The Poison Based Medical System And The Actors Within

Jun 14, 2023

If we watch this documentary called "Killing Nurses of The Third Reich", we see that the medical system and its two primary group of actors (doctors and nurses) were heavily involved in executing orders to euthanize seniors, babies deemed defective, members of the gay community and basically anyone else that the government deemed worthy of eugenic removal.

7 medical doctors were hanged at the conclusion of The Nuremberg Trials and it's believed they were hanged because they were about to expose who was giving them the orders to murder innocent men, women and children. Their hangings were said to have happened because they broke the medical law of "informed consent". I'm not so sure this is why they met their maker after the trial. I believe they were silenced, to keep a very big secret from the public. That secret is that the evil Nazi machine didn't get defeated in WW II, as was advertised to an uninformed public. Click here to find out more. Click here to find out even more. Have you noticed that everything all world governments are doing since 2020 is based on what we know as Nazi-ism? It's time to think a little harder about our current realities. Unfortunately as well, the doctors and nurses were up to their old mind-controlled obedience once again from 2020 onward....murdering innocent people based on following their can be seen if you click here.

Why does our society revere doctors who poison and murder their patients? Well, that's because we're all under some very deep forms of mind control. I don't have a problem with doctors and nurses. I have a problem with anyone who can't think for themselves, to the point where they'll murder their fellow citizens for a pay cheque and still believe they're a good person. There's plenty of people like this coming out of the woodwork of course since 2020, not just nurses and doctors. Saying all this, many doctors are coming around to understand that although there has been direct orders to kill their patients given to them during COVID, soft kill protocols for the patients have most often always been in play. Satanism has awakened in our modern time and regardless if we call it Nazism, fascism or's just plain old Satanism. Satanism is based on a hatred of life, a hatred of all things living and a hatred of everything a person needs to lead a fulfilling, long and happy life. Satanism is death centric at its very core. That's where we are right now. 

Very often when the public are getting the short end of the democide stick, the medical system in out front hacking, cutting and burning the public to the ground. It's time to start looking harder at this very basic truth and realize that there are many foundational cornerstones of our society that will always make us "unsafe" unless we remove them ourselves. The idea that poison can make us healthier is just one of these clinically insane cornerstones, which props up the mental asylum currently masquerading as our society down here on planet earth. 

And of we go again in 2020. Doctors, nurses......take your marks. There are evil doctors giving out evil advice in our newest genocidal production, like Dr. Anthony Fauci. After Fauci takes the stage conducting acts of evil that would make Satan himself blush with comes along other doctors trying to counter Fauci's claims......but has anyone else noticed anything odd about this good vs evil stage production? Only doctors are permitted scripts to read and they're the only ones on the stage. This has gone on so long that it's simply become background noise throughout our entire culture. Everyone wants a doctor to follow because we've been conditioned to be followers. That's a big problem. We've lost our ability to think for ourselves. We see the dots but we can't connect them and that's because the government schools never taught us how to connect the dots. Due to this conditioned response, we're once again experiencing your typical run of the mill medical holocaust. And like all holocausts, the government is paying people and setting up incentive systems, where one group of citizens are receiving a king's ransom to murder another. We really need to start paying special attention to government and the medical system....and the part each one plays in all holocausts. 

What we also need to start noticing is that very few non doctors are ever invited on the stage to help guide the public out of disaster......and that's because many humans have never grown up and constantly insist that a perceived authority figure do their thinking for them and make sense of chaotic events. It's great to take the easy road in life but at this point, we either start thinking for ourselves or our society will indeed fall into a full one world communist dictatorship........because communist dictatorships are eventually embraced by any population who are too lazy to tend to their own affairs independently. Saying all this, I really like some of the doctors who are on the stage and who are walking up certain levels of the population.

For example, I like Senator Dr. Rand Paul but he's not talking about the extreme dangers of a government that has ZERO limit to the amount of money and freedoms the criminal enterprise will steal from the public. I like the vast majority of medical doctors highlighting the fight against the COVID vaccine......but which doctors is explaining to the public that all vaccines are unhealthy and have always been part of a eugenic 5th generation warfare model, against humanity for hundreds of years. Learn more about eugenics here

Tucker Carlson isn't a doctor and he says some good things too but when will he ever explain to the people that they don't need a crime syndicate disguised as government stealing their money and poisoning them into a permanent state of dysfunction, which makes the theft of said public resources easier? Always remember that 90% off all rat poison is food. Many stage actors are telling us what we want to hear and that's the 90% food aspect to their offerings but they're also telling us that we constantly need someone telling us what to do, that certain poisons will make us healthier and that we need a crime syndicate to keep stealing our money, hope and health. That's the 10% poison aspect....and that's the part we need to start destroying with every ounce of energy we have left. We need to take the entire lie based system down if we want morality, ethics, justice and peace back in our lifetime. Tucker describing which party is doing what...isn't going to cut it. Doctors saying one fake vaccine is bad but the other ones are good.......isn't going to cut it. All government must go. All poison must go. All paid actors and gate keepers of the system must go. Although this will take at least 2 generations; we need to start now.  

If we keep avoiding the harsh realities of living down here on planet mental asylum, it becomes a situation of "all wretch and no never gets there." I know there's some good medical doctors out there and until there's more of them willing to admit that poison can't heal and that the vast majority of medical practices are poison based.....then we're just going to keep jerking off into the satanic wind down here on planet mental asylum. Saying all that, we thank the thousands of medical doctors who have gone to bat for humanity thus far. We could have never got here without you. Let's take it to the finish line. All of us. Doctors, scientists and everyone else...let the truth fly and let the cards fall where they may. If you've done evil and played a part in it, now it's the time to admit order to gain forgiveness, in order to lead by example and in order to heal this world before it's too late. 



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