Woman Writes Me About My Latest Article

Jun 02, 2023

My latest article highlighted one mind control-based attack launched at the female long ago. The title of that article was "The Overly Sexualized Female and The Death of Marriage". You can read this article by clicking here. I've received many glowing reviews of the article, around 20 people at this time have written me, most of them women. 

One of the women who wrote me had a very interesting story to share, in regards to females getting tricked into destroying themselves inside the mind control matrix we call society. Her communication to me is below, shared with her permission...

"Fantastic article Jason! Thank you!!!

I’d like to share a personal story. I know you don’t have much time for it, so I’ll try to be quick.
When I was 14, I almost starved myself to oblivion. I was 35kg at 172cm. I hated myself. I thought I could never be good enough unless I was thin and beautiful enough. I overcame it by force, when my parents threw me into a psychiatric clinic, where I lived for 4 months until I was a normal weight.
Fast forward to 21.

I landed the position as art director of Harpers Bazaar. It didn’t take long for me to realise I was perpetuating the lie that almost killed me when I was a teen, so I left. I couldn’t cope with the ridiculousness of it all; covering up imperfections to make women believe it was achievable without Photoshop and a team of retouchers, making women chase after the next outfit, the next shoe, the next bag, the next surgery (because the one they just spent months saving for was already ‘passe’), and on and on and on into a dark void of nothingness. I couldn’t stand it, so I left and moved as far away as possible. I was told (also and mainly by my editor) how crazy I was, how there was a queue of people lining up for my position, how I’d lose the ‘clothes', the position, the ‘perks’. But f@ck it. It is the most unsustainable, unfulfilling, toxic lifestyle anyone could chase! And that’s all it is. A continuous chase to be satisfied and fulfilled, without ever actually arriving at the destination.
I also noticed that all those women around me were single or separated and deeply miserable, despite all of their outwardly attempts to show otherwise. I caught my editor crying alone in her office on many occasions. None could hold a relationship. None had children, and the ones who did had nannies raising them. I was told that this was the life we had chosen. I just knew that this was all wrong.
Further to your article, oversexualized females ruin our marriages (by ‘our’ I mean women who aren’t walking around like an ‘orgasm on legs'). Our husbands permanently infatuated by and comparing us to them. It was only yesterday that two women literally jumped my husband in the street. It’s sickening… Love has been taken out of the equation.
Not to mention they’ve made motherhood look uncool. Obviously having kids isn’t glamorous. It’s exhausting, it’s time consuming, it’s messy. So husbands end up looking at their wives / mothers of their children in disgust instead of admiration. Enter stage the ‘woman in the red dress’, and voila! There’s success for Satan right there! 
Thank you for the article Jason, it was on point as always!
We need more alpha males like you standing up for us!"



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