What Is Soul Harvesting?

May 23, 2024

I've heard this phrase many times, over the years, during my betterment journey. Many people, including myself, don't really know what "soul harvesting" means exactly but if you think about it (even on the most superficial level) it becomes somewhat easy to put together.

First of all, soul is most likely related to the word soleil in French, which means the sun. The sun is energy and of course the sun blasts the earth with its life-giving sunlight during what we call the day. In basic masonic code even the word "day" starts with the number 5, which is the number that actually represents what's called the 5th element on the planet. The 5th element is the invisible magic on this earth, which animates all the other 4 earth elements.......which are ground, water, fire and air. The reason "day" starts with the masonic code 5 is that "d" is the 4th letter of the alphabet and "a" is the first letter. Basic masonic code equates each letter to a number and then adds up the numbers. (4 +1 = 5)

We also have the bottom of the foot called the "sole" and that's most likely because it's been shown that the earth itself can provide valuable electrons (healthy electricity) into the human body through the sole (or soul) of the foot. The word soleil means sun, power or electricity. The word day carries some symbology equating to electricity, as the 5th element is also known as the ether or magical life-giving electricity. And the bottom of the foot is called "the sole", where valuable health providing electrons can be transferred into the body via electrical current from mother earth, the mother to us all. Our soul is our electrical flow or electrical current.

We also see that the word soldier is actually sol-dier, which can indicate the spiritual contract involved when someone takes currency to conduct such activity. (governments stealing electricity from the public and giving it over to other folks, so those other folks can kill, enslave or bully the public) Soldier means death of the soul, the sun, the light, the energy and the information always carried by the light. Plants don't just grow because of the energy the sun gives them. Plants grow because light also carries information and genetic code activators. 

Electrical flow can power a machine. We all know that. Plug in a vacuum cleaner and it runs. Get some batteries into a remote control car and it races down the street outside your house. We as humans are walking solar collectors. We are walking energy reservoirs, which have the ability to power any motherboard, city, agenda, conspiracy or machine that's in front of us........but only if we are willingly to give our energy to that endeavor. Currently there are many machines and agendas operating in our societies. Each machine is a separate agenda and it's those agendas that many people are giving their power to, in one way or other. 

Soul harvesting involves us getting our energy siphoned off into something else, rather than our own personal goals, lives and aspirations. Let's take a government public school teacher getting paid to teach kids one or more aspects of the government's official agenda for our youth. Without the soul energy of the teacher, the government machine would stop running. The teacher is one of many teacher batteries that powers this government machine or agenda. This is soul harvest. The teacher is lending her or his energy, soul, soleil, light, value, fuel or battery to powering the government's dark, ugly and rotting agenda toward the children. And it's obviously not government in the classical definition of the word because no parent or citizen is going to willingly vote for or endorse the extinction of their own species. Something darker is afoot and many people can't move away because of the remote current/currency control of their souls by corrupt government and mind control media sources. 

Regardless if the teacher is indoctrinating children to believe that there's more than two genders (which of course there's not) or whether the teacher is wrapping white racism in a well disguised cloak of Marxist critical race theory.....the energy of the teacher (their soul) is being channeled toward the death of the children, because teaching a child to cut off their own reproductive organs or teaching children to engage in homosexual masturbation (sorry.....I can't call it sex because sex carries reproduction potential).......it's all about extinction. If someone wants to have gay sex, that's up to them but they can't argue against the fact that if everyone did the same, our species goes extinct. If you want to have gay pride parades in the future, someone is going to have to have reproductive sex. Don't tell this to someone under the electrical current control of the government powered machine because the person who has lost their original soul, will have a new dark soul, tied directly to the government's agenda.......and if you threaten that agenda and threaten the black hole sun that's powering their new tech soul, you threaten their life on this new dark tech planet that's being built around us. Light vs dark. It's a battle people aren't fully comprehending.  

All the agendas, regardless of what souls are being harvested to power these agendas, they're all about extinction and an incineration of life. If you're teaching extinction, you're teaching an inversion of the natural order, which by dictionary definition is Satanism. Satanism is nothing more than anti-life principles made into official government or cultural policy. I'm not even a biblical man. Satanism is a well-known inversion of any principle tied to the continuation of life. If everything you're doing will result with less life in yourself (like injecting poison into yourself) or less life in your community (using mind control to make children destroy their reproductive capacity) well by definition.......that's Satanism, which just means that person is embracing death centric principles on some level. It's not an insult or misuse of the word. It's just a description of what's happening, using our language in the way that it's designed to be used.

The soul harvest is upon us, where the energy of the LIVE world (because we need to eat live things to make ourselves alive) is being redirected into destroying all life on the planet, inch by inch and policy by policy. It's sort of the same concept where a kung-fu master teaches his students to work with the energy of the attacker's punch. We are LIVE animals and yet it appears that we're being soul harvested to power death centric, anti-life and inverted Satanic agendas.......which are inversions of the principles that power all life on this planet. Our life is being used to destroy life. Our battery is being used to destroy all other batteries. It's as clever as it is sinister. From Bill Gates wanting to inject poison into everyone on earth to the same mentally defective Gates wanting to block out the sun with chemicals proven to cause humans massive brain damage......and all the way to the legalization of hard drugs in British Columbia Canada.... to the over 70 million abortions on earth every year..........people are really into death and not so much into life, which is a really big problem for anyone or anything wanting to stay alive here on planet earth. 

The point of this article is for you to ask yourself how much of your soul, energy or electricity is being stolen (or volunteered) to run these anti life, anti-family, anti-God and anti-children machines or agendas. I teach people how to stop giving their energy, money, value and focus to this ugly, dark and rotting system inside all my programs. I have one program for adults and one for youth, ages 13-22. They both start soon and they're already half full. If we don't learn more and take action on this new knowledge, then nothing will change......and our death centric satano-celebration will simply continue on this planet. Let's get out of this together. Let's at least try to understand that we're being sold extinction and that we shouldn't be cheerleading it regardless of what altruistic words or colors it's cloaked in. Thank you for reading this article. 


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