The Human Farming Operation On Our Planet

Jun 23, 2023


The word for cow in Latin is vacca. The word vaccination translates to cow-nation, a nation of cows. Vacca spelled backwards is "a cav" or "a calve", which again implies cow. Odd but true. We also hear the phonetic "sin" inside the word "vac-sin-nation", which also is interesting given that some religions declare that sinners should be punished. And after most of the human cattle get their medicine pushed under the skin, we're told that "herd immunity" is achieved. Odd, another farming term.

The person in charge of the vac-seens (the seers of the cows) is usually a man (and sometimes a woman) who wears the exact same white butcher coat as the butchers who cut up the beef at the local butcher shop or grocery store. The white butcher coat when worn by our modern priests is called a lab coat. The word LAB spelled backwards is BAL and BAL (often spelled BAEL and pronounced BALL) was known as satan, the devil etc in our not so ancient past. Baal, Bael or Bal was often associated with human or animal sacrifice. The title of the white robed priest of our modern time is doc-tor or doc-toro or dock-toro - the person who docks the bulls or cows into our energy harvesting system. Such word magic analysis is a stretch but there are lots of cattle farming references in this area of discussion.

Human farming is really nothing more than electrical harvesting through the human vessel or the release of energy when living things are brought into the world of the dead. We even have a chemical used by our human farmers called "Round Up", which again is a term usually involved with cattle drives........"let's round them up". This chemical "Round Up" keeps the once powerful human lion a very docile/sick piece of farmable livestock, in order that the human lion is more easily harvested. Other chemicals that keep the human lion weak and dumbed down are called pharmaceuticals or FARM-acueticals. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure?



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