I Helped This Lady Start Her New Business in 24 Hours - Here's How She Did It

Dec 17, 2023

In all my programs I teach people how to start taking back control of their lives, on many different levels. When I teach, I focus on making sure people improve their personal strength and power, in the 5 most important categories. Those 5 foundational categories of strength and power for life success are physical strength, emotional strength, intellectual strength, spiritual strength and financial strength.

Here's a good example of what I teach in regards to financial strength below, which is an area of growth that most people have a hard time with. With each year that passes, we're all supposed to acquire more knowledge regarding how the important aspects of life work, down here on the planet. If you're growing older and your life is getting harder with each year that passes (instead of easier) it simply means that the behavior and belief programs you're carrying are no longer effective for guiding your life up success mountain.

There are many mentors who teach in this area, in regards to reprogramming our behavior and idea pathways for life success. I'm one of those coaches who dedicate themselves daily to helping others make their climb up success mountain. One of my flagship programs launches Jan 14th 2024 and if you would like to move up success mountain with my new group of 150 people, we would love to see you on the team......but this article isn't an ad for one of my programs. This article is about an amazing lady who started to make the climb, even though she was afraid and even though she was very unsure of herself.

The lady in question was in my last group and she was stuck in many ways, including financially. This isn't a surprise, as our society teaches people to struggle financially. Keeping citizens in financial lack is a key design of our culture's control mechanisms. Financially weak folks are easier to rule, control, dominate, govern, lie to and manipulate. The same can be said for physically weak people, mentally weak people, emotionally weak people and intellectually weak people. This is why this entire system we live within focuses on weakening the population at every turn. It doesn't matter if it's the government school system that's designed to destroy the creativity and the genius potential in the students (in order to produce mental weakness) and it doesn't matter if it's the injection of poison called vaccines, which obviously are designed to destroy the physical strength of the collective..........the only way the current power structure maintains its superior position is by destroying your personal power on all fronts. 

We all live inside this weakness perpetuating system and that includes my student who was complaining that she had no way of making any money, in order to improve her financial strength or her position in life. She currently makes $45,000 per year, working a job that drains her of her energy, her hope and time with her children. I guided her to making an additional $28,000 in her first year, without even opening a business..........as we started to run her life as a business instead. This is how she did it and of course anyone can do the same. Here's how she did it.

I suggested to her that she dedicate to living in some pain and that she dedicate to developing some discipline. See the system of weakness I refer to destroys human potential by teaching the public that life is only about fun, pleasure and pain free living. Oddly enough...fun, pleasure and pain free living are the opposites of discipline and long term success. Making something of yourself and climbing up success mountain will involve pain, failure and ridicule. The pain and sacrifice always comes first. This is why our social engineers make people adverse to pain and sacrifice, because it keeps them as the perfect slave. It's only once you get up to the various base camps on success mountain, that you can have some fun, engage in some pleasure and take a well deserved break. The North American and European comfort coma/party lifestyle (based on perpetual pain avoidance and perpetual pleasure seeking) is not only an ambush and where your best life goes to die.....it's socially engineered by the ruling 1% to keep Joe and Jane Coffee Shop wasting their entire lives doing nothing important.

I suggested to this lady that she learn firsthand the fine art of “nothing changes if nothing changes”. I told her point blank......."if you want change, you need to change, it's not magic, so get to work and face the pain of climbing the mountain, get radical for 1 year and stop thinking someone else is going to drag you up the mountain."

