The Depressed Teacher - What We're Not Being Told

Apr 03, 2024

There are 4 dangers (3 modern and one ancient danger) that are associated with running from the pain we will always experience in life. Today we live in a society where pain is looked at as a goblin instead of the guardian it really is. For example, when someone is out of energy and needs to face their pain (often associated with an overly busy lifestyle of meaningless activities and poor eating habits) they often drink a coffee, an energy drink or even a caffeinated tea. Caffeine is a proven pain killer. The end result of this cycle is that this person keeps operating and living inside a lifestyle that's destroying them.....because they believe or they've been taught to believe that pain is a malfunction, something wrong with them and that something outside of themselves will always fix the broken parts inside of themselves. But what if ignoring and avoiding our pain with pain killers makes our life worse in too many ways to count? 

Let's see what famous behavioral expert Dr. Gabor Mate has to say about pain..... 

Let's take another example. Let's take a government schoolteacher. It's important to note that government schoolteachers have some of the highest depression rates out of any employment sector on the planet. It's also important to note that depression is extremely high in government institutions in general, as compared to the average population.....but no one wants to ask why. There are reasons why and there are reasons for these abnormally high amounts of pain circulating inside our government institutions. Within the government work force, it's easy to recognize that pain killing addictions and the abuse of pain killers are also in play......with the usual suspects taking center addiction, alcohol addiction, sugar addiction, screen addiction, junk food addiction etc etc. 

So, let's take a very typical situation where a schoolteacher (who's already poisoning themselves with many sedating and pain killing toxic substances daily or weekly) finally succumbs to their depression and the quiet whispers of their soul....and admits that something is extremely wrong with the path they're walking in life. Today this is more prolific than ever before as teachers are involved in destroying their students with communist based doctrine like critical race theory, inverted gender ideology and the historical compliance without questions principles that the Prussian government school system is already famous for. In short, teachers are destroying children as their full-time jobs and only the human ego can ignore this.......the soul can't and won't. The soul only knows right from wrong. The soul doesn't know pay cheque and pension....only the ego knows that. The ego is easy to enslave, the soul can't be enslaved without constant protest. 

The soul knows that the dream and original motivating intention of helping the children has turned into a gun for hire situation, where each teacher is destroying the children under their in and day out. Government school is now a communist slave-based training disempowerment center, regardless of any other no one can argue with the government's school system designed intent.

This is the depression the schoolteacher feels but they're told that pain is a goblin........never a guardian. The pain is the depression. This pain needs to be processed for the valuable messages and guidance only pain can bring.........unless the teacher is told that their pain and their depression is a malfunction specific to them and only them, which is the exact messaging used inside this ugly system on all fronts.

When you feel pain from living and working inside a dark, rotting and ugly're told immediately (by all the paid actors manning the controls of the system) that it's you that is broken, instead of anyone being allowed to question this dark, rotting and ugly system that's causing the pain and depression. It's a very clever form of gas lighting. The system causing the pain yells loud for all to hear, IT'S YOU, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM, IT'S NOT US, YOU'RE JUST MALFUNCTIONING, EVERYONE ELSE LOVES THE SYSTEM, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU, YOU NEED TO ADDRESS YOUR PROBLEM AND DESTROY YOUR PAIN, PAIN IS USELESS AND NEEDS DESTROYING. DON'T THINK OF RIGHT OR WRONG. THINK OF PAY CHEQUES AND PENSIONS.

So, after 2 cups of coffee to dull their pain in the AM and 1 glass of wine to dull their pain in the PM, plus mind numbing screen time, plus every other pain killing/sedating modality on the market that the teacher can hand bomb into their system........they're still depressed or even more depressed than when they started. Then they drag their often overweight and broken carcass to the doctor's office and explain that they think they're depressed......and again the system instantly re-frames the pain as a goblin to avoid at all costs. The message is always the same in these situations.....take these pain killing pills and get back to the life that's destroying you, your students and your community. Go back and teach kids that there's more than two genders, that white people are the problem and keep pretending that the government loves each and every one of you. Get back to that life you're not enjoying and keep telling the right lie, at the right time, to the right person, for the right reward......and everything will be fine. Trust us we're the health experts, even though we can't make any of our patients healthy, but please just ignore that in the same way that you ignore your pain.

Every institution has the same messaging. Just keep running from your pain and the valuable messages that only the pain teacher can deliver. "Let's keep the illusion rolling down the road, the illusion is good for everyone, just take this pill (numbing agent) and detach from any innate spiritual guidance you still may have inside of your spirit, your soul and your cellular make up." It only makes sense if you don't think about it. These anti-depressants are famous for suicide and they've also been proven dangerous on many other fronts as well.....because they simply allow people to keep living depressing existences, which they don't enjoy living. Eventually the pain punches through every pain killer you can throw at it and erupts to the surface, regardless of how much we try to avoid it and regardless of the lies we keep telling ourselves........that pensions and pay cheques matter and that right or wrong doesn't matter. 

