10 Christoff Christmas Ideas

Nov 25, 2023

There are two types of people in the world. People who decorate their empty lives with useless purchases and people who purchase services and products that make their lives better long term. If you're tired of spinning your wheels in life and constantly bathing in the lukewarm waters of mediocrity and stagnation, maybe this Christmas invest in things that increase your power long term instead of giving your power away as a yearly or daily ritual. Stop being a door mat for the criminals at the top of the corrupt ruling pyramid and step into your power. 

1. Just buy what foods you usually purchase but get organic versions. Stop poisoning yourself and your family voluntarily and playing into the hands of the evil groups that rule you through covert poisoning methods. Click here to see the difference organic can make. 

2. Start replacing your toxic personal care products one at a time, so again you don't poison and weaken yourself into our very popular and most modern form of disempowered slavery.  Start with your soap. I wash my hair and my body with this soap. Everyone knows I am 53 years old. My beard and hair have very little grey, and this nontoxic soap has plenty to do with that. Click here to see the soap I personally use. 

3. Protect yourself from cancer causing and death centric WIFI fields. My computer is always hard wired and my cell phone ALWAYS off if I carry it in my bag. Even with doing that, I protect myself from WIFI fields by having this device in my bag at all times. When I travel I wear these devices around my neck, for maximum protection. I gave one to my daughter and tell her when to wear it, based on the levels of threat (cabal attack) that I gather from my inside sources. Click here to visit the page of the company I use in this regard, for a demonstration of the device. They are also offering 35% off for the next couple of days. This 35% discount is the most I've ever seen this company provide to the public.

4. If your body breaks down, where are you going to live exactly? Being healthy is the most important part of your life. If you want to be a successful partner, citizen or businessperson.......you need to be healthy. If someone isn't healthy, they just suck the energy and resources out of the people around them. Don't be a drag on the tribe. Don't suck the tribe dry of everything they need to be prosper and evolve. Stay healthy. Being healthy isn't an option, it's an obligation. Go buy Paul Chek's book "How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy" and learn what healthy living is really all about. It's the best book on the planet for learning everything you need to know about staying healthy, even as our own governments are trying to euthanize people with every covert and overt application of poison in the book. 

5. Buy glass Tupperware from a higher end company because plastic Tupperware leaks poison into your food that cause cancer, makes you fat and destroys your muscle. Also buy every food item possible in glass containers. Stop poisoning yourself by your own hand....not just because it's stupid but because that's the way the control grid is designed. Step out of the control grid and really make a break for a better life. Click here to learn about some of the dangers of plastic containers. 

6. Hard wire your computer as the bare minimum you can do for protection. Click here to learn just how dangerous WIFI is to life in general. If you're sitting in front of a computer with the WIFI of that computer set to ON.......you're literally destroying yourself each and every day. Measure the distance between your WIFI router and your computer. Go get a hardwire internet cord at your local computer store. Plug that hardwire internet cord into the back of the router and then plug the other end into your computer.....and then shut down the WIFI transmitter on your computer. The cord will be ugly yes but getting cancer and dying early isn't good either. People with WIFI poisoning don't just drop dead, they die slowly over many years, dragging everyone else down with them. We all die. Die when you're supposed to die. Don't accelerate your own death, by your own hand. That's what your controllers want you to do. Don't participate. Maintain the life force inside of yourself at all times, regardless of effort, cost etc. You can't fight the system when the system is inside of you. Get the poisons out and learn how to fly again. 

7. Get some blue blocking glasses. Exposing yourself to computer light when it's dark outside is extremely dangerous. It's even dangerous during the day as well. The company I work with, offers both nighttime blue light blocking glasses and daytime as well. The light from the computer can screw up your sleep cycles. That can cause everything from weight control issues to mental health problems. Interfering with proper sleep cycles can also accelerate all states of disease. Get your blue blocking glasses at this link

8. I use a very advanced spray that removes some heavy metals and toxins from my body. The heavy metals and toxins in my body today are there because we are all ruled by a multi-generational crime syndicate that maintains their power through mind control and poisons that up regulate mind control. I explain that fact in this article. I do everything I can do in a day to get existing poisons out and to make sure very few new toxins enter my system. Click here to learn about this detox spray I use daily, within my elaborate detox regime. 

9. I have an inside connection for the best face serum and best body lotion on the planet IMO. You will need to email my friend Robyn to get exact details. Keep your skin healthy, young looking and nourished properly. Email my friend Robyn at [email protected]. It's all organic, natural, safe etc., etc. Just talk to Robyn and enjoy.

10. Buy yourself a new job or at least a side hustle this year. Step out into your own business before the government and their corporate demons tell you that you need to inject poison into yourself again, in order to keep receiving your rent, food and entertainment credits. No one is coming to save you. Give yourself a reality check up this year. Get moving on your new business and make a move. Do something just for the practice of taking action. Don't just sit there and let evil consume you whole. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Click below to explore my offering, so you can start your own business. You can also click here to learn about another business I endorse, where you can become A CANCER PREVENTION COACH

Have a good Christmas, Make sure to show up in 2024....smarter, healthier and wealthier. It's the only way anyone is going to survive this very old plan, designed to enslave us all. They can't enslave strong, abundant and intelligent people. Do your part in the resistance. It's not an option, it's an obligation. 


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