WEF Actor In Canada At It Again

Nov 13, 2023

It's all psychology. What we're seeing today (the public lining up to murder themselves and the finely scripted political/media stage productions, which are fueling this act of mass voluntary euthanasia)......it's all based on psychological manipulation.

With COVID booster uptake at a rock bottom 7% across North America (with most of that 7% being the attempted euthanasia of seniors in care homes), the WEF actor Justin Trudeau is at it once again setting out on another cross-country propaganda tour to drive the death rates into the stratosphere. Trudeau's performance is enough to make Satan himself giggle and spin away with envy.

How did Trudeau develop such a stone-cold personality? Well, we need go no farther than Cathy O'Brien's testimony about Pierre Elliot Trudeau (former Canadian Prime Minister) in the documentary TRANCE  Mind Control and Human Slavery - The Cathy O'Brien Story. We also hear of the father of Justin Trudeau mentioned in more detail, within a recent interview Cathy O'Brien did with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. These are not the leaders who run our countries. These people (people like Trudeau) are the PR wing of the group who really runs all our countries. 

Lights, camera, action (video below)...........Justin Trudeau :"gets" both the COVID shot and the flu shot all at once, but of course there's no video of him actually taking the injections. That's because of the legal implications his group knows are coming, in regards to such blatant propaganda. The Trudeau propaganda team also knows that if someone is still considering getting these shots, their IQ is so south of the midline, that it won't matter the quality of the propaganda currently in play.

At this point the ruling group (working covertly off camera) also knows that they can't take any chances on faking the shots with a needle not going in the arm or filling the shots with saline. The director, producer and actor in this "it's time for your next jab" movie production decided that they couldn't risk a whistle blower spilling the beans on another fake injection folly, so it was just best to say that Trudeau took the shots off screen. That's where this entire Hollywood stage production of "monkey see/monkey do" stopped. As a viewer, you're meant to simply assume that Trudeau's taken an injection that has so far killed approximately 250,000 people in the US alone. Yes of course, he took an injection designed to kill. And if you believe that, you're in much more trouble than I could ever describe here on the blog. In fact, if you believe Trudeau took both the COVID and flu shot in this propaganda piece, you most likely won't be around this time next year.

Let's take a look at just how low this group will go to, in order to murder more people and steal their property. That's what communism is of course. It's theft of property dressed up as socialism, equality, levelling the playing field and bringing the low man up to a better standard of living. I was speaking to a lady last night who spent 50 years of her 85-year life under communist rule in Latvia. I was talking through a translator who spoke Russian, English and Latvian. The 85 year-old lady said, "the communists came and killed most of the businesspeople, stole their property and took it as their own, saying it was for the state and for the betterment of the people, but we knew it was a lie, if you said anything, you were next to be removed..........the business people they didn't kill were sent to Siberia, never to be seen or heard of again." 

You're in a communist takeover ladies and gentlemen and that means THEFT is the goal (as it always is) and MURDER is how that THEFT is going to take place. You have front row seats unfortunately and it's much easier to steal a society's property and execute people in the way they're being executed...when the population is dependent, infantilized, overweight, sick and obsessed with entertainment instead of education. So obviously you can see how much trouble we're in at this point in time. Trudeau of course in the video below is doing what he's paid to do, accelerating the death rate (and the theft of pensions/social contracts payouts) through classic propaganda, mind control and brainwashing. If the seniors are dead, you don't have to pay them what was promised in the social contracts...and of course seniors are always first on the vaccine chopping block in the "care" homes, a place where the seniors are overwhelmingly systematically poisoned off the planet. This group's need for control always migrates into the realm of murder, plunder and what's often referred to as Satanism.....very quickly throughout history.

There's so much to talk about in the video above. Everything from the parent of a dead child not understanding what vaccines are really for..... all the way to that same parent clinging onto the Liberal Government for the same reasons that bank tellers fell in love with their bank robber captors in Stockholm Sweeden. Again, from seniors believing that their doctors and the government care for them.....all the way to parents lining up to poison themselves and their children (to complete a historical cycle of death, theft and corruption on this planet), everything I mention in most of my articles is based on psychological manipulation.

People who don't know how they can be mind controlled and brainwashed, aren't having a good time right now and will have a much harder time in the near future. The lady in the video above isn't the first lady to believe that injecting poison into her children will make them healthier. Click here for the truth about vaccines. Video below of one set of parents killing two of their children and crippling the third for life because of this vaccine mind control programming, courtesy of government school, media and government policy. Poison can't anyone healthier. Poison doesn't work like that.

How powerful is the type of mind control flying out our political offices and out of our TV screens? Let's put it this way, there was a CIA representative called to Congress to testify about mind control experiments being done in the 1950's, funded by the US government. (with many of the experiments going on in Canada as well) When asked about the effectiveness of these experiments this CIA representative said..........we have developed enough knowledge in this area where we could, given enough time, convince anyone to murder their own parents and eat them in a stew". Read that again. I hope you now know why I talk about this subject so much. 

The parent in the video above has unfortunately been directly involved with the death of her own child. The belief that poisons make living things healthier was set into her via mind control. Given how strong that mind control belief can be, she faces the camera and begs all other parents of the world to inject poison into their own children....because she did to hers and her child passed away. When injected poison kills a child, the same mind control program tells a parent to blame anything else but the injected poison. We see this all the time. This sort of mind control is so strong, so precise and so hard to face (for obvious reasons) that it's often simply easier to go along with it than to recognize just how far onto the left-hand path we've been led by the mind control. This is child sacrifice and it happens all the time.

If you're looking to learn more about mind control, brainwashing, psychological manipulation and behavior modification......click my picture below. Set yourself up to work in this field, teaching people this very valuable information. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your kids and protect your future......with knowledge. This is Jason Christoff signing off from Planet Mind Control. Thank you for listening. 



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