Ugly People and Marxist Philosophy

Jul 29, 2023

Ugly people will generally have a harder time on this planet than perfectly symmetrical people, unless they adapt to the harsh and sometimes unfair conditions of this realm and evolve skills that help them survive. After transcending, adapting, and evolving...... those unsymmetrical people (of poor genetic expression) could successfully transcend those unfair conditions, which could have very well destroyed them very early on in the game. The basis of Marxist philosophy stops halfway through the first sentence and just focuses on the unfair conditions of this realm, which often trap people in their perpetual misery... if they're not taught to deal effectively with the lessons that intense challenges can bring them.

In Marxist philosophy there's no room for growth, evolution, change, adapting, rising up, blazing your own path, or acquiring lessons from the pain teacher. Marxist philosophy (although originally economic) basically focuses on the person who sits there and doesn't want to evolve, grow, transcend, progress, learn from their pain, or make their shitty circumstances better through leading by potentially others could mimic their strategy for transcending their misery. Marxist philosophy revolves around the poor person saying they're poor, the ugly person saying they're ugly, the depressed person saying they're depressed, the disempowered person saying they're disempowered etc........and then all of them demanding in unison "someone else fix it, now, this is your fault, not mine, put your energy into my life because I refuse to put my own energy into solving my own problems".

Marxist philosophy on its very face is wholeheartedly infantile and removes the factors of human potential, human evolution and human ingenuity from the equation. Marxist philosophy appears based on the child part of the mind that refuses to grow up beyond the stage where parents or a secondary authority figure is charged with the task of making everything better. The more infantile a society becomes, the more they drift toward this extremely destructive way of thinking and the more a society drifts toward Marxist philosophy the more infantile and self-destructive it becomes. If you give a child $1000 and let them loose in the grocery store, they'll most likely kill themselves with junk food and shallow pleasures because they don't have emotional, financial or spiritual self-regulation. Our society is Marxist at its very foundations and it's acting much worse than a child in a grocery story with $1000, it's acting like that exact child with full access to the entire planet, with hundreds of trillions to spend on a self-destructive infantile pleasure based, comfort coma rampage. Acting, talking and thinking as a child in our adults the zenith of Marxist philosophy. 

Marxist philosophy is simple on many levels. Economic Marxism is based on the insistence that because one mentally defective infantilized member of society sits on their ass "economically broke" asking for someone else to take care of them financially, that you have to become poor yourself, in order to castrate yourself of all hope. altruistic economic pursuit or courageous a form on penance for living in the same society where a small handful of people just don't want to grow up. Cultural Marxism follows the same principles. If there's an ugly person who's having a hard time, who doesn't want to work things out in our unfair world, you must then become ugly to make them feel better.....instead of saying "yes, you're not the best looking but there are other ways to travel successfully through this unfair and harsh environment". If there's a depressed sexually confused person, you must also become depressed and sexually confused in order to make sure there's no recognizable gap between you and them..........because you making the best of this unfair world puts pressure on them to make the best of this unfair world as well. Cultural Marxism is based on, "you fix me because if I try to fix me, I may fail and have to learn some lessons that cause me pain, so instead of facing some pain and my own maturation, you change so I can avoid any and all life lessons, which are proven to help me mature out of childhood." Marx in essence was a loser, who is honored today by other losers who have the same weak, dependent and childlike views of the world. How such a small group of mental defectives got center stage is easy. Marxist types are manipulative just like other lazy people. People who are lazy develop cunning and manipulative based behaviors. Hard working folks would never manipulate anyone to achieve their goals, they simply work to achieve those goals. It's that simple. 

We are in an era of cultural Marxism where we're being told that for us to right the wrongs of this world, we must all castrate ourselves of everything good in our lives because there's someone somewhere who isn't wanting to evolve past their circumstances and grow up to become something better than the disempowering label they wear as a badge of honor. Cultural Marxists believe that the ultimate solution, to them feeling the stress of a life that requires evolution, is to destroy every person, every circumstance and every pressure they may experience......where they feel even the slightest nudge toward making a change away from operating as a complete infant, wanting to be cared for by a parent or authority figure.

Cultural Marxism is looking at all of us square in the eye. All the winners please become losers. All the happy people become miserable. All the forward thinkers become backwards thinkers. All people who are moral please become immoral. All the people who are ethical please become unethical. All the people who protect life please become the perpetual destroyers of even the score and fulfill the Marxist dream of everyone becoming equally lifeless, miserable, depressed, disoriented, diseased, and disempowered. Taking Marxist philosophy to its inevitable conclusion ends with people who are alive being required to kill themselves in order to not offend the dead and to make equitable reparations with everyone in the graveyard. We all need to apologize for breathing, living, moving, walking, flying, eating, dreaming, working, loving, and hoping.....because it offends a bunch of social misfits who represents less than 1 percents of the population. Thanks but no thanks. Not fucking doing it. Over my dead body - literally.  And if you think that's a stretch (to say this is a well disguised death cult of old), you need to pay much closer attention because everything from the mass killings in fake wars of our strongest males, to chemically castrating the children in school (via the trans agenda), to a fake vaccine that's setting records for death/injury to abortion rates hitting over 80 million per year at the moment......everything we're seeing is death centric. We're seeing this rise of an ancient death cult because people are forgetting that evil has an entire wardrobe of disguises to fool the sedated, distracted, and gullible TV watching humans. Wake up Neo. Wake up.

Cultural Marxism is behind the guilt and shame of Critical Race Theory, the social programs that don't teach people how to take care of themselves, the official Queer Theory designed to destroy children where they stand, and the various mental defectives in our education system yelling that they're progressive freedom fighters as they fight for the freedom of drag Queens to prey on our kids or fight for the freedom of a gay man to shove his dick in a child's face during a pride parade. Marxist death centric philosophy also takes advantage of the majority being nice, tolerant and wanting to help, listen, and make people feel at home. That's how these mental defectives get their foot in the door. It's all about finding the most dysfunctional, dark, ugly, and rotting people in our society and bringing ourselves down to their level, in order to prove that we want to equalize injustice on the planet. It's a trap, it's an ambush and we will ALL indeed die a very painful death if we don't' stop giving evil the limelight and the megaphone on center stage. The devil is the world-renowned trickster of this realm. Watch the videos below for more information because this ancient battle between good and evil is hitting some extremely dangerous high notes at the moment. There's more going on here than meets the eye. Stop getting tricked by evil to destroy yourself. Stop it. Push back and clear the mental defectives from the stage, until they can prove that they're not being lead by a death centric philosophy that will destroy every ounce of happiness, light, and life on this planet. 




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