Why Your Child Is Depressed and Lacking Hope

May 22, 2024

Children take in 10 times the environmental signals/stimuli as adults and that means they're more aware of what's going on around them than adults. The human subconscious can process billions of data points per second; to provide a clear "emotional" picture of the world around it and you can't fool the subconscious......as the subconscious is the primary information processing unit inside our human nervous system. If our environment is dangerous, hopeless and meaningless.......a child's subconscious is going to feel that immediately in only milliseconds. 

Children are well aware on a subconscious level that they're living inside an ambush. although they will usually have a hard time verbalizing it or trying to express it to their parents........simply because their parents keep telling their children that participating in the ambush is the best life they can ever hope for. The subconscious can feel the slavery, can feel the ambush, can feel the hopeless and can feel the futility of training to become an obedient order follower drone bot inside the matrix of broken dreams. 

Kids also see that many of their parents traded in their own dreams and innate human potential long ago, for scraps off master's table. This doesn't help the environmental signaling at all, as most parents just sit there complaining about their lives, wasting their time watching a screen and sedating themselves with the pleasure chemicals of the day that slave master purposely riddles throughout the slave camp.....to keep the slaves dumbed down, sedated and tranquilized to their misery. (coffee, alcohol, marijuana, sugar etc etc.)

Yes, kids are depressed because the human body uses depression as a warning signal to inform the person who owns the body.....that they're off the right-hand path in life and that they're heading for disaster. In our society, like any other time when someone is feeling that their soul is leaving because of a miserable slave like existence, we tell the children that they're malfunctioning and to take some lobotomizing chemicals so they don't feel the ambush so much......and so the kids can kick the can of their own enslavement a couple more miles down the road, until the child breaks in some other way.

After the child breaks down a couple miles down the road, we throw some more lobotomizing chemicals at them or hope that they pick up the same TV, coffee or alcohol addictions that their parents use to deal with their enslavement. We call this the good life. Parents call this raising and loving their children. This is why our children are depressed. This is also why our society is failing and also why most people (not just children) are overweight, addicted, diseased, broke and listless. This isn't the good life. This is a 75-year prison sentence, inside an invisible jail cell made of lies, falsities and untruths.....with no chance of freedom because most everyone else is believing that being a sedated slave is the best they can do.

Now, when I teach children the truth of these matters, I'm not as sharp, direct or forward with them. That's for sure. To teach children the truth of this world, you must soften the edges. If you're looking to help your children become happy in life, things are going to have to change and what children learn about this world will have to be truthful. The truth shall set you free. The truth will also bring all humans happiness, including children. I teach once per year to the youth, ages 13-22. Click here to learn more. It's inexpensive, it's rapid and it's effective. Don't wait, take action and love your kids out of the slave system. They will thank you later for it. 


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