Sirius XM Radio Is A Prime Example of Egyptian Symbology In Our Modern World...

Jul 20, 2023
My Egyptian interview comes out tomorrow, where I recounted much of what I know about ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's, the current issues we're having, the UK Royal Family and the ancient Egyptian symbolism in New York City and Washington DC. Yesterday I also completed what I believe is the best interview I've ever given, which discussed the physical manifestation of evil in this realm, as well as what we all need to  do to push that evil force back into the darkness....and off this planet. You can only get these interviews if you're on my private list. Please email [email protected] to get all this highly censored and highly valuable information.
Sirius XM Radio Is A Prime Example of Egyptian Symbology In Our Modern World...
- one shaft in the Great Pyramid points to Sirius, as a place the spirit of the Pharaoh's may want to return to
- the Egyptians once honored Sirius as a very important star
- they called Sirius....the Dog Star
- Dog is God spelled some ancient Egyptians honored Sirius (the Dog Star) as a God
- when Sirius is at its highest point in the sky during the summer season, it's referred to the "dog days of summer" because of this dog star reference
- The Sirius radio logo is a dog with a star as an eye
- Siri is the Apple application that spies on you in your own home
- Siri is IRIS spelled backwards, which can indicate the all-seeing eye of Horus tracking your every move- Horus was symbolized as a Jackal, which is a dog
- Sirius includes the word IRIS spelled backwards and US, which again indicates that we (US) are being tracked and watched through the Sirius XM applications on behalf of some very ancient forces on this planet
- certain sects of ancient Egyptian Royalty mastered the art of ruling the population through poison, chaos and brainwashing. Sirius XM Radio's Howard Stern has been responsible for a massive decay in overall morality and ethics across the world, which has contributed in part to the complete collapse of most Western societies today. Howard Stern also said anyone not getting "the new medicine" should be denied medical care and should be sent home to die. The Egyptians mastered the art of stealth take over through deceit, poison, obfuscation, confusion and various other forms of psychic black magic.


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