The question is.........are you really living a good life or are you living a shitty life high? There's a big difference and the soul can't be fooled. What are the 4 dangers associated with engaging in this pain killing lifestyle, where pain is constantly framed as a goblin and not a guardian? Let's take a look....

1) Your body is completely able to digest almost any pain, just as it's capable of digesting almost any food. Some foods need longer digestion periods, as do intense levels of pain. Some food digestion takes longer. Digesting some intense traumas takes longer as well. The key to digesting food or pain is the same. Your human body must be working as designed. Sedative pain killers actually reduce or eliminate organ system function in the body....stopping or inhibiting each organ system from receiving and transmitting their metabolic signals properly. For example, there are nerves in the stomach, which allows the stomach to feel when food comes in. If those nerve signals are dulled or turned off by pain killers (as that's how pain killers work) the stomach won't know when food comes in and therefore the digestion process won't start at all or will at least be compromised. The same process occurs when the body is trying to digest pain and trauma. You need to feel it to heal it......and pain killers stop these natural processes in the body, which allow us to digest our pain. Pain killers block the body's ability to digest pain and release that pain from the nervous system. This means that all your pain stays with you and builds up inside the system over time, when you're using pain killers. Small traumas stay, big traumas stay, they all stay and they all pile up on top each other.......until you break. Caffeine, alcohol, junk food, screen time, pain killing meds (over the counter and prescription), gossip, drama, busyness etc etc.......they're all pain killers. 

2) In psychology you need pain, discomfort and failure to mature or individuate from a child to an adult. The maturation process is directly related to processing pain in its true form. If someone thinks pain is a goblin (and not a guardian) they will avoid their pain by utilizing our society's pain killer buffet. Because of this process, most pain killing enthusiasts often never mature into adulthood properly, regardless of age. So imagine now that we have a person using painkillers.......which means they never digest their historical pains properly and then this person also never matures fully from a child to an adult. Can you see how dangerous this cycle is and can you see how dangerous this system is, where pain is framed as something to run from, instead of something to embrace. 

3) All these pain killing substances cause accelerated diseases and premature death.....because they're all poisons to the system. Coffee is a poison. Alcohol is a poison. Sugar is a poison. Junk food is a poison. Anti-depressants are poisons. We now have a person carrying around most of their life traumas (big and small) because they can't digest those traumas properly when they're sedated. We then have that same person never maturing or becoming a true individual inside the tribe, because pain killers block the maturation process......and then the same immature stressed out person is dying early and getting extremely ill because they believe pain is a signal to poison themselves daily, in order to avoid their pain. How is this person's life going? How is a society of people like this meant to survive? It can't and it's not designed to survive. A society of sick, broken and dysfunctional people cannot sustain itself. Just look out the window for the all the evidence you need, regarding that fact. 

4) The ancient part of this equation is that sickness simply indicates that the body is damaged. Ancient cultures knew that physical sickness (or physical damage) also indicated damage to the entire body proper, including the spiritual immune system. Damaged and sick people become extremely primal, depending on the level of sickness they're experiencing. These primal behaviors such as becoming overly sexual, overly aggressive, suicidal or death centric.......were believed to often represent the transfer of the good spirit out of the body (due to the living environment becoming compromised) and then some bad "free riding" spirits entering the body. These evil spirits, as they were known to be, are anti-life at their very core. This anti-life angle isn't just about evil spirits hating life or hating living things outside of itself, these evil spirits are also known to hate the life of the person carrying the evil spirit around with them......and thus the suicide and shooting sprees associated with people who use these painkillers. The vast majority of school shooters have been using anti-depressants and many other pain killing modalities. Are we missing something in our ancient past that may be able to explain the extreme dark behaviors, which come about in people who poison themselves with these pain killing substances and processes? Suicide, violence and anti-social death centric behavior is ALWAYS higher in people who run from their pain and use pain killing substances to get there. 

In the end, the answer for the pain is always inside the pain. When the pain teacher knocks on your door, the worst thing you can do is not answer and pretend that the pain teacher isn't trying to deliver you the most valuable information in your entire life. Living a shitty life high is very different than living a good life, in a healthy way. Watching actors live a good life on a screen is very different than you living a good life. When the pain teacher knocks, open the door and say, "thank you for coming again, I know I have been ignoring you for years, but now I have the courage to invite you in." The pain teacher will say, "go put a pot of non-caffeinated tea on, this will take a while, we have lots to talk about, you've been ignoring me for a very long time, so we have lots to go through." Dive into the pain. Bathe in the pain. Let the pain train run you over and then let it back up and run you over again. Open the blast furnace door and let the pain consume you whole. Don't run. You can do it. Your body and your own God given system is designed for this. Your natural system needs to digest the pain and poop it out, just as it's designed to digest food and poop it out. The cave you're afraid to enter the most, contains the treasure you need the most. Your answers for the pain are inside the pain. You can't fight the system if the system is inside of you. Do your part. You'll be glad you did. Thank you for reading. The world needs everyone to feel their pain and react to it logically and rationally, in order for us to get out of this mess. We need to all think of right and wrong...and not pay cheques and pensions. None of this would be happening if we were willing to face our pain. You can do it. I believe in you.  


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