5th Generation Warfare And Our Children

Mar 28, 2023

I do believe many people are now starting to connect some dots but there are many more to connect, in order to see the big picture. I will be more truthful than usual today. There's a certain group who has vowed for much of recorded history....to organize the death of the Christian races. An old religious war that has obviously gone underground yet has never ended. This group has also stated on public record that killing our children is absolutely necessary or the children would certainly avenge the murder of their parents. This group is cold and calculative. The 15 Minute Cities are where this mass genocide is slated to take place. To get the Christian races into those 15 Minute Cities will take a controlled demolition of all independent businesses through a pre-planned monetary catastrophe, which has already started. Many more fake and fabricated disease theatres of the absurd are planned already to get this push into the 15 Minute Cities underway. My podcast on Friday will explain how to sidestep these issues the best you can, as the next fake disease crisis appears to be slated for September 2023.

This ancient evil group, which I am referring to, controls the mainstream media completely. As I've said many times before in hundreds of articles and interviews, this group uses documented mind control tactics to trick parents into destroying themselves and to destroy their own children. If you've vaccinated, circumcised, conducted an ultrasound, conducted a mammogram, believed red wine is healthy, watched TV and mind controlled yourself into a lower vibrational state or even deposited money into one of their banks......you've been tricked to one degree or another into participating in the destruction of yourself and your own children.

This group doesn't have the power to accomplish their evil goals by force or they would. They have to use psychological manipulation tactics to trick us into destroying ourselves......and they're doing a pretty good job of it, especially when we look at the state of our children. When you use psychological mind control tactics to trick your enemy into destroying themselves, that's 5th Generation Warfare. Most people in the previous "free world" areas........Australia, Canada, The US, The UK and The EU are indeed being tricked into destroying themselves with every toxin and poison under the sun. 

Above we see a current "vaccine" schedule for our children in British Columbia (BC) Canada. No vaccine has ever been proven in real world populations to increase immunity or resistance to disease. Vaccines are nothing but injections of poison and they exist because vaccines are part of a 5th generation warfare model, specifically designed to cripple and murder the free Christian populations who remain on this planet. If you can believe it....this evil group wants to add over 30 COVID injections to that schedule above. The COVID injections have already proven the most effective genocidal and infertility injection to date. As the trickery I refer to operates, our friends and family members are employed to inject these poisons into each other, dispose of the dead and downplay the genocide in each government position they're employed within. Like all the plans of this ancient evil group, we're doing all this to ourselves. Once one half of the Christian populations kill the other half because they're "just doing their jobs" the remainder will be murdered in turn, as they would simply become actors that no longer need to be on the stage. 

Due to media and government mind control people wait in line to inject poison into themselves and into their own children. That's 5th generation warfare of course and because of it, our children are the sickest in recorded history......which is the end goal of this ongoing attack. The adult populations aren't much healthier because they're also injecting and ingesting poison as fast as they can because of said media and government brainwashing. It's time to protect our children and that has to do with us as adults understanding that we're being tricked into destroying the children ourselves. From the teacher who's telling kids that there's more than 2 genders to the police officer who isn't permitted to criminally charge other government officials with vaccine genocide, we're all being paid to kill each other and accomplish the goals of this ancient evil group. Eventually a premature and preplanned death will come for all of us, at the hands of this ancient group, if we don't awaken in time. 



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