos from around the world daily. It's enough to make Satan himself run in the opposite direction because of fear, it's that evil. THIS CLIP SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. It's pure darkness, plain and simple. Anyone involved with this attack on children is a card-carrying Satanist by proxy and they need to be dealt with immediately.

I could go on and on at this point but I will keep this short. Half of my friends work for the government, many are teachers. I told them to start their own businesses so they could exit the system 3 years ago but most just got cozy once again inside the government illusion....after many injected themselves with poison, to show their loyalty to the government death cult. Each government occupation is the exact same whether the people working those occupations want to admit it or not. Each government position is charged with the destruction of our society, in some way.....whether directly or indirectly. Sometimes it's obvious like the schoolteachers and board members involved in this particular case and sometimes it's not so obvious..........like when a nice police officer showed up to my 28-year place of business to close me down in March of 2020, for a virus never proven to exist. Thanks for shutting my business down based on a lie, but don't worry, they won't attack you......said no one ever. Read a history book, they come for everyone eventually. Evil spares no one, not even her loyal foot soldiers. 

We have a massive million plus army of dependent government order followers getting up every morning and putting in 10-hour days to turn our society into something that would make Satan himself blush with envy. It's a mess out there, but not because humans were designed by God to be this psychopathic and this inverted, but because we all have allowed pure unbridled evil to steal our money via taxes and give it out to soulless graduates of the government school system......to conduct a type of evil that would send shivers down the devil's spine. Did you even know that there's an ancient secret religion based on inversion? That's the spell our society is currently under. Pure inversion. Up is down. Black is white. Good is evil and parents having sex with their own children is now being funded by your tax dollars inside government schools. Learn about the inversion cult in the short talk below...

If you'll sit through this without taking action, you'll sit through anything......and "anything" is well on its way, which means anyone who will sit and do nothing in regards to this obvious display of child sacrifice, won't survive more than 5 more years at this point. There are solutions here as well......for people who what to do what's right instead of what's easy. Those simple solutions are listed below. Start where you are, do what you can, use what you have. 

1) contact Tasha Fishman (Canada's leading authority on unschooling) and get your kids out of government school. One on my friends sold his BMW and moved into a smaller house in order to get his kids out of government school. That's what needs to be done to protect our children from evil. Get them out, regardless of the cost.

2) start showing up to the schools and seeing what the f&^k is going on in there

3) become a reporter - start a blog, start a vlog, start a group, have monthly meetings, take action, spread the word, get together, fight evil, practice morality, look evil in the eye and don't move an inch, stand your ground, protect the innocent, the defenseless and the weak

4)  this ancient group are masters of stealing your power through poisoning, indoctrination and mind control. This is why most people sit there broke with their hands down their pants, doing nothing but watching TV, working shitty jobs they don't like, guzzling brain damaging coffee and drinking cancer causing alcohol. If you want to break out of doing exactly what the TV and government tells you to do, in order that you destroy your own potential and the potential of your own children, come work with me directly.....this Saturday. Click here to come melt into my knowledge and bond with your new tribe. Hop to it. When they're teaching kids to have sex with their parents in government school,.... how much time do you really think you have left, to learn and take action? Come on, let's go. Do something,

5) attend the next MILLION MARCH FOR CHILDREN - and make sure you are counted as against the sexualization of children. If you want to know the end goal of such blatant evil in our schools, please watch THE VIDEO LINKED HERE. Having sex with children is proven to place them under the deepest forms of mind control and this is the end game of all the government hyper sexualization of the children. The end goal is to have sex with children openly in our society, in order to produce the most mind-controlled generation in recorded history.

I've been doing this for 20 years. I started talking about the lie-ahria of vaccinations, which allowed me to learn how this entire poison and mind control structure really operates. I do everything I do to save children from evil. Step between evil and the children. It's the only reason you're here. Break out of your compliant gov-love mind control. These dependent gov-love order followers will attack you in a milli-second if given the order. Most government order followers have already poisoned and attacked themselves with the fake COVID-19 vaccines, so if these folks are murdering and crippling themselves on cue, they'll have no hesitation doing the same to you....if given the command. Look at these teachers, teaching kids to have sex with their own parents (or at least turning a blind eye to the promotion of it) and also teaching children that there's more than 2 genders. My God, the installation of evil into a dependent order follower is child's play. That's why the government school system has aways existed. To produce an army of non-questioning order followers, for evil to puppeteer from on high.

Take action, Do something.  Watch the video below so you can see just how easy it is for the government  and media to mind control parents to kill their own children. No one is immune from mind control. Start looking at your own actions and make sure you're not being tricked into destroying yourself and your own kids. This only ends when every person in our society decides to place morality over money and starts to decline evil's handouts and big pay cheques, in exchange for blatant child sacrifice. 

Come work with me, you still have time. Click the picture below to investigate. 


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