She then started to walk into the pain zone and she started to run her life as a business. Here's what she did....a) she stopped drinking alcohol when eating out and in the home (this saved her $1000 per year) b) she sold some jewelry she didn’t wear anymore ($1200) c) she got a gas card that saved her 4 cents a liter ($400 per year savings d) she turned her heat down 1 degree during the winter (saving $250 per year) e) she drove her bike to work if it wasn’t raining in the summer ($200 per year in savings) f) she got a better deal on her cell phone plan ($350 per year) g) she started to eat two meals per day instead of 3 or 4 ($1500 per year) h) she cancelled her Netflix ($280 saved) i) she brought a grocery bag with her every time she shopped for food ($36 per year saved) j) she sold some furniture and junk from her garage online ($350) k) she stopped drinking take out coffee on the way to work ($600 per year savings) l) she demanded a raise at work, citing that inflation was crushing her ($2000 per year increase……that’s only a $1 raise per hour by the way on a 40 hour work week) and m) she cut her shower time in half ($400 per year in savings)

In the end, the lady who said she didn't have any extra money to work with......saved $8566 in 12 months and she made sure to show me the shoebox she was saving her money in. This was very important psychologically. She also lost 25lbs to increase her physical pillar of strength, going from 3-4 meals per day to 2 meals per day. Yes, she was also overweight as well to start this journey, as many disempowered people are. She developed discipline, better health and an adult based focus. Her mojo was back, her fire was back and her dream machine was running hot. It was never about the $8566......it was about her braking the government/media spell of hopelessness, disempowerment and childlike dependency on others to make things happen in her own life. She was walking tall and had hope, something she didn't have for a very long time. Now she had confidence. Now she started to climb success mountain faster.

Things only got better. She took $600 of her $8600 profit and bought a countertop Berkey Water Filter, which made her even more powerful.......another upgrade to her physical strength. She took $5000 of the remaining $8000 and purchased 2 ounces of gold. She took the remaining $3000 and invested it into 2 crypto currencies advised to her by two different crypto experts. She placed $1500 in a crypto called XRP and another $1500 in crypto called ThorChain (Rune), The gold went up by $500 per ounce, so she made $1000 profit off her two gold coins. The XRP investment doubled, so she made another $1500 there and the ThorChain crypto went up many fold, giving her a return of $12,187. Wow, right, I was like........crap, I should have bought some of that. ha ha 

She was now in business and now she was ready for the next step, as her guiding philosophy was very simple. RUN MY LIFE LIKE IT'S A BUSINESS. She then started to talk about self-sabotage and  psychology on her social media.......just interesting facts, videos, articles etc. That's when she became an educator on success mountain. She started helping others find their power. That started getting people's attention. Energy flows where attention goes. 

She didn't have her own product to sell yet so she started to sell my two flag ship programs, via my affiliate program......where I would pay her $300 USD for every student that signed up from her efforts. I suggested another 2-3 affiliate programs that my friends offer, which she started to utilize. Over the next twelve months, she brought in over $3000 in affiliate commissions.

All said and done..........the lady who said she couldn't make any financial changes was now up $28,000. She's now started a paid membership site where she teaches mothers and young ladies how to take control of their lives and build their 5 pillars of strength, using much of the material I taught her in my own program, which she is completely permitted to do. Anyone who works with me is permitted to literally steal any of my work to help them make it up the mountain. She making about $2000 per year now from her paid membership site. Her goal for next year is $35,000 and then $50,000 in the next year etc. She's well on her way. She's on fire! Not bad for a lady making $45,000 per year (working a job she doesn't enjoy) who said she was stuck and that her dream machine was broken. She stopped making excuses and she burnt her membership card to the itty bitty shitty committee. Her old life is now over and her new life has begun. She's left the child-based dependency and hopelessness behind. Now she climbs the mountain right next to me. I'm proud to have her on the mountain with me and I'm proud of everyone else who are brave enough to lead the way. 

Here's a link to all my programs. Click here. My flagship program, where I certify people as Overcoming Self Sabotage Coaches goes LIVE Jan 14th 2024. You could also become an affiliate of that program and make $300 per sale, by emailing my assistant Chris at [email protected]. You could also start by investing in yourself and increasing your personal power with any of the home study programs I offer on this page. Sometimes it's about just starting with anything, just start! In 2024, do what the lady above did. Find your power, focus your magic, learn some discipline, push away the pleasure based North American lifestyle, embrace some minor struggles and make your life better. If not you, who? If not now, when? Make it happen. I'll see you up on success mountain with the rest of the team.


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