The One Phrase That Sends Shivers Up My Spine As A Self Sabotage Coach

As a coach there's one phrase that spells instant trouble if I hear it during a self sabotage coaching session for couples and that phrase is...…"I need him to love me for me." I've never heard that phrase from a man but I hear it often from females. I understand this phrase is thrown around by female characters in plenty of situational TV dramas and fabricated movie scenarios etc. It has to be of course or females wouldn't use it, as human behavior is based on copying, mimicking, emulating and mirroring the the repetitive content of their environment. When I hear that phrase during a couples coaching session, I say inside my own mind, "oh shit."
What this phrase really means is, "I'm not going to admit to my issues, work on my issues or reprogram where I need to reprogram because my partner's job is to change for me. I don't need to change at all because there's nothing wrong with me." That means the female has been programmed to either believe she's perfect or to armor herself from any investigative inquiry, both of which mean lots of extra work on my part and a good chance of conflict as I try to sneak into the woman's subconscious, around her heavily guarded defenses. For couples to get along and to stay together, both parties need to admit to their programming, they both need to call out their programming and work on the reprogramming necessary for positive behavior outcomes.
All people carry inverted and negative role model behavior programs from corrupt government schooling and inverted media. We all need to do our part understanding our own behavior and work on reprogramming our subconscious minds for success, regardless of any other factor. Women today (and for the last 100 years) are drowned in self loathing, self doubt and self confidence destroying repetitive media content they can always be sold the next fashion, the next surgery, the next new procedure, the next diet and the next super hero guy who will take away all their self doubt and pain. (inserted into them by a anti-life/anti-nature media/government mind control system)
Inverted media and government programming, specific to the female, is easy to avoid with a little help. It's easy to reprogram out of the same self destructive programming with just a little bit of guidance from an experienced self sabotage coach. I have a great home study program that teaches key foundational principles of self sabotage and how to overcome it. In short, no one is going to love you for you unless you start to love yourself first. You can't ask someone to do something for you, which you're not willing to do personally. If someone's a complete shit wreck and simply demands that someone else love them as the complete shit wreck they already are, that obviously is going absolutely nowhere. It's time the female understand the immense psychological attack she's been under from the corrupt government and equally corrupt media system. A psychological attack that's designed to destroy her personally, her family, her health, her happiness, her cosmic role on the planet and her soul. Let's get out of this psychological trap together. If you want to learn what your corrupt government and media are really up to, regarding programming you for your worst life with negative repetitive content designed to always see you struggle, email me at [email protected] Title your email "I want to change. I want more. I'm ready."


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