2024 - What I'm Doing To Survive and Thrive

Jan 09, 2024

I've been building my 5 pillars of strength for a very long time. Those 5 pillars of strength are what's going to help me survive and thrive in 2024. I've been using the same strategy for the many decades prior as well. This year I'm taking it to a whole other level. The 5 pillars of strength are physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and intellectual.

I try to make things as simple as possible. I know that the cabal is failing and I know they're wounded from the big fight they're in to survive. Evil things can't survive in God's realm, so this ancient group of evil doers are very nervous. Wounded animals are dangerous animals, as they take their last gasps of air here on this planet. This means I know (through what's called Natural Law) that this evil group is going to attack a couple more times very aggressively before they finally sink back into the darkness from where they came. This is why in 2024 I've dedicated to strengthening those 5 pillars to a much higher degree. For me to get what I want in life, for myself and my loved ones, this discipline is mandatory. My dedication to those 5 pillars of strength isn't an option, it's an obligation. Suffering is the price, victory is the reward.

When I see people who are overweight, diseased, disempowered, dysfunctional, depressed and dis-oriented I know they weren't born like this. In order to get this many people, this messy, it takes lots of negative social engineering. I also know that evil likes to weaken its victims before evil fights them, which is the exact position most people are in right now. Most people in the former white Anglo strong holds are beyond weak, they've been made weak purposely and now the forces who made them weak are now trying to bait them into a hard-core fight. Sort of like in the movie Gladiator, where the hero Maximus was tied with his hands above his head, before his big fight with the evil emperor Commodus. Commodus (the evil and dark government....somethings never change) knows he's a weak man and he knows he can't win a fight with a strong adversary, so he proceeds to stick Maximus with a knife (puncturing his lung) before the public fight in the colosseum begins. The video is below just so you know how government really works and why the public has been made purposely weak before this fight is to begin.  

In the end, Maximus still kills Commodus in the final battle, even with 1 lung because of course, good and the light always triumphs against evil and the darkness. In order to thrive and survive the last attempts of evil to control the entire population in 2024, you'll need to build your 5 pillars of strength and get ready for whatever they're going to throw at you and your family. The weakest people will be consumed by the evil, as this battle ramps up. You just have to make sure you're not at that lower level. If a bear is chasing you through a camp site, you don't have to run faster than the bear.....you just have to run faster than the person next to you. 

Your financial pillar is something that always needs addressing. I did a full financial make over with one of my students and I describe it in this article. She also eventually become an Overcoming Self Sabotage Coach and now coaches a couple people per month, adding to her small financial victories, which really add up overtime. In my 2 flag ship programs, I focus heavily on improving the strength of your financial pillar, simply because that's extremely weak in most people..........and not because people are born like this. People often have very little money because they've been socially engineered to embrace lack and think of money as dirty, evil and un-spiritual. People are programmed to believe that being poor makes them more noble, ethical and that financial lack reflects their higher moral standards. That's exactly what evil wants people to think before evil picks its historical fight with them. When you live cheque to cheque, evil's pressure often gets the better of you........just like when many people were told to take the COVID injection or they would lose their job. Evil knows how to bait a trap. If you live cheque to cheque, evil set up the entire ambush. That I can guarantee you. If you're lacking financial strength, that's the most important reason to make a change this year.

I take care of my intellectual pillar by researching at least 3 hours per day and sharing that research with my students. I work on my physical strength daily with proper prescriptive exercise programs (modified for my particular body plus my particular imbalances) and I focus heavily on my diet and health habits. Not only do I focus on this myself, I teach my students everything I know about diet and exercise. In my student's coaching library, we even have beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise programs, healthy living guides and of course healthy diet guides..........plus all the reprogramming options my students need to get out of their own way and stop self-sabotaging their own progress, You need to move away from fake teachers in 2024. Fake teachers are people who take money to teach whatever they're told to teach. I teach what I live, I am what I teach. 

The spiritual pillar is fortified by knowing why I'm here, knowing who sent me here and knowing how to fulfill my cosmic electrical role as a male charge down here on what we call planet Earth. There's also a cosmic role for the female. Men aren't here to watch TV, drink alcohol and wear a sport's jersey with some other man's name on the back. Women aren't here to shop, scroll a screen and hurt themselves with butchering cosmetic surgeries and toxic beauty care products that destroy the female's true beauty. The farther away someone is from fulfilling their true cosmic role and embracing their true charge, the more addicted and depressed they will become. That negative feedback is the body's innate wisdom trying to warn the person that they're off the path.

The emotional pillar of strength is about the fine art of keeping calm in unpredictable crisis laced situations, and leaning back into your spiritual pillar that something much larger than you built this place and that you are here for a reason. Emotional strength is about trusting the plan, but not in a Q way........in a way where you know that as long as you do your part and stay on the right-hand path in life, the invisible forces of this realm will reward you and do their part. It's a contract of sorts. If you do your part, the invisible force will do its part. The more you commit to the 5 pillars, the more rewards you get. This is a law of the Universe as true and as strong as the law of gravity. If you want the Universal casino to pay out, you need to walk the right-hand path....inside a life that revolves around the 5 pillars. Be strong and collect your rewards from the Universal casino. Be weak and collect your punishments. 

Now, if you want to learn all this and much more, I suggest taking me on as your mentor 3 times per month for the next 5 months. The price is always affordable with my payment plan. It's a generous payment plan because I need you strong so our culture survives. I can't do it alone. I need you on the strength team and we need to climb success mountain together. You can work with me and your new tribe online from anywhere in the world. All sessions are recorded and placed in your personal client library for you to watch later, if you happen to miss a class here and there. The classes are only 1 hour in length. 

You'll become a Certified Overcoming Self Sabotage Coach but that's not even really that important. What's important is that you'll find out how you really work and how this world really works. After that, you can remove any old programs that aren't serving you and you can drop in new programs that will make you and your family safer, as we enter the final battle. Again, evil is set to lose this battle.

Saying that, evil will indeed consume lots of weak people before the sun shines through once again. Don't be weak. This isn't a time in history to be weak. This isn't a time to be overweight, broke, uninformed, addicted and loving the creature comforts that our controllers riddle throughout the slave camp. If you want to be safe, I have two sentences for you. STRENGTH IS SAFETY and YOU ARE SAFEST WHEN YOU ARE YOUR STRONGEST. I have been studying the group attacking us for 25 years. They're bad people yes but they're weak and they can't win a fight against people who hold full spectrum strength in the 5 key pillar areas. Be strong, Build your 5 pillars of strength. Come work with me and your new tribe. There are only 30 spots of the 100 remaining at this point. We start in 5 days. Click here to find out more or click the picture below. I'll see you on opening day. If you have any questions, please email me personally at [email protected]. Thanks for improving your strength. This is how we'll win. 